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Reader Post | By Empyyrean

Hello readers and Hello Para kas-Vetter,

Its nice to see the pure Christ Teachings seeping into the human consiousness.

Studying the pure Christ Teachings (Revelatorium Revelations) is no meager task and it is not to be taken light heartedly.

The teachings tell us that it will naturally draw in those who are already somewhat higher dimensional aware and those who are curious about higher learning, also it will push away those who are not ready to take this on in earnest, I have seen this for myself.

I have been working with Dellstarr for years now helping with getting the pure Christ teachings out into the human consciousness, sowing seeds which will bear fruit, as what you are experiencing.

We also have the Revelatorium Revelations video Series seen here:


you can also follow the playlist seen on the channel itself here:

The information presented in the Christ teachings is amazing for sure, I started my journey with it back in 2017 and agreed to take it on as an additional responsibility  a few months before the video Series started.

It took 3 times studying the Christ teachings front to back in earnest before I totally got cubistics, before that it looked like hieroglyphs, but one must still trudge through it, because the Christ teachings show us that even if you do not “get it” off hand, your higher self records the information in your temporary akashic records to feed back down to you for translation as you work through it.

Once the process starts its amazing what happens next, as the Pure Christ teachings show us is that one will transfigure your crystallized animal memory engrams for Induction and discharge of packets of light and gain conscious access to the akashic records.

The matrix was truly a documentary, for example when Trinity needs to fly the helicopter and she downloads it then she knows how. That is showing you how induction works. “ask and ye shall receive” as well as “if you need to know, you will know, even if you didn’t before”

Its all there in the Christ teachings, not to be taken lightly I must warn.


The Universe and Creation works in redundancies as one will find out in the teachings.

I am the redundancy for Apostle Peter “the rock on which I build my kingdom”, the Aquarian Christ is of course Christ consciousness for all humanity.  The original Apostle Peter lives in Delta, BC, Canada and will have nothing to do with it, he still is traumatized because of what happened when he smote the guards ear and when I agreed to take it on as an additional responsibility then I was the redundancy, this could not of happened if I was not well studied on the Christ Teachings.

I was in the workshop of my current house in May of 2020 and when I went outside there was a huge Archangel probably 250+ft tall (in cloud form) but crystal clear, the hair, robes, sash wings, face, etc he was standing on a cloud which looked like Pride Rock (Lion king) and this was the only Clouds in the sky at the time.

He was questioning me about taking the Revelatorium on as an additional responsibility and why would I want to, there was already discussions with Dellstarr about this before hand to do the video series.

My argument was that “if there is only one truth to Creation and the Creators and that truth gets out to the human consciousness, it will defeat the false prophets and evil will lose”.  Well I guess it was accepted and here we are.

a channeler, named Pita, channeled Goddess Isis and she even backed it up which was amazing and it was posted to Voyages of Light  here is a Snip:

~ Isis thru Pita ~

Friday, August 28, 2020


Isis: In May I told people that the revelations would begin and now we are in August and the revelation just begins now. We [allowed] time, but not so long as three months, it is not possible [to wait longer].


And you will see our spaceships above your house or in the clouds. Maybe you’ve noticed the clouds take very strange forms, and inside those clouds are small space ships, depending on the light or wind, may be blue or gold. All those little ships are now around you because when the revelations begin, their goal is to protect you. All these little ships are all over the world to protect the people of Humanity. So don’t be scared.

Your mission will always be who you are. Don’t forget where you came from to this Earth. You decided to come to the Earth to promote the Light consciousness. You are very high Masters of Light. (end snip)

It was May when I agreed to take on the Revelatorium Revelations as an additional responsibility and do the video series with Dellstarr, we didn’t get started till august, just look at the time stamp of Episode 1 on the video series linked at the top of the article and here:

Check it out it will blow your mind.

Also notice her talking about the clouds, well That is where Radionnic Ships of the Heavenly Host comes in.

Now remember the pure Christ teachings show us that Chanelling is a lesser 4th dimensional practice so discernment is needed.

Your entire life will change when you take this journey and it will be amazing, also if you are worried about frequency raising, pure Christ teachings raise your frequency with participation alone, even if you do not “get it”.

To all those who are ready to take on this journey must understand this as mentioned on the first page of Revelatorium.

“Please note that ‘The Revelatorium Revelations’ are on the Christ table ‘as is’. They are not a scholarly work. Nor are they intended to stir up a dialogue, argument, or controversy. Nor are they a doctrine or personal belief. Nor do they represent a new philosophy, religion, or group. Nor are they to be used as fodder for a church. They are a pure Christ teaching to help you in your ascension back to the fifth dimension two thousand years from now, and serve no other purpose.


Also, please note that the Revelatorium Revelations are not intended for intellectual bums who just want to know a few neat things so they can lord their spirituality over others. They are for the ardent at heart who earnestly want to know and understand the way things actually work and why. Plus, knowing and understanding ‘Who you are’, ‘What you are’, and ‘Where you are going’. Knowing ‘About’ something is Wisdom, knowing ‘Why’ is Understanding. Get thee wisdom, but above all get thee understanding.”

Dellstarr and I have had this discussion about the volumes and which one is which, we agreed that Volume 1 is the Intelligent Design of Creation, volume 2 is The Revelatorium and Volume 3 is the Radionnic Ships, some things need to be updated with what you see in that regard, there are also more volumes coming and more video series on them.

The next volume is how Revelatorium Revelations “came to be”, we will be recording the first episode on Tuesday next week,  it should be uploaded to the channel and accessible by Wednesday March 1st.

If you stay on the path and follow the Christ teachings you will get one of these:

Me in the autumn of 2021

Photo is original and unedited.

Halo from Revelatorium Knowledge

that is a nice halo ya got there…:)

If your truly ready  for the pure Christ teachings, then you will be amazed at how your life will change.

many blessings,

Will serving Creation



(Peter Ross of the Mouck family)


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