Thomas Anderson: Info Flash for February 7, 2023


Source: Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on February 7, 2023

INFO Flash

Dear Readers

nobody talks about it anymore:

we saw another stolen election.

in Brazil

a huge country with many million citizens.


big words before and when it happened – and nothing anymore now.

it has become calm. and many people are and will be in jail for having a different opinion.

and those with different opinion and those who openly questioned the narrative of election and / or vaccine

go to jail and receive a forced injection for “their own safety”

and also ALL pupils in schools will be vaccinated


After BREXIT from EU Germany pays now more than 50% of total budget of EU

and the german wind energy produce nice green electricity.

so much, that this overload nearly causes blackouts in the grid and Germany has to sell the electricity to other countries at discount

or even pay money for the other countries to accept this electric power in their grid.


the same Germany, that , according to GERMAN(!) Minister of Economy, Mr. Habeck,

shall be dissolved completely (!)


and this EU is working on 6G,

as Switzerland does, too, very officially

and 6G being the ultimate frequency range to directly target human brains and manifest, create, manipulate thoughts.

“Omicron” is the technical name for a millimetre wave, so = 5G

people who want to challenge the given narrative, even if they are vicepresident of the EU parliament…

get suicided…


and to stick to the narrative is strongly recommended with nice designed guidelines

the same EU also allows now officially but quietly the addition of insects, insectspowder etc to human food

it meanwhile seems quite obvious, that politicians in most cases received a placebo instead of the real vaccine

and of course only the real vaccines kills (long term)

(even the official statistics can not deny there is something going on)


or short term…

some pdfs to read…


and more since January 1st.

remember MATRIX movie? humans used as batteries?

by the way,

if you are interested in who was at the WEF in Davos this year.

here is the list

what a surprise:
gas prices fall below pre-war level


but nor for private households…

the USD decline is started and no longer exclusively used in oil exports

the Saudis have stopped that and announced to trade in different various currencies

San Francisco thinks about a payement of 5 million USD for each black resident and only for black resident.


does anybody know the amount in discussion for hispanos?
Chinese imigrants?

would California accept me seeking for asylum?


because I identify myself as a black women, but the german government tells me, I am a white man.

which is of course rasist and therefore I have to flee the country.

if California would accept me and let me identify myself as a black woman, that would be lovely.

I would accept also only 4 million and donate the rest for the LBGTSJDTEO movement

I would then adopt a child, although of course I know that pregnancy is not an exclusively female right,

(I simply don’t want that 9 months of overweight), and I promise to not sell my child to any paedophile network

like these bastards here

and of course I will not dy my hair blonde, because I know that that would be pure rasist.

January 30th is the anniversary of the sinking of the “Wilhelm Gustloff” – The biggest ship disaster in history

On January 30, 1945, at about 1:10 p.m., the cruise ship “Wilhelm Gustloff” set sail from Gotenhafen with only a light escort and an estimated 10,000 people on board. At the height of Stolpmünde, the “Wilhelm Gustloff” was sighted around 9 p.m. by the Soviet submarine S 13, which was lying in lurking position off Gdansk Bay. At 9:16 p.m., the commander of the S 13, Alexander Ivanovich Marinesko, had four torpedoes fired from a distance of about 700 meters. The sinking by the Soviet submarine was the biggest disaster in the history of seafaring with about 10,000 victims, including more than 5,000 children as well as thousands of women, old people and wounded.

NO THE NUMBER IS NOT A MISTAKE. 10.000 people died on that ship.

and before you ask, yes, at Dresden there were not only 26.000 killed in that night of british bombing,

it was 1,5 to 2 million people who died that night.

and, yes I know the “official” number of the actual german government is very different.

and, no, I am not stupid.

I have the reports here from whitnesses on site that night, working for local authorities.

the temperature was so hot that houses and streets melted (!) and people burnt completely to dust.

I do not mention some other topics from my channel

things about a possible HAARP background for the earthquake in Turkey

things about little children being robbed their organs and thrown away in the trash in [redacted]

so, if you are interested in more topics… visit my channel.

I´ll keep you posted.



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