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VOL. VII. No. 05

You probably already know where this is going. Chickens have wings that are only marginally functional as transportation devices. Mostly they are for very short flights, to escape persecution from a rooster, another chicken or the occasional broom. Chickens are mostly very calm and harmless creatures with the exception of some roosters and a few masculine hens who seem to have a compulsion to assert their royal high-ness. Yes the natural order of things. There must be opposition in all things. Sure, we all understand that. It would not be a problem except when a dark snake comes by to eat their, developing, future generations, or when a hawk or eagle comes by to eat them. In such circumstances the chickens are essentially defenseless. That is so, unless their great master, the farmer, happens to have a loaded shot gun to destroy the snake or frighten away the great winged birds of prey.

In a world war two movie, some years ago, two Nazi Generals were discussing the future of their world, their country and themselves. In one scene near the end of the movie one of the generals turned to the other and asked, “Are you suggesting that this war will go on forever and never end?” The other general turned to him with an expression of surprise and confusion on his face, “Of course, didn’t you know?”

Chickens with their restricted mobility usually try to find some substantial structure to huddle under until the danger is gone, which in most cases is barely a minute. Of course to a chicken a minute might seem an eternity. Perhaps it would be more glorious for the chicken to loose its life by the sharp talons of a great eagle. No, they never show any signs of bravado or defiance. In every case they scurry with flapping wings under the wagon or whatever nearby structure gives them at least a sense of safety. Even the bravest rooster will holler like a wounded hen as he takes flight from a recognized danger.

Chickens are mortal creatures, and will, in spite of all their clucking, crowing and wing flapping, some time, in a few years, die.

People are also mortal creatures. Some of us are like the peaceful chickens mentioned above but others try to be more like eagles, hawks or foxes. No matter how we see ourselves, we like the chickens will, in a few years, despite all our bold and inventive efforts, come to the end of our mortal adventure.

Those of us who seek to have peace and love as we are commanded by our God to do, will have peace and love in the eternities. Some of us realize that peace and love will only prevail when the enemy of peach and love is suppressed. Those who are able to observe the violent suppression of those who serve that enemy without losing their predisposition to peace, love and compassion are the warriors who make it possible for all the lovers of peace to have their quiet life. Those great souls are rightly held in high esteem and honored.




No mortal ever loved more or suffered more than Jesus of Nazareth. He told us that blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God. How does one make peace with such evil beings as those we face these days. We know, if we do not subjugate them they will destroy all peace and cast away all hope that our children might have had for peace. Those monsters are resolute in their determination to destroy all the works of our loving God. We may feel compassion for them but we cannot afford to give place for their evil works. If that means we must destroy them in order to have peace, then it must be.

We may rightly assume that this is a great lesson which our God has set for our experience in this world. Let us pray that our great warriors will be able to accomplish their terrible task speedily and that they will not be overwhelmed by the evil they are battling. Let us support those great warriors in every way we can, including watching over their homes and their families, tending to their needs, while they are arrayed against the enemy in our behalf.

Shurely our wings are great enough to carry us there, as well as to a covert.

ACH VII 05 01-25-23 JD


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