The Day UFO’s Attacked Chernobyl and Fukushima


Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Theodore Colon, Contributing Writer

Submitted on January 25, 2023

[“Please do your own research so you will be able to discern the truth and find a version that resonates best for you”.]

The day UFO’s attacked Chernobyl and Fukushima!

Extraterrestrials Preventing Nuclear Disasters.


“Benevolent Alien’s have already prevented a nuclear no man’s land”.

UFO’S bombarded Chernobyl and Fukushima with radiation eating microorganisms and fungi!


“That reduced radiation over four fold and neutralized the reactor cores thus preventing a nuclear explosion.”

Could these be the aliens seen by Peter Currie and Mrs. Rustenberg? Could they be the ones disabling our nukes and mitigating our disasters? Could these Pleiadians be part of an “intergalactic command” looking out for us?

Is this possible, that our extraterrestrial; Pleiadian cousins are not only watching out for our safety, but attempting to help us move into the next stage of evolution, one based on “value and respect for all life?”

Is this why they have been so interested in turning off our nuclear weapons, and mitigating our disasters? And could they really have contacted Barbara Marciniak with the words to make this evolution a reality?

And if so, how might they be trying to help us now?

The answers to these questions remain to be seen. But if the Pleiadians are to be believed, a change is coming, one which, in their words, “will not only affect Earth, it will affect your future, our present, and the entire universe.”

Pleiadian’s are here to “assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation.” Like an older, more evolutionarily advanced sibling, they have come to help humans in their transition to the next stage of evolution.


“For the doubting toms” [A doubting Thomas is a skeptic who refuses to believe without direct personal experience].

“Emphatical” proof of benevolent Alien’s, good intentions and deeds done for the salvation of Mother Earth and the redemption of the human race from Direct and indebted servitude.

Could an “intergalactic space federation” really be watching over humanity without most of us even knowing its happening? Or maybe we know more than we realize. 

“A transition is about to occur, a dimensional shift that will lessen the density of the third dimension so that you will move into higher dimensions in which the body does not have such a solid state”.

“When people pay more attention to nature and care for the Earth rather than obsessing on war and financial portfolios, you will know the transition to greater awareness has truly taken hold. The land must be loved into vitality and nature must be recognized and cherished as an intelligently designed interactive system of information that connects you to layers upon layers of multi-dimensional realities. As you shift your perceptions, you will be able to rebuild your civilization based on value and respect for all life.”

Extraterrestrials Preventing Nuclear Disasters

April 26, 1986 will forever be remembered as a dark day in human history. On that day, the No. 4 reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the north of the Ukraine melted down, spewing radioactive contamination across the Soviet Union and Europe in the worst nuclear disaster in human history. Hundreds of thousands were evacuated, and millions more effected by the Chernobyl disaster, and yet, according to some, it could have been much worse.

On the night of the disaster, as the reactor was melting down, employees at the plant reported seeing something incredible hovering in the sky over Reactor 4. In the words of one such employee, senior dosimetrician Mikhail Varitsky,

“We saw a ball of fire, and it was slowly flying in the sky. I think the ball was six or eight meters in diameter. Then we saw two rays of crimson light stretching towards the fourth unit. The object was some 300 meters from the reactor. The event lasted for about three minutes. The lights of the object went out and it flew away in the north-western direction.”


Think back to the rays of a UFO causing a nuclear missile to ‘tumble’ out of space outside Big Sur, California in 1964. What were the results of these “rays of crimson light” shining on Reactor 4 at Chernobyl? In 2002, the Russian news outlet Pravda provided an answer in an investigation on the incident. “The UFO brought the radiation level down,” they reported. “The level was decreased almost four times. This probably prevented a nuclear blast.”

So, maybe it is not weapons specifically which are connected with UFOs, but rather, humanity’s tendency to come close to destroying itself.

On March 11, 2011, the devastating Tohoku earthquake and tsunami hit off the east coast of Japan. It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan, and in the nearby city of Fukushima, the results were dire. The quake caused not one but three meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, spewing radioactive contamination into the atmosphere and flooding radioactive isotopes into the Pacific Ocean. It was the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

Yet, much like Chernobyl, at the time the plant was melting down, unusual activity was spotted in the skies above it, strange white orbs moving unnaturally in the sky. What were these orbs up to, and is it possible, as is alleged in the case of Chernobyl, that they were somehow mitigating the disaster? Could the Fukushima nuclear meltdown have been worse if not for these UFOs?

It was July of 1992 when Peter Currie awoke to a distressing situation. He was paralyzed, unable to move but fully conscious. More alarmingly, he realized a strange woman was sitting on top of him, straddling his body. She had unusual features – blonde hair and milky white skin, with large blue eyes and protruding cheekbones. On the corner of the bed sat another woman, an “Asian looking female,” according to Currie. Slowly and without speaking, the woman on Currie’s chest turned to the other woman, touched her stomach, and then pointed to the sky. As she did, the two strange women disappeared.

Afterwards, Currie searched the room for evidence of their having been there … and actually found it! Unlike in so many other instances, this time, there seemed to be physical evidence left behind – a single hair. Feeling he had proof of an alien encounter, Currie brought the hair to an independent biochemistry lab for analysis, and the results were unbelievable.

The hair was “optically clear, like nylon fishing line. According to bimolecular chemist Horace Drew, there’s nobody on earth who has hair that is optically clear.

“A human hair has one DNA type; this hair had two – a blue-eyed light-skinned Celtic lineage at the root, and a rare Chinese lineage in the shaft”. How were these things possible? To the lab’s scientists, it seemed as though the hair might really be alien.

Note that the alleged aliens Peter Currie encountered did resemble the aliens; we know in popular culture those small gray beings with balloon heads and large black eyes. Every time I see them the word “Troglodyte a cave dweller” scream’s at me!

These 4d lighter density Grey’s that they kept in captivity, had a habit of walking thru concrete walls and wandering thru the DUMBS. To fix this a “faraday cage” found to be effective containment, and was installed around their cells, and they couldn’t phase their little grey asses thru the copper mesh, and just like that their wandering days were over.


 Peter Currie’s aliens appeared more human – think of the woman he awoke to find straddling his chest, the blonde hair, blue eyes, the milky white skin; she looked almost Scandinavian.

Recall Mrs. Rustenberg from Staffordshire, and how she described the aliens she saw “these were beautiful people and that’s the only way I can describe them. They had long golden hair, like a page boy bob”?

Did she and Peter Currie come into contact with the same type of aliens? And if so, who are they?

Pleiadian Star Cluster

Some 500 light years from earth, nestled within the Taurus constellation, lays the Pleiades star cluster. Made up of hundreds of stars, seven are visible to the naked eye on a clear dark night, leading the cluster to become referred to in modern times as “The Seven Sisters.”

For as long as human beings have been recording their thoughts; the Pleiades star cluster has held a place of special and strangely similar, importance.

In ancient Egypt, the seven visible stars of the Pleiades cluster represented seven goddesses providing nourishment to worshippers.

Scandinavian traditions spoke of the Pleiades as the daughters of the Norse goddess of love and fertility, with people painting seven spots on their houses for protection.

In ancient Rome, the school of thought known as Hermeticism spoke of the seven stars of the Pleiades as possessing the secrets of a higher level of consciousness, while in China, the Xiaoling Mausoleum, which contains the tomb complex of the founder of the Ming dynasty, is laid out in the arrangement of the seven stars of the Pleiades and is said to contain “great cosmic secrets.

Cherokee traditions in North America even spoke of their people having actually originated in the Pleiades cluster, coming to earth as “star seeds” with a mission to bring light and knowledge.

What is most curious about these traditions, and others like them, is the repeated use of seven stars of Pleiades as their foundation. In actuality, there are not seven stars visible to the naked eye, but six.


So how did the ancients keep speaking of seven? Modern scientists wonder, did ancient civilizations have some sort of special information regarding the Pleiades?

And why did they keep ascribing similar characteristics to the cluster – knowledge and consciousness, nourishment and protection?

Fungi found in Chernobyl feeds on radiation

Scientists have discovered that a strand of fungi in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant feeds on radiation, according to a Thursday report by Express. The fungi was first found at Chernobyl in 1991, five years after the nuclear reactor exploded, but scientists have just recently found that its properties could help protect people from radiation. The fungi are called Cryptococcus neoformans.

“You will probably get more radiation from the flight that you take,” she said. That’s especially true if you’re coming from the US. At 33,000 feet, she said, “you have less protection from the earth’s atmosphere, the sun’s radiation, and cosmic rays and particles”.

If you accidentally sat on the ground or touched a potentially contaminated object, I recommend taking a shower that evening. 

“As long as you wash it off before you go to bed, then there should be no problem whatsoever”. 

The levels are so low, that swimming eight hours every day for a year would only increase a person’s annual dose of radiation to an amount that is 1,000 times less than a single dental X-ray, Buesseler said.

Tests on salmon in 2016 show that the maximum contamination of cesium-137 found in a fish was more than 1,700 times lower than the Health Canada Action Level, and “is not known to be a health risk for either humans or the environment. Turns out it may also be beneficial for humans, particularly in space. The fungus contains high levels of melanin, a pigment that turns skin darker.  

That melanin absorbs radiation and turns it into chemical energy, similar to how plants turn carbon dioxide and chlorophyll into oxygen and glucose through photosynthesis, according to a study first published in 2007. This specific process is dubbed radio synthesis.


Melanin absorption is an intriguing property that could be used to protect astronauts in space.

April 26, 1986, the core of a reactor at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant opened, sending plumes of radioactive material into the air surrounding Pripyat, a Ukranian city that was once part of the Soviet Union. Workers are now attempting to clean up the site, which hasn’t been fully decontaminated.

We asked Claire Corkhill, a nuclear-waste-disposal researcher at the University of Sheffield who’s been assisting with the Chernobyl cleanup, whether the area is safe to visit. 

Corkhill said that visitors can expect “very minimal” radioactive exposure, but she shared a few tips for ensuring your safety.

5 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Chernobyl

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded more than three decades ago, in 1986.

While most people believe the general story that it due to human error? The nuclear reactor exploded and unleashed radioactive material across Europe.  Few know about the Cabal’s involvement using the unimaginable to further their NOW agenda! A never will know until the disclosure promised by the white hats is revealed and posted? 

 Here are five weird facts you probably didn’t know about Chernobyl. [Images: Chernobyl, Frozen in Time]

1. Similar to Hiroshima

About 30,000 people were near Chernobyl’s reactor when it exploded on April 26, 1986. Those exposed to the radiation are thought to have received about 45 rem’s, on average, which is similar to the average dose received by survivors after the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, according to the book “Physics for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines” (W. W. Norton & Company, 2008) by Richard Muller, a professor emeritus of physics at the University of California, Berkeley. 


While 45 rem’s is not enough to cause radiation sickness (which usually occurs at about 200 rem), it still increases the risk of cancer by 1.8%, Muller wrote. “That risk should lead to about 500 cancer deaths in addition to the 6,000 normal cancers from natural causes.”

However, a 2006 estimate from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which is associated with the United Nations, calculated much higher cancer fatalities. The IAEA looked at the total distribution of the radiation, which reached across Europe and even to the United States, and estimated that the cumulative radiation dose from Chernobyl was about10 million rem. which would have led to an additional 4,000 cancer, deaths from the accident. Muller wrote.

2. Greatest harm ended within weeks

The initial blast was enormous, but the greatest harm from the radiation happened within the first few weeks. You can think of radiation as fragments that fly outward as a nucleus explodes, like shrapnel from a bomb, Muller wrote.

Just like popped bubble wrap, each nucleus can explode and release radiation only once. Just 15 minutes after the Chernobyl explosion “the radioactivity had dropped to one-quarter of its initial value; after 1 day, to one-fifteenth; after 3 months, to less than 1%,” Muller wrote.

“But there is still some left, even today,” he noted. “Much of the radiation literally went up in smoke, and only the radiation near the ground affected the population.”

3. Dozens of firefighters died

The Chernobyl explosion not only released a lot of radiation; it also started a fire at the power plant. The firefighters who rushed in to stop the flames were exposed to high levels of radiation, and dozens died from radiation poisoning, Muller wrote.

These firefighters were exposed to over 1 quadrillion gammas each. But what does that mean?

Gamma rays — a penetrating kind of radiation that is released from nuclear weapons, dirty bombs and reactor explosions — is like an extremely energetic X-ray. There are about 10 trillion gamma rays in every 1 rem of radiation, Muller wrote.


A person who gets a whole-body dose of 100 rem’s probably won’t notice, as our systems can repair most of this damage without making a person sick. At 200 rem’s, a person can develop radiation poisoning. Patients who received chemotherapy sometimes experience this type of sickness, leading to side-effects such as hair loss and feeling nauseated and listless. (This nausea is caused, in part, by the body feverishly working to fix the damage caused by the radiation, so it cuts back on other activities, such as digestion, Muller wrote.)

People hit with 300 rem’s have a good chance of dying unless they get immediate treatment, like a blood transfusion, Muller wrote.

4. There was no containment building

Chernobyl didn’t have an important safety measure in place: a containment building.

A containment structure is a gas-tight shell that surrounds a nuclear reactor. This shell, which is usually dome-shaped and made of steel-reinforced concrete, is designed to confine fission products that may be released into the atmosphere during an accident, according to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

If there had been a containment building at Chernobyl, according to Muller’s book, “the accident may very well have caused virtually no deaths.”

5. There’s wildlife there now

The Chernobyl area was evacuated following the explosion; once humans left, wildlife moved in.

The numbers of moose, roe deer, red deer and wild boar living in the exclusion zone are similar to population numbers in nearby uncontaminated nature reserves, a 2015 study found. Wolves are doing especially well, with a population that is seven times the size of wolf populations in neighboring reserves, the study researchers found.

“This doesn’t mean radiation is good for wildlife, just that the effects of human habitation — including hunting, farming and forestry — are a lot worse,” Jim Smith, the study’s observation team coordinator and a professor of environmental science at the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom.

However, other scientists pointed out that wildlife levels at Chernobyl are lower than those at other protected regions in Europe, indicating that the radiation is still affecting the area.

Part of this fear likely stems from the fact that radiation is invisible and odorless, and exposure to high levels of it can increase the risk of life-threatening cancers, Thakur said. Anxiety caused by this fear could probably be eased by increased communication between scientists and the public, Thakur added.

“It goes back to 1945,” Thakur told Live Science. “Nuclear industries have not been very open to the public, if you look back into the history.” But now that data is more readily available, as scientists like Buesseler, Thakur and their colleagues publish their research, perhaps people will be less fearful, she said.

Air bound plume

During the Fukushima disaster, the plant released airborne and ocean-bound radioactive materials.

The air-bound emissions — which began on March 12 and hit the west coast of North America three days later, according to a computer model — included iodine-131 (which has a half-life of eight days, meaning half of it has decayed in this period), cesium-134 (2.1 years) and cesium-137 (30.1 years), as well as trace levels of tellurium (3.2 days) and iodine-132 (2.3 hours), according to a paper that Thakur co-wrote in 2012 in the Journal of Environmental Monitoring.

Nine days after the accident, the radioactive cloud had crossed North America, the researchers wrote in the study. During this time, low levels of Fukushima radionuclide were detected in samples of rain and drinking water, grass and milk, the researchers noted.

However, “it is important to note that all of the radiation levels detected across the United States have been very low, well below any level of public and environmental concern,” they wrote.

Extraterrestrials Disabling Nuclear Weapons

The evening of March 16, 1967 was not unlike many others in Montana at that time of year – cold and clear, a few inches of snow covering the ground. At the remote Malmstrom Air Force base in central Montana, home to a large cache of the United States military’s nuclear missiles, a clear night meant on-duty airmen could bask in the full splendor of what is known as “Big Sky Country.”

One such airman was doing just that, gazing lazily to the sky as the hours on duty passed, when suddenly he noticed a most curious sight. There, in the sky above him, was a small light zigzagging back and forth unnaturally, then, moments later, another light, only larger and closer.

As protocol dictated, the airman called down to the control station buried some 60 feet underground, where the phone was answered by Lieutenant Robert Salas. The airman explained the lights he was seeing, but Lt. Salas was unmoved, believing the lights to be nothing. He brushed the airman off, instructing him to call back if the lights got any closer as he hung up.

Moments later, the phone rang again, only this time when Salas answered, the airman was panicked and shouting.

“There’s one hovering outside the front gate!” the airman gasped.

“One what?” Salas demanded. A UFO” the airman shrieked, “I can’t really describe it. It’s glowing red!”

Now fully concerned, Salas rushed to wake his commander, Lt. Fred Meinwald. As he briefed the commander on the situation at hand, an alarm suddenly began to blare, filling the rooms of the underground station. Simultaneously, lights started popping up on the control station, indicating that the nuclear missiles housed there were switching into a no-go condition. One after another, the missiles became disabled.

Immediately, a security team was dispatched to find out what was going on. They reached the surface just in time to see a “glowing red oval-shaped object” speed off into the night sky and disappear from sight.

The missiles would remain in a no-go condition for an entire day, despite showing no signs of physical damage or foul play when examined. This left the Air Force dumbfounded, unable to provide an explanation for what had happened. But Robert Salas had an explanation, one that remained in his mind for many years afterwards.

“I think it was simply a show,” Salas said during an interview with CNN in 2010. “They wanted to shine a light on our nuclear weapons and just send us a message.”

What message?

“My interpretation is the message is get rid of them because it’s going to mean our destruction”.

What is perhaps most interesting about this story is that it is not all that unique. Only a few years prior, in 1964, another Air Force Lieutenant named Robert Jacobs reported seeing strange

UFO firing beams of light at a nuclear missile undergoing testing near Big Sur, California.

“We were testing to see if we could launch a nuclear warhead into orbit,” Jacobs explained during his 2021 testimony at the National Press Club in Washington DC. As the missile being tested shot into the stratosphere, a disc-shaped craft appeared in pursuit, traveling at over 8,000 miles per hour. Suddenly, the craft fired four beams of light at the missile, at which point, in the words of Jacobs, “the warhead tumbled out of space.”

“These types of stories are not conspiracy”.

In the 1970s, none other than The Washington Post, citing documents from the US Department of Defense, reported that “a string of the nation’s supersensitive nuclear missile launch sites and bomber bases were visited by unidentified, low-flying and elusive objects.”

But it goes back even further. In the 1940s, when the US was first developing the atomic bomb, UFOs were reported over Hanford Site in Washington State, the place where the plutonium was being produced for the Manhattan Project. According to Department of Energy documents, a “glowing fireball” was seen in the sky on more than one occasion.

When it was pursued by Air Force jets, it simply sped away too fast to be pursued. 1,200 miles away in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where the first atomic bombs were being tested, and additional Department of Energy documents record multiple sightings of a “green ball of fire” in the sky.


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