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Reader Post | By Logan B

Ashtar Sheran shares a message that the Galactics finally plan to go ahead with first contact. The first first contacts of modern times with the governments of the world in 40s and 50s don’t count. We all know how that turned out with secret space forces all over the world with one agenda in mind. Using the Galactics technology for their own selfish gain. 

He starts out by explaining how they plan to do this and the problems they will face and then he says this:

We are here to help this planet evolve, we are here to help you clean this planet, so that you can still live for a long time, within a breathable environment and with clean water. Because if nothing is done, in a very short time, you won’t have that anymore.

In 2019 the Green Party leader of Canada resigned. She basically said why bother. Nobody was taking their message seriously and in a couple of years nothing will matter anyway. The world will probably pollute itself to extinction. This got me thinking what does that really mean? The world has lived precariously on the edge of just enough oxygen in the atmosphere to keep us alive. You don’t have to climb very high in altitude and oxygen deprivation becomes a problem. We are not Sherpas. A very good way to get rid of humanity is by imperceptibly slow suffocation of decreasing oxygen and increasing carbon dioxide. 

As with everything there is a tipping point. When carbon dioxide reaches a point that nature can no longer maintain a balance CO2 poisoning and pollution in general will have a detrimental effect.

Like magicians the dark are masters of distraction. Focusing your attention on one thing while they work the trick somewhere else. While the world argues whether global warming is real or not and keeping us thinking we have years yet to handle Agenda 2030 the real issue we face is coming together nicely with none the wiser. 

This message from Ashtar Sheran brings to light again what Elizabeth May was trying to tell us. The Galactics have always said they are not allowed to interfere unless we are facing an action by the dark that threatens extinction like nuclear weapons. This threat qualifies as something the Galactics will need to respond to and by the sound of it they need to do it soon. 


March 23rd seems to be a very important date that the Galactics are focusing on. Is that how soon we are talking about here? 

Just as we have trained specialists we have to call on from time to time to deal with sticky situations that arise here on earth. The universe has them too. There is a race of beings who for many millennia their sole job is the role of being a planetary clean up crew. Along with millions of beings that have been here for too many years now helping and watching they have been patiently waiting in an upper orbit for their orders to swoop in and clean up our atmosphere, land and oceans in days not years. Are we quickly coming to a time when their services will be urgently needed? 

If your humanitarian project is to spend a couple of years developing the ways and means to clean up and then a couple more years to actually do it maybe think of something else. We probably don’t have that long. The thing is what humanitarian project is worth bothering with if there is no humanity? 

This is not the usual message that I see a lot of now on this site and other sites that I try to avoid. I will not give you a fearful message of put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye because all hope is lost. Despite what the Corey Goodes of this world tell us that we are doomed to deal with this impossible situation the dark have put us in by ourselves there is help available to us that is far superior in every way to whatever the dark can throw at us. 

A message for you Galactics. If you want this new first contact to be successful the first thing you need to do is cease all alien abduction scenarios that has freaked out the world for years. If this continues you can forget about gaining my trust or anyone else’s. If a UFO lands in my backyard I won’t be rushing out with open arms to welcome whoever it is without first establishing without a doubt what their intentions are. If you think that you can continue to get away with taking people physically while they sleep and mind wiping us before bringing us back I will say right now we will no longer tolerate this. Don’t try and tell us that the Light is not involved in this bs because we know you are. If this requires, despite 60 years of thousands of protests, the immediate removal of all world governments we continue to be plagued with then do it. You know what this is in regards to. Your plan to painstakingly spend years trying to convince people that government is evil has failed miserably. We no longer have the luxury of time to trust your plan. Just enact GESARA yesterday and make it all stop.


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