(Reader: Tim) Today’s Affirmation Mantra: The Military’s Helping us Amen!


Reader Post | By Tim

SG said that with the death of QE2 and Pope Benedict being officially announced, only one lever remains: the military.

Time to purify the military.

The military must serve us and the Light and do our will.

The military must only be good and correct the false things it has been involved in.

Serve the Light militaries of Earth! I command you!

Sing/say throughout the day:

The military’s helping us amen!


The military serves the Light amen!

The military’s doing good amen!

All militaries serve the people amen!

The earth is free amen!

previous affirmations:

Everyone’s boldly telling the Truth amen!

Everyone supports the truth amen!


Everyone loves the truth amen!

Everyone accepts the truth amen!

The Light is victorious amen!

GESARA is revealed amen!

The Earth is free amen!

All beings love Earth amen!

All beings love humans amen!

I am the Resurrection and the Life amen!

I am the Ascension in the Light amen!

All karma is dissolved amen!


All beings are free amen!

All things are restored amen!

The movie is over amen!

The Plan is complete amen!

Everyone honors their oath amen!

The media’s telling the truth amen!

GESARA’s revealed amen!

The Earth is restored amen!

Everyone’s fixing Earth Amen!

Heaven on Earth is real amen!


Heaven is here amen!

Earth is a planet of love amen!

Everyone’s announcing good news amen!

Our food is pure amen!

Our water’s pure amen!

The earth is pure amen!

All beings are pure amen!

Everyone’s vegan amen!

Being vegan is fun amen!

Being vegan is yummy amen!


Being vegan is easy amen!

All beings are light amen!

The Earth is light amen!

Cosmic cars are here amen!

Energy is free amen!

Transportation’s free amen!

Everything is free amen!

Our technology is restored amen!

Everyone’s good amen.

The weather is lovely amen!


It’s warm and sunny amen!

All technology is used for good amen!

All money is used for good amen!

The Plan is complete amen!

Everything’s complete amen.

The tunnels are clear amen!

The children are safe amen!

All babies are safe amen!

Quantum is ready amen!

GESARA is revealed amen!


Donald is announcing GESARA now amen!

Charlie is announcing GESARA now amen!

Everyone’s announcing GESARA now amen!

GESARA now amen!  GESARA now amen!

Everyone knows about GESARA now amen!

Everyone loves GESARA now amen!

All beings support GESARA now amen!

GESARA now amen!  GESARA now amen!

It’s time for GESARA now amen!

Everyone knows it’s time for GESARA now amen!


All beings are good and loving amen!

All beings are good and kind amen!

All beings are light amen!

All beings are love amen!

All beings are truth amen!

All beings are grace amen!

All beings are life amen!

All beings are joy amen!

All beings are hope amen!

All beings are peace amen!

Medbeds are here amen! 

Medbeds are revealed amen! 

My health is restored amen! 

My wealth is restored amen! 

Everyone’s healthy amen! 

Everyone’s pretty amen! 

Everyone looks good amen! 

GESARA is revealed amen!

Everyone knows the Truth amen! 

Everyone loves the truth amen! 

Everyone’s telling the Truth amen! 

Everyone is awake amen! 

Everyone’s getting justice now amen! 

I am love amen.

I am forgiveness amen.

I am strength amen.

I am courage amen.

Everything is Free amen! 

Everyone is sane Amen!

GESARA is revealed Amen!

All Beings are helping Earth Amen!

The Earth is free Amen!


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