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Submitted on January 4, 2023

I wish I had thought of this, but it was not me. (I’m not alone.)

The Admiralty Courts are practicing Necromancy. If that was not enough, they are also practicing Parens patriae.

However, they are not very good at it.

Person is a reference to a body without it’s Consciousness (a corpse). A Person is a fictional corpse which the BAR Summons to appear in Court and write COLOR of Law (pretend it’s law) for. Being dead, no Person can object to the Statutes the BAR Mafia writes. However when a live man/woman appears in the place of the person (dead). Because the Judge is completely delusional he/she can not recognize the “person” is a man/woman (living). The person must inform the lunatic Judge by claiming; “I am here by special appearance.” This phrase is supposed to inform the Judge, the Living has come in the place of the Dead. But Wait! There is a better way to inform the Judge is a Psychopath and Satanist.

Bring two books to Court:

  1. Black’s Law dictionary (Satan’s Law dictionary) – Left Hand (Corrupt)
  2. English Language dictionary – Right Hand (Riotous)

Ask the Judge; which Language will we be using in Court today? Black’s (Satan’s) or English?


If you dare, you might point out to the Judge’s attempt to summons the dead has failed AGAIN!


You will find the source of my epiphany at the 1:30:17 mark on the video below.

Another flaw in the Scheme is the Judge does not have Authority by Law or Statute, The BAR claims Jurisdiction by Parens patriae.

Parens patriae

Judges ASSUME the “persons’ appearing in Court are INCOMPETENT and the employment of an Attorney is evidence of Incompetence, because an Attorney can not represent a man/woman (competent). What competent man/woman would employ a liar and thief to represent them?

Again, we are talking about the BAR Mafia (Psychopaths) who assume citizens are the property of the State.


“You have no choice. You have owners. They own you!” – George Carlin

George Carlin: They own you

  • “free city” – The city is free, you are not
  • “any person (corpse) under” – You are under the constitution and government (Not governed by consent)
  • “corresponding duties” – anyone seen a copy of our duties or does the BAR make them up as they go?

That’s one hell of a position if you can apply for it… You can’t, you were born into it.

In conclusion the Admiralty Courts see us as INCOMPETENT, IRRESPONSIBLE, PROPERTY, SLAVE, DEAD, SUMMONED… Anyone care to argue Truth, Law, Justice, Freedom in a criminal enterprise of this magnitude?

By Law, no one can be compelled to participate in a Scheme. These practices are FRAUD and the BAR Mafia can not afford to have these crimes to become common knowledge, as it would destroy their crime enterprise.

Peace, love, and blessings,

Thinker2 –


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