To the Disgruntled


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Submitted on December 11, 2022

Great word isn’t it: Disgruntled. You could see a children’s book evolving from it. ‘Somewhere in a big slimy hole on some dark waste ground lived … The Disgruntler … ? Archibald the Disgruntled … ?’

Not today anyway.

I too have laboured long under the yoke of Disgruntlement so I thought I might share some of my journey – which originally was going to be a comment somewhere else but seems a better fit here – and maybe it will serve you in some sense and maybe it won’t 
but if I don’t insult your intelligence, at least I am in with a chance.

Here we go then … Back in 2020 around the result of the non election I looked in on Andy Bartzis and he was saying don’t expect anything but nothingburgers as the loosh farm continues for another 4 fruitful years …

Interesting right … ? So in it goes to the file …

Now let’s talk about you and the Disgruntlement phenomenon.


You (as an example) popped up on this planet as a seasoned warrior of sorts, bringing in ample amounts of pre-earned soul-wisdom.

Pre-earned wisdom that raises all kinds of red flags and rings all kinds of alarm bells whenever the continuum of peace is being played with such that, say, you think an operation or initiative to better mankind is not being sufficiently honest, or is not being effected properly.

Remember, in this scenario this is far from your first rodeo and your strongest intuition is of how well that wisdom has served you before, so you are never going to ignore it in favour of automatically drinking whatever kool ade is being offered.


The good thing about this wisdom is it enables you to live a meaningful life and frame challenging situations (of which of course there are always many) in ways that empower you to meet those challenges and glean yet more wisdom from them … 

On a good day anyway …

The bad thing … ? The bad thing is the bowl of frustration soup it forces you to eat every day when you behold a certain narrative unfolding in what you consider a far from perfect way – i.e. when that frustration tells you there is needless suffering involved.


Now here is a little of my own journey.

Like you, I figure I have my own pre-earned if slightly different (because we are all different) backpack of wisdom that has come along with me, and like you, and many, found myself eating the same daily bowl of frustration soup when looking at the evolution of a certain narrative.

And also like you, was not about to trade those feelings for a blind faith or greater investment in that, or any narrative but continued and continue to see those feelings as my well earned and most valuable faculty of evaluation.

I mean, we’ve been through the wars this backpack of wisdom feelings and me and as for this planet … Well I’ve hardly got to know it … Earth you say … Blue planet … What are the people like  .. ? Yikes!

Ok, so I had these feelings that, because the old frustration soup is being partaken of made me very suspicious that Andy B might be right. Maybe the frustration soup is being consumed because that is how it is being set up – and my discomfiture re the way things are playing out is simply the little tax that I am regularly paying to some over-arching, invisible, Loosh Harvesting Concern …

Then I encounter Kim Goguen. (Yep and why not … ) Where two points she made struck me like a bell that resonated quite perfectly with the logic of my portable wisdom and fueled it with real hope.

The first point was and is: the reason things seem so out of kilter is because the situation is dirty on both sides. (Simplification, but let it pass and remember, fear-based ignorance can be dirt too.)

The Second? There is a real purge of real corruption and a positive initiative to bring healing and freedom to the planet going on that has established it on a positive timeline that it cannot be shaken from.

Suddenly my own backpack of feelings found that beautiful crystalline peace that they, or it, only associate with the highest and most transparent realms of warrior wisdom, and all the little loosh producing modalities I was carrying left me …



So from this new level of very objective peace I could and can always check in on the previous narrative and see how things are cooking, wishing it well (because of course I am sure many good people are involved … ) without having to eat the soup …

So I am sharing this not necessarily to proselytise for Kim but to simply ask that you continue to honour your feelings and unashamedly value their input whenever and wherever they speak.

For warriors (and hearts) can do no more.

(Teaser and the Firecat reference ; )


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