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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

Three words that we have been hearing and reading for months, seeing in memes or videos, three words that are used in the MSM, as always, in the same way, three words that will continue to accompany us in the show. And it will be the three words that will denote these last three years. The years when everything happened suddenly and unexpectedly.

Suddenly and unexpectedly for the entire world, all of a sudden there was a pandemic. Of course, not for those who had planned it that way, we know that now for a long time. The plan of insane “elites” who wanted to reduce the population to 500,000 people. With supposed philanthropists at the helm. But suddenly and unexpectedly fewer people died, the supposedly deadly virus was just a normal flu infection that could be quickly controlled with cheap home remedies. Suddenly and unexpectedly dead people had to be found, so everything that died in this way was designated as a C-dead person. Fake pictures with hundreds of coffins, fake pictures of mass graves, fake statistics and numbers had to be taken suddenly and unexpectedly. And because it was just that, careful observers could quickly debunk these desperate attempts by the Deep State to maintain the narrative. To do so, however, one had to have awakened a bit and taken off blinders.

What happened next? Suddenly and unexpectedly, vaccines were there, as many of those who thought the virus would only affect “normal people,” as it was once planned, became infected. People forgot about the flu, which has been almost non-existent in the world for the last three years, but were so terrified that they got vaccinated. And as a German rhyme for Advent says, so it was with vaccinations: First one, then two, then three, then four, then Corona is at the door. Because suddenly and unexpectedly, exactly those who had been vaccinated got the virus that the vaccination was supposed to protect against. People, if I have a dog, have it vaccinated against rabies, and it still gets rabies, what do I do with the vet? But with myself, or worse, with my children, I then trust the media, which – suddenly and unexpectedly – report that the vaccination provides for milder courses. So it does not protect against Corona, but only attenuates the symptoms. Well, I’m quarantined anyway in case of a positive test, so I’m at home and can cure myself in peace until I’m healthy again. So why get vaccinated?

As the years go by, the number of infections suddenly and unexpectedly decreases. Although always new, “deadlier variants” are invented, which suddenly and unexpectedly appear or occur. So slowly they run out of letters and names, although now in Germany (by the way: the only country where part of the population still wears masks voluntarily) a new, of course again absolutely deadly, virus called MERS was found. At this point briefly a praise to the alliance for this brilliant show! You can’t make this stuff up. But since we have heard, from many different sources, that there must be lockdowns so that the Earth Alliance can continue to clean up, this would be a reason, wouldn’t it? I think less and less of predictions, forecasts or decodes in recent years. Because they simply don’t come to pass, no matter who claims them. Be it RV, be it ten days of darkness, be it the Event, or be it something else that patriots have been waiting for for decades. But more on that later.

The new “suddenly and unexpectedly” concerns the vaccinated around the world who are harmed or even dying. I am on some Telegram channels where every day, for months, at least five obituaries are posted from newspapers. Every day!!! And in places it’s ten or fifteen a day. Suddenly and unexpectedly, collapsed somewhere or died in their sleep, athletes, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, whatever their age. And they all have one thing in common: they all have multiple vaccinations. Some unvaccinated people are gloating, and somehow I can understand it. After all, they are mostly the ones who had to endure a lot from the vaccinated during the two years. In places it was massive low blows, from what I overheard, aimed only at the psyche. That anger will subside, and I think we can and should all be grateful if we were in situations that would not have forced us to get vaccinated. I thank the universe at this point that “this cup could pass me by.”

The eighth day of December, something will happen again, something earth-shattering, as always on an eighth day. Like the death of the Queen. And? What was it? Certainly not the staged large-scale raid against 60 people who had planned a coup in Germany. It was known to the media in advance, and that’s why a false flag is within the realm of possibility. But, folks, I think something else happened that is much more important and also much more earth-shattering. Saudi Arabia has joined the BRICS! In the outside suddenly and unexpectedly, of course, also not yet officially, but who can and also looks at the development from the eagle perspective, knows that an option in the MSM, in reality is already a fact. Well then, so it is no longer called BRICS, but at least already BRICSTS. Whereby the “T” stands for Turkey. Better put: in the future for Touran, one of the seven kingdoms.


I force myself to always stay in the eagle’s eye view, and also to inform myself broadly. Of course, I don’t always succeed, things come into my focus, I have to get closer to the ground. The 3D world still has us on a leash, and that is perhaps not as bad as some people always do. You can’t get heavily indoctrinated people to drop the 3D way of thinking 100% from one second to the next. I don’t know anyone who has done it, NOBODY! And if there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s super-teachy behavior: You must or you must not, you should or you should not, you may or you may not, etc. . I do my development the way I want it. Everyone does his development, his individual development, as he wants it. Not suddenly and unexpectedly, that’s how awakening happens. No, completely in my own speed and, times so between us, according to soul plan. PERIOD!

I myself have written it and still write it: we should, we could, we would have to. But these are tips, suggestions, which everyone may take as he wants, therefore also the “WE”. I include myself in it. Even if I can’t understand a lot of what is sometimes said to me, I leave the development of everyone to his personal speed.

I really firmly believe that on the outside it is really just a show that is 100% controlled by the Alliance (or the White Hats). There is a script and it has been worked off to the point where there are only lower levels with stooges. These have not been given instructions for years, so they continue with the last instructions. Until, suddenly and unexpectedly, they are arrested. This has been happening for a while, unnoticed by the public, possible witnesses get to know the neuralizer (new technology they showed us in movies). The script also foresees that, also unnoticed, the new world is being prepared and also the repair of the old world. Not so much yet the necessary deconstruction, cleanup and repair of environmental damage, but the destruction of everything we no longer need. In the eagle perspective, with a good all-round view, we see it, if we want to see it. Unfortunately, many still only see what they want to see.

In the financial area, it is quite obvious if you are not stuck in a dead end or have allowed yourself to be stuck in one. There are massively worked on possibilities to establish an absolutely safe, simple and worldwide currency system. Within the QFS and for all people. And it will be activated suddenly and unexpectedly, then immediately the revaluation will start and it will run completely different than we have heard or read so far from ALL sources. The signs and indications are there, even in the official media, if you can read between the lines. The more and the longer I deal with the hints, the more I recognize the return to barter. It makes all the sense in the world, because we will barter within the galactic federation, also outside of course. With friendly civilizations.

The key figure in this issue is Elon Musk. You can think what you want of him, but he is currently running a massive reconnaissance program. He’s been the front man for the Alliance for weeks, and we should be watching him closely. Not only does he make Twitter more credible than the MSM, he is also involved with Starlink on the Quantum Internet, if Starlink is not already the QI. And, what many have not yet realized, he is involved in the Stellar Network. Connecting all the dots that are being shown to me, I see enormous potential for everything to come out differently than we are told by every single guru, by every organization. No chosen ones, no privileged ones, no new elite, but one for all and all for one. Equal and side by side.

Just do this: Remember his t-shirt that says “Occupy Mars.” Look at his channel picture on Twitter. Take the movie “Total recall” and remember what happens to Mars in the end. And then connect the dots, expand your thinking, consider the impossible, then maybe you’ll realize the options we have in the future. We can prepare for it now so that it is not sudden and unexpected for us. We can think big right now. Not in conversion rates, not in our QFS account balance, not in our personal wealth, but solely in terms of our future. The future of all of us. It is out there, almost before our eyes. And suddenly and unexpectedly, the day will come when it will all be presented to us. Unpredictable!

Always act in such a way that the number of your options increases (quotation Heinz von Förster), so think big!


WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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