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Reader Post | By Chiron

World events are now gaining final acceleration, and since much of the story is related to the US, hints are now appearing on the net of Pluto returning to the position it was on when the USA was founded in 1776. The founding date of the USA by the Founding Fathers is officially set at 07/04/1776, at 17:13:55 local time in Philadelphia, USA, i.e. at 22:13:55 Greenwich. I’ve also seen the 4:50pm and 5:10pm readings, but that’s not important for this analysis regarding Pluto’s position. Pluto’s position hasn’t changed much in those few minutes, and on the contrary, the position of the ASC-MC axes is not very relevant due to the variance of the input data (time and place).

In the Fig.1 we see the graph for this event:


The position of Pluto was at 27° Capricorn 33′ 1″ and Pluto was retrograde.

Currently there is speculation on the web that Pluto is now transiting this zodiacal longitude, thus bringing about a Plutonian revolution – a return to the position of the Founding date. Unfortunately, this is not the case. During transits to native positions, we must take into account the precession of the Synetic Vernal Point ∆SVP, when it starts at the Zodiac 0° Aries. This point moves slowly backward through the Zodiac, and its average rate of movement is 71.58888 years for one degree of zodiacal longitude. If we add some 246 years to the date of the Founding of the USA, we do get the current time, but the accumulated precession of ∆SVP of 3° 32′ 33″ meanwhile moved the zodiacal longitude of Pluto to 1° Aquarius 0′ 33″. Here Pluto was in the Zodiac in 1776, whether there was any degree of any sign, and from there it backtracked to today’s position. But Pluto will not reach this position of 1° Aquarius until 2024! By approximation, we arrive at the date 02/22/2024. At that time, the accumulated precession will coincide with the shift of Pluto’s position on the Zodiac to a new position, 1° Aquarius 0′ 33″. Pictured is this new Pluto position on 02/22/2024:

Fig. 2

The ASC-MC axes are to be taken a little with a grain of salt, but it can be said that the Pluto-Venus-Mars conjunction in Aquarius will be in opposition to the Moon in Leo, all around the ASC-DS axis.


It should be emphasized that the outer planets and planetoids make a zig-zag movement on the Zodiac, where for a while they go forward through the Zodiac in direct motion, and for a while they go back in retrograde motion from our point of view. Pluto also moves slowly forward, “two steps forward and one step back”. So, it transits each position 3 times! You know it? “Everything comes to us in threes?” This wisdom of our ancestors obviously has something to do with these transits :@) The first direct transition symbolizes the introduction of the topic, the second retrograde then the top-grading of the topic, and the third direct resolution of the topic. I would compare it to a situation where something has been blown up our nose – that is the introduction of a problem. Then we inhale, and that is the gradation of the problem, and then we sneeze – that is the solution. The breath is the movement of air inwards – i.e. retrograde movement. The position depicted here is therefore the first direct transit, and during 2024 there will be two more transits, the last one after Christmas 2024. So the “big sneeze” awaits the USA on very end of 2024 year.

The last picture shows a comparison of the positions of the Nativity, i.e. the “birth” horoscope of the USA, with the positions of this Plutonian transit (Transformative Plutonian Revolution) in February 2024. Here we can see how everything has shifted since then, and from the indicated aspects estimate what development since then US times passed:

Fig. 3

When the time comes, we can return to this article and make some meaningful prediction from the current events – conclusions regarding the first ended Plutonian cycle for this country, whatever the USA will look like at that time.

Uff, I hope I was clear, ‘coz English is not my native language. I hope you enjoyed! :@)




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