Return to Stalinist Self-Sufficiency of 1937?


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 29, 2022


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

Russia has all the natural resources that it needs and should return to Stalin’s self-sufficiency. They should also supply allies like China with natural resources. All nations should be as self-sufficient as possible and this fraudulent concept of globalism was a euphemism for destroying the US labor movement by farming out production to low wage countries. It was an infamous form of treason agains American laborers. Nor could such a foul policy have been adopted except by dirty floats in the foreign currency to the dollar as the increased supply of dollars through the purchase of foreign goods would have driven down the dollar ending the comparative advantage of the lower wages unless the low wage trading partner bought the US dollar which they did accounting for the over 18 trillion dollar US net deficit position to the world.

Whole industries of the US were destroyed because of greedy industrialists who hated their own wage slaves. The foreign laborers who were paid dirt poor wages became the reserve army of the unemployed in their own countries, and for the US domestic jobs that could not be economically farmed out overseas the laborers in the foreign countries became the army of unemployed to use as a whip against the US wage slaves for if they got out of hand they would flood the country with immigrants to drive down the wage. And so they have in the last two years five million alone of illegals that Schumer who wants their votes wishes to legalize as part of the hate US labor game. The goal the editor of the Wall Street Journal Robert Bartley some time ago was to import hundreds of millions more wage slaves to drive our wages to the third world level. They could conceivable drive the wage down to two hundred dollars a week. No laborer in the US could afford children then so the US children that might have been born will be also replaced by immigrants.

Trump ran for President on an anti-import platform both of merchandise and immigrants to stop the attack on the US wage slaves. In addition, he wanted all our industries returned to our shores. And last but not least detente with Russia and China. The military industrial complex looking for wars as traditional merchants of death accused Trump’s detente of treason when the industrialists were the traitors. This was economic treason in spades.

I wrote my friend President Trump to run with the ball saying that the foreign countries would have to sell their dollars to drive up their currency so we would convert the deficit to a surplus to pay off the net deficit position or he would buy their currency until their currency priced their exports to us above US market prices. In this way we could pay off the 18 trillion net deficit position and wipe out the trade deficit in one step. The deep state forced Trump to recant.


The problem in Russia was President Putin himself that I explained in my piece: “Vladimir Putin: Twenty Years of Treason” in Footnote one. He was an agent of Lord Jacob Rothschild as the traitor Yeltsin who was to blame for the first ten years of Yeltsin treason when all Russian industries were looted. They purchased by their created oligarchs drawn from low class scum industries for pennies on the dollars bankrolled by Lord Jacob Rothschild. In the last 32 years Lord Jacob harvested over two trillion dollars in loot remitted to him in London using Russian petrodollars under Yeltsin and Putin. This stolen money could have quadrupled the Russian GDP and encouraged the birth rate that Stalin did by making sure every child was taken care of and teaching all Russian children the holy concept of marriage of Saint Augustine that he learned in Christian Seminary until he was twenty. See Saint Augustine’s “On The Good of Marriage.” Here rhythm is described as a sin as onanism. So the children were taught. Stalin was originally an Okrhana Agent spying on the Bolsheviks and was swept along in the revolution rising to the top. He wiped out the Trotskyite murderers and Stalin was praised by the Lubavitich Rabbi Joseph Schneerson in doing God’s work in the Moscow Treason Trials of the Trotskyites.

We note that Trotsky wrote before the revolution that the error of Robespierre was that he did not kill the royal children reflecting what a guttersnipe he was. He deserved his end. Stalin dramatically increased the birth rate in Russia and the GDP, and the under 20 population of Russia in 1941 was over half the total population. Russia was completely self-sufficient by 1937.

This rigging procedure is discussed in my note to the then Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin in the next link.

Footnote one

David Lifschultz



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