Vladimir Putin: Twenty Years of Treason


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 11, 2022


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

Vladimir Putin has transferred over the past twenty years two trillion dollars of Russian money to London for Lord Jacob Rothschild which is high treason and he should be first in a new Moscow Treason Trial which will include all the oligarchs and the hundreds of thousands of hanger ons who participated in this theft of the oligarchs. This essay elaborates on this subject based on the essay below of Alexander Dugin. We point out that Alexander Bortnikov, who heads up the FSB, has displayed great honesty and would be a welcome replacement for Putin that should take as soon as possible.

It was Alexander Dugin whose daughter was murdered by a car bomb which appears to have been intended for Mr. Dugin. What is surprising about this fellow is that he regards Putin as some kind of Messiah when the stabilization of Russia was decided in 1999 by Lord Jacob Rothschild as the country was such a wreck that he thought his control of the wealth of Russia could be overthrown as the present moral chaos in the US looks to lead to the economic collapse of its system and its overthrow as in Germany in 1933. I wrote the Volcker plan for the deep state in 1979 which gained about forty years of prosperity that is in the process of being completely thrown away. In the US we have the same Trotskyites as we have in Russia controlled by the deep state or international finance under the direction of Lord Jacob Rothschild. He is not the number one Rothschild but he serves as the front man. The Trotskyites at the Russian Revolution were created by the then Baron Eduard de Rothschild of Paris who controlled the worldwide Rothschild apparatus at that time. This Bolshevik history can be found in the next link. I highly recommend that the reader carefully peruse the article if he would like to understand how the world works.

Democracies, republics, etc. are just vehicles for the Rothschild central bank control mechanism the runs the world based on fiat money and usury. How fiat money works can be reduced to one line from J. W. von Goethe quoting from Faust Part Two:

I am fed up with this endless how and when,


if there is no money let us make it then.

As Karl Marx wrote, this is a form of transubstantiation converting the dollar into a jealous god. It is a control mechanism. The heading of the link refers to the Battle of Waterloo where James Rothschild bribed Marshall Grouchy to throw the battle of Napoleon. He was a Rothschild enemy. Napoleon saw at once the trick that central banks must be independent so governments could not control the currency issue to make themselves popular but Napoleon saw it as that granting of control to the Rothschilds of the money who in turn would control him. He would have none of it.

Bolshevism itself was such a a control mechanism and a Stalinist Russian told me thirty years ago at the Monthly Review headquarters that what Stalin did was socialize the usury as well as the money.

It was Lord Jacob who in the 1990s acquired all the major companies or wealth of Russia by finding penniless oligarchs to represent him funding for pennies as share all the wealth of Russia. A brief outline follows:

What did the US do with Russia? Since the US reports to the Rothschilds any action regarding Russia is handled by Lord Jacob Rothschild who is over both countries and also controls the oligarchs in the [redacted] who strangely cohabit with the Bandarites. It appears that the 70% of the western aid that is stolen pays off the Bandarites. The Rothschilds ran the operation in Russia using their stooge Vladimir Putin.

Lord Jacob took control of most of the Russian economy through his oligarchs in the 1990s when the Russia crown jewels of industry were auctioned off for pennies on a dollar. The soon to become oligarchs were penniless and those pennies on the dollar were supplied by Lord Jacob to buy up almost all Russian industry. These industries are actually controlled and owned by Lord Jacob which we found out when the chips were down.


The Sunday Times can identify Lord (Jacob) Rothschild as the secret holder of the large stake in Yukos that was previously controlled by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the oil company’s chairman. Khodorkovsky, reputed to be Russia’s richest man, was last week arrested by Russian prosecutors on charges of fraud and tax evasion. His imprisonment has triggered a trustee agreement he put in place with Rothschild a few months ago.

Here is the Rothschild reward for its participation in the revolution against communism which the Rothschild family had established in 1917 when it sponsored the Bolshevik Revolution as described in the above link. The then Baron Eduard de Rothschild received his financial return by being given the Tsar’s gold by ridding himself of his hated adversary Tsar Nicholas.

A nonentity like Roman Abramovitch sold tickets in the street for Bolshoi productions until he was discovered. Roman Abramovitch recommended another nonentity named Vladimir Putin who had been a low level KGB apparatchik as a good puppet to represent their interests. He was not overly smart, weak and easy to control. We last saw Roman in Turkey running the negotiations with the [redacted].

Now we have at the CIA William Burns who cabled the State Department as our heretofore Russian Ambassador that “only a quarter” of the 13 billion dollars from the sale of Sibneft to Gazprom went to Abramovitch himself though at such an inflated price that kickbacks must have been involved. Abramovich was financed by Lord Jacob as the other oligarchs. Burns did not say it but Putin got his due.

Vladimir Putin was used as a cover for the looting of Russia for two trillion dollars of profits from the stolen industrial might of Russia and transferred via the Russian Central Bank (Elvira Nabiullina and Sergei Shvetsov) using petrodollars to Lord Jacob in London. In a sense this is high treason by Putin as this money could have been used to quadruple the Russian GDP over 22 years that could have supported a massive military. Instead of the mass peoples armies of Stalin you have a stripped down version of a so-called professional army. It can provide the nucleus of a mass peoples army but so far it has not significantly mobilized. Is Mr. Dugin blind that he cannot see this. Mr. Dugin reminds me of the expression straining out a gnat and swallowing the camel.

King James Bible

Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.

As Putin came in as the Rothschild figurehead he had to bring in the intelligence apparatus of the Soviets and their military

to secure his position. The military and Russian intel demanded the rebuilding of their military after NATO created the fake


Kosovo massacre and then bombed Belgrade of the Russian ally Serbia for 78 days. It was here that NATO ordered the bombing of the Chinese Embassy with precision bombs as a test of its accuracy and to prevent them from aiding Serbia by furnishing information obtained from US transmissions. The ruthlessness and murderous nature of this bombing was such that the Russian military feared that one day NATO would bomb Moscow as Belgrade for 78 days. Putin was opposed to this arms development but had to acquiesce or he would have been eliminated with extreme prejudice to use CIA lingo.

The Russian missile programs were still being developed in the 1990s through the building of prototypes but they did not have the money to test the missiles until after the bombing of Belgrade. Then a massive Russian program was launched after the 1999 Belgrade bombing. They developed the S-300 to S-700 defensive missiles that completely seal Russian air space and have ended MAD. The net result was also the greatest offensive nuclear missiles in the world such as the R-28 Sarmat and hypersonic missiles that can carry hydrogen bombs that the US cannot defend against. The modernization of the Russian Army started in 2008 and was to be a 14 year program. It is said to have 1.3 million personnel who are highly trained.

The US considered Russia finished and focused instead on the 2001 heroin war in Afghanistan to restart the heroin growing shut down by the noble Mullah Omar where the CIA sourced its heroin for distribution around the world through comradely intelligence operations, and even Kosovo housed Camp Bondsteel as an entrepot for European heroin distribution through the BND, and the US went on to finance the Iraq invasion of 2003 based on fraudulent claims of weapons of mass destruction. No member of Islam was involved in 9-11 and that was a case of misdirection. The US was involved in Syria, and other countries forgetting about its missile development as it perceived no threats. It is twenty years behind Russia and ten years behind China.

The deep state knows all of this but thinks they can bluff their way through the [redacted] War as the Lord Jacob Rothschild man Putin is under their control so that they can bluster and rant all they like. The US has to get control of Russia to end their military superiority in their advanced weapons and break up the control of the Mackinder Eurasian land mass by Germany, (EU) Russia and China. So far Germany under US pressure has decided to commit harakira on itself under US orders and break with Russia. They are as unwise as the Weimar Republic.

As for Mr. Dugin’s claims of morality for the Putin era, the homosexual discos in Moscow are larger than those at Sodom on the Hudson called New York City. He is a fake.

David Lifschultz


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