(Reader: Helen West) Response to Rambo “Open Letter to White Hats”



Reader Post | By Helen West


Your on the correct page.  You, my friend, have spoken exactly what most of the American People that are hanging in there with open eyes and TRYING to stay out of a civil war, stay home and not riot, staying home and TRUSTING THE PLAN, ARE feeling and thinking, FRUSTRATION, at this point in THE MOVIE! As your last statement said This is Gods plan. (NEGITIVE 48 and OTHERS) 

Well, this may be biblical, but God is NOT running this movie. Let’s not get Confused. 

God can do the fighting on his own. Remember God is the one that is all powerful, honest, doesn’t hurt people mentally or physically or torture them. He loves them. However, this MOVIE IS TORTURE, PHYSICALLY PAINFUL, AND EMOTIONALLY ABUSES ALL OF US. It’s funny, we are still trusting the plan, and we don’t know any truths about it, yet? They keep saying, ” The whole truth will come out,”   We are being lied to daily for years and we still follow the plan, as asked. Good little sheep, we are. I sometimes wonder, if we are all fools to keep this charade up. We have the means to get involved if we should is another question. We ALL could start doing what Brazil did. Go to EVERY SINGLE military’s Base and start DEMANDING they GET THE JOKER actor and all his minions out of the MOVIE and get this MAIN STREAM MEDIA to STOP LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

I am NO ONES FOOL, I am 100% certain the MAIN STREAM MEDIA is being run by the MILITARY and WHITE HATS and they are setting up the government for a QUIET change over, BUT the RV needs and should have happened already.  The MOVIE  should be telling about the Child trafficking and Drugs coming in,  and HELPING the Americans  be a part of the surveillance team of STOPPING THE TRAFFIC COLLECTING of HUMANS.  

The AMERICAN PEOPLE will be on their toes if they know who and what is happening…watchful.  YOUR TAKING WAY TOO LONG to wake them up!  WE AS A UNITED GROUP can and would help watch each other, got your backs, type of thing-  if only MORE PEOPOLE KNEW THE TRUTH. As it is now, your still feeding them crap over the TV and they still believe We the awakened Americas are CRAZY!  Enough excuses, that medically speaking bull crap about how long they have been asleep and fed crap, it will hurt them to awaken quickly.. Hello, I am not stupid and neither are the AMERICAN PEOPLE. We believe that just like we believed Diciplining and the old fashion spanking is child abuse! Some fool said that too, and tried backing it up with MECIAL KNOWLEDGE, how did the that go,,, FOOLS ALL OF THEM! 





WE WONT put up with it again. 

If you think that this is the trigger to set us up to start getting together and voicing our stance in Groups like the Capital, or at the MILITARY GATES in every STATE, like Brazil is doing,  THAT IS NOT THE WAY TO DO IT!  That is HURTFUL, and PAINFUL for us Americans, awake-and Asleep.  The only people that would not hurt are the ones classified as ELITE. THE WHITE HAT ELITES can afford to have their kids private tutored and it does not seem to hurt them in the lease. Look at what ALL THE  ELITES were doing in the FIRST PLANDEMIC…. Breaking all the rules because they can, but the average American lost their business, were arrested fighting loosing battles in court, painful painful Painful- All this proves GOD is not running this show!  

Yes, I appreciate the Military, I live with a Caption, that was in the Navy and Vietnam Vet,  but by GOD every day he is angry this is taking so long… He said, He would not have put the AMERICAN people through this. He said the new way for Military’s is Pussy footing around. They have had plenty of time to get the people woken up and the Mainstream Media is NOT HELPING- ITS IN SLOW MOTION, IF ANYTHING,  to get the facts out! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH SLOW MOTION- BULL CRAP.  WAKE the SLEEPERS, THE HELL UP -they have to face the facts!  What they have to learn about is never going to be good news. But keeping us in the DARK is what happened with the NAZI’S and WW2, disinformation, and more cover ups!  THIS IS CRAZY, not allowing US the AMERICAN PEOLE to  know what is happening. THIS  effects US, and our FAMILIES.  This is NOT A MOVIE!  WE the people let this happen by doing nothing, by being kept  in the dark,  and you WHITE HATS are repeating the wrongs done to us in the first place. Now we need to end it. SHOCK THEM AWAKE if they DIE then POPLUALTION CONTROL COMPLETED! 

TOO DAMN BAD.  I believe I have heard this over and over, THERE is collateral damage in any war, and this is a war. Then, the ones that cant take the truth would be the damage then. I bet the AMERICAN people that stay alive wont let this happen again then!  I also bet we are the scape goats. I have a very real feeling, that we Patriots that have been backing the MOVIE and the PLAN all along, will be made to look just like we do when we tell people what we know. The PLAN is to allow US to look foolish. 

I stopped telling people what I was hearing and reading and I also refused to VOTE! 

I knew the joke was on the People. I knew the this VOTE was a set up. I am SICK OF BEING USED TO THE ELITES END and enjoyment, watching us jump at their every lie they tell us. MY FAMILY is all fooled by the MOVIE and My husband and I are all outcasts. The military I am sure is doing all they can to get this world cleaned up, but I do believe the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD could help if only they were told the TRUTH NOW. After hearing about the Adrenochrome and Child trafficking, they would UNITE in a heart beat,  Then, they would help do their part!  

But, once again, we are being told what to do, and controlling us by WATCHING THE MOVIE. TRUST THE PLAN CRAP. Mind control, in another form,  if you ask me.




I thought we were the ones that controlled the GOVERMENT?????   HUMMMMMM  makes you think…. Its not us controlling this, its the Military being controlled by a computer…THAT IS LAUGHABLE…

They wont even ask us the PEOPLE. Its all based on a computer…REALLY?????

It would be so much easier on the People if they could afford daily needs…. Americans I speak with daily are loosing everything they worked for, Veterans loosing their minds, starving and living in their cars made to live on the streets, and this is Helping the AMERICAN PEOPLE?????  Even short term it is cruel and the WHITE HATS ARE CAUSING IT because I am again sure, they could end this.

We cant help our neighbor, since we are all struggling to survive., Well, NOT ALL. There are the ELITES of this WHITE HAT movement that Charge the PATRIOTS $$ to get there INSIDE information, THAT IS A WASTE of money too. Or let us buy TRUMP memorabilia at hundreds of dollars, to make someone rich. REALLY???

THEY GET RICH and we suffer more, hoping we can find out the PLAN!  STOP PAYING PEOPLE FOR INTEL. Watch the free shows that is all crap anyway. NO ONE is telling us the TRUTH SO STOP PAYING FOR IT. Wake up People… WE are the laughing stock every time you buy into this garbage.


We have two elections fraudulent, that can actually stop this movie. Military has enough to stop it NOW. WHY ARE THEY WAITING?  SOMEONE IS CONTROLLING THEM and its not about US THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”S PLIGHT or other COUNTRYS that are suffering…Finance is done, so it is told to us, White hats won already, this is a movie, so we are told….

FIGURE OUT THE REVENGE someone has and we are the PAWNS in the VENDENTA….

Sincerely, and PISSED OFF,

Helen West





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