(Reader: Rambo) Open Letter to White Hats


Reader Post | By Rambo

After being quiet for several months, I just couldn’t help myself after reading all of the intel over the last 48 hrs.  Now, whether or not it’s true, remains to be seen, but maybe before you guys decide to shove “Plandemic 2.0” up our asses, you hear me out.

According to SG Anon today, we are supposed to get prepared for more “planned vaccine rollouts”, BY YOU GUYS, to really “show” the people, to take us to the “precipice”, like we’ve not been taken there yet?  And not only that, on SG’s podcast, he’s talking about you guys only “showing” us 9% of what the hell these Vipers have been doing to us and our children all these years!!  Did Project Looking Glass algorithms show that to be the “best way” possible?  Really?

How about a real person who is living in this nightmare out here every single day, watching all the homeless people wandering around getting hooked on drugs that the GOVERNMENT BROUGHT IN!!  I’ll tell you what would work and in what order.

1) Declare Martial Law and arrest them ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.  And I mean EVERYONE who committed crimes, no amnesty, no pass go, no collect 100 dollars.  That means 50% of humanity is GONE.  

2) Show us all the confessions, PERIOD.  Every single one, not just some, but ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of them.  Every dirty secret from the CEO’s, the Politicians, Hollywood scum, ALLLLLLLLLLLLL of it.

3) Nuremberg 2.0 trials on EVERY MSM Channel for EVERYONE to watch with every detail laid out. (Breathtaking that the MSM is STILL IN OPERATION!!)

4) Mass PUBLIC executions.  You want to shock people?  You want to wake these morons up?  DO THAT!!  If they “freak out”, WHO GIVES A S#!T!!


5) Flip the switch on GESARA, WORLDWIDE, for those of us left.

6) Rods of God (DEW) the living crap out of all the satanic buildings, especially D.C., then flood it with the Potomac, while we all cheer!!

7) “WE THE PEOPLE” will tear down the rest of it and rebuild everything with the new technology.

All of this B.S. that we’ve been hearing about, all of this utter nonsense about “it had to be this way”, is for the sheep !!!  What about those of us who have been in this “conspiracy” game for DECADES!!!  Me personally, I’m getting crucifying migraines almost weekly now from this crap, just got done with a 48 hour torture fest and there is only one thing causing me stress, and it’s the NEVER ENDING TALK!!!  Yea, our boys in the Military are kicking the crap out of them, and for that we are ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL appreciative, heck, we owe them our lives for it, but for the love of God, how much longer does YOUR BASE, those of us who are AWAKE TO IT ALLLLLLLLLLLL, have to continually struggle both physically and mentally, for the dipshits who will never, ever, never wake up until you do WHAT I JUST SUGGESTED!!! Do you actually think that these Drones know about this stuff?  I talk to people every day, and they look at me like I’m completely nuts!!  They’re oblivious to anything other than their IPhones, their hairstyles, and their stupid insignificant brainwashed existence!!  You want “80%”?  Do what I just said. 

“The end won’t be for everyone”?  Yea, you’re right, because those of us who KNOW EVERYTHING are treated like dirt!!  You all seem to forget those who have been spending HOURS everyday writing posts, emails, explaining the machinations of “THE PLAN” to hundreds of people daily, are now LOSING THEM ALL for lack of any public disclosure, public arrests, public ANYTHING!!!  “It’s business as usual, Rambo, nothing has changed one single bit in all these years that you’ve been telling us.”  Maybe you guys can tell me what would be a good reply to that because I’m all ears?  

Maybe I’m still in the post migraine fog, but it’s the truth.  And I can promise you, I speak for probably 98% of those out here doing what I do!!!

And please, don’t sit there in your ivory towers while our whole lives have been a joke, a lie, an illusion, a complete FARCE, and tell us that we don’t know the deepest recesses of what’s going on, that it’s so entrenched.  Please, don’t insult me, you’ve got the FULL FORCE OF THE MILITARY at your fingertips, just UNLEASH THEM already!!  “We the People”, the ones who KNOW the Constitution, who seek actual JUSTICE, DESERVE BETTER!!!!  Why don’t you care about us?  What we think, feel, are going through?  You are so concerned about the Liberal/Fascist tight pants weary soy boys, YOU’VE DISMISSED US!!  We’re the ones INSULTED!!


The funny thing is that when this is FINALLY over, we’re not going to be that stoked about it seeing as what we had to go through mentally, we’ll have NOTHING LEFT.  Oh, but that Drone walking out of Starbucks with his $8.00 Latte might be.  Who do you guys care about more, those who pissed on the Constitution or those who DEFENDED IT?

How much more does my son have to take for these fools?  More masks at school?  More of his buddies taking vaccines?  Does “THE PLAN” take that into account?  It’s a JOKE, and if God is the one who is directing this whole thing (Negative 48), then I’ll be asking him the same questions when my time is called, I’ve got NO PROBLEM WITH THAT.

Why don’t you input this post into the “Looking Glass’ and see what it thinks about that?



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