(Reader: Sheri) Yes, God has a Sense of Humor


Reader Post | By Sheri

As to why He only calls a few now, they are referred to as “weak and base” that no flesh should glory. It’s their attitude, heart God sees. They receive crowns. Not the vast majority. Everyone will be more than pleased with what they receive. “Things God has prepared for us havent entered the minds of man….” We only use 4% of our brains. This is barely the beginning of eternity. Be patient. Good will come. And we wol al have all the time we need, the not much makes sense right now. We can either pull together or have a tug of war with ourselves.

This is not written. It is my thoughts. Take them for what you will. But I’ve wondered why God would save the vast majority of brain dead and blind humans, possibly eventually ai mind controlled zombies near the end of this life, then resurrect them in a thousand years to live satan free in basically a recreated Garden of Eden for 100 more years to learn of God and His plan then in comparison to the very very few He calls now to share in Christs sacrifice. They do receive crowns, are called saints, and will live during the thousand years and be there as helpers and to enjoy when the entire family “wakes up”. Could it be their minds were closed to things? And for what what purpose? Does He perhaps want to kind of go back in His plan for Adam & Eve and recreate a portion of an earlier plan before demons and disobedience destroyed us? If so, why? It will certainly spare them from the pain of knowing the reality now so that He could have a people who have less trauma or pain or chaos of comprehension now in general? We just have to read more of the book written for us. I’m sure all the answers we need now will be revealed. If I’m asking beyond what we need, that’s just my imagination and inquiring mind at work.

I dont suppose all answers will be given until God says it’s time. Hes looking for a people willing to live by faith and eager like Bereans were. Theyd hear something them diligently search the scriptures and accept it in their tool kit if there were two or three supporting truths and toss it if it leads nowhere, at least for the time being, may be make a folder and put questions in a section for later consideration after further study. We dont have to have all the answers right now. 

None of us could if we wanted to with only 4% of our brains. But it’s not futile. You could be one God plans to call. And you may get a jump on things.

But it seems that is the plan. It could be a way God protects us too.

No one should be overly seriously concerned about when they will be given more knowledge of the truth or called. It will be at an appointed time when God says. But if you truly want a personal relationship with God, then you can start a conversation by obeying His Commands like Sabbath. I like to show Him respect. He has all the answers to all my questions. And He loves us, protects us, educates us ….why wouldnt someone want to know Him better?I suggest everyone read the speech God made to Job when God answered Jobs demands and came to chat with him. Its inspiring!! Inspired Job to tears and a close relationship with His Father!

God knew and said Job was a perfect man, righteous in all his ways. So what was God thinking when He allowed satans trials, and curses, to come upon Job?


Well, Job is probably among Moses and Abraham, a 3 way team of Gods closest inner circles in HIS GOVT! When it gets here…..God always rewards. Maybe He get a new wife? Why 5 virgins? His wife saw his suffering and told Job to “curse God and die”. She just wanted him out of his misery. But there is meaning in everything God does and it’s up to us to search His mind and get to understand and then start thinking right, like God thinks.

Why go round continually fearful and negative? Look for answers, find a solution. (PS GOD IS THE ANSWER. LINE OUR THOUGHTS UP WITH HIS MIND and we might use 7% of our brain????

There was one thing Job lacked. The Holy Spirit of God which God gave in 100% agreement with the Word, Jesus through His sinless life and sacrificial death after making a covenant with Abraham under the name of Melchisidek (=The Word before He was born as flesh, and later Jesus Christ).

The HS hadnt yet been given to mankind in Jobs day. But God sees something in some people who He tries and tests and proves before and after, God grants them the gift of His spirit and more. Yes He also rewards, blesses, protects, sends angels.

But the key here is what God is seeking. He wants ones He can count on. Ones with a right attitude and humility in conversation with Him who put others above themselves. More asking vs demanding…

I love the speech God made to Job that opened Jobs eyes. It’s awesome! Inspiring. And with the right heart when the annointing that did come on Job and opened his eyes, mind, heart, and won Him into Gods service in the cming Kingdom of God.

What we need is the attitude so many like David had as a young boy tending sheep. As a boy he killed wild animals attempting to kill his lambs. His heart was right, especially before the incident with Bathseba happened! That was a fiasco and his family was a wreck forevermore. Murder, rape, everything.


Now read the praise God gave to Job after Job is given Gods spirit and how he humbles himself and “sees”/comprehends the depth of Gods love and plan for us and is then able to humble himself (repent apologize to God privately, personally and not to any “religious” man).

It is God who chooses when and who He gives His spirit to today and back in Jobs day too. It wasnt many, a handful, the Patriarchs. And some throughout history.

Same is true today but not forever. What is God looking for? What does He want?

Acts 2:38 tells us, “Then Peter said, ‘Repent and be baptised, every one of you in the name of the Jesus Christ for the remission (forgiveness) of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit which is given through repentence and baptism by full immersion. Also in Mt 25:1-4 too. “The wise took the oil”.

So: 1.repentance, 2.baptism, the gift then is Gods 3.Holy Spirit.

In many other places God also wants 4.obedience! His Holy Days, His Sabbath!!! And 5. Perseverance to the end whatever it is because with God there is no end for us!!

We live forever!!! Just a few key lessons this time around.

I’m sure it will get more interesting. Dont be in a hurry. Each day is sufficient for itself (its troubles.) Smile! God loves us!


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