(Reader: Sheri) Response to KS “Oh for Pete’s Sake!”


Reader Post | By Sheri

Please read my post about returning to God. Stop blaming President Trump or any other persons. I do believe God put the entire Trump family in office. Their reward will be great. You have so many appreciative and positive supporters Trump family.

All of you should be very ashamed of  yourselves that attack all their dedication and work. Let’s start behaving like the family of God instead! Or are you of your father satan? I hope not.

Do you really believe youd do better in any plan to take down the evil ruler of this world? Spiritual wickedness in high places? Good luck with that. Trust God. He’s going to send His Son to do just that for us. He has another hundred years for all of us. 

He truly loves us. Love Him back. Obey with gladness. The correction we’re all feeling is automatic. Work with God. Dont make it worse! He will guide you into all truth if you let Him. He is the rock. Our Savior! I’m praying for you Buddy.

Why not pray for those who are fighting for us? There was  rainbow over President Trump as he stood up for us in the rain. Gods promise is with him! In spite of how black the sky was that rainbow was bold and beautiful.

Please turn away from pulling all the good accomplished down. You’re still alive arent you? Still have food? Let us know if I can help you. I promise I’m praying for us. Be grateful. Because one day you might wish you were if anything should happen to President Trump! Hes out there in the open for us. Surround Him in prayer please!

Love each other.


Prayers are needed in His direction.

Turn focus and minds and hearts to God. He is our Savior.

Trump is standing in the gap.

Christ is preparing His return. Dont be in too big of rush. You may not like your personal correction. Prepare spiritually. Obey sabbath.

He hears every word, knows your every thought.

We are at war whether it seems so or not. Would you have preferred Trump to walk away and let you fall? Even you dont know what he’s doing, risking for us. He’s taking slings and arrows.

Have you seen the ending yet?


What a brave and good man we have.

People, accept personal responsibility.

Take all your fears to God and blow the dust of your bibles and most important of all, KEEP GODS SABBATH and church in your private homes as families. Teach your children. Give them hope. Talk about Noah. Read Genesis. The first few chapters. Or get the afaithfulversion bible on cds. Best deal is paperback study bible and the 10 CD set. GOD NEVER CHANGES. And no one else was ever given any authority to alter Gods 7th Day Sabbath! So why do you suppose God needs to correct us? We are rebellious. Disobedient. Now theres a rant you could have I’d support!

Trump has taken a lot but he cant take the punishment due you or me. God is just. It’s people who hate and dont love one another that’s the crime. Among all the evil we all pretty much know exists.

Thing most important, we need to all ask ourselves what do I personally need to repent of? And do it. Make sure you stay right with God. Always put God first. But not just our imagination of Him. Dig. Find out what God really says about the 7th Day in Genesis. God sanctified it, Made it holy! Better check again, get it right. Dont be decieved. First few chapters of Genesis. 

We stand together and make this transition into the reign and Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ together! Or you will be crawling under the rocks and crying out for God to kill you.

Stand up for the truth about your bible together! That’s what we all need to do. Find out what God wants and do it.

He created this all. Jesus will soon return and the first thing will bind and lock satan forever!

It’s ok to say we missed the mark. It’s wrong to point fingers. We dont have the luxury of blame at this period in our history. Personal resinsibility.

Stay together. Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.


Let that something be our Awesome Creator Fathers Sabbath. He longs to spend time with us, you personally. It’s a day to celebrate what He created so we can enjoy it with Him and build those personal relationships with our Creator who has plans so awesome for us.

There’s a free book 831-637-2875 Why Were You Born? You need to know. Ask and it will be given and you’ll never hear again unless you call. It’s a very large book.

We NEVER ask for money.

It is far more needful we all unite against the real enemies, satan, sin, evil, misplaced judging of others, all our shortcomings.

I’m sure you mean well. No doubt about it. great. Find ways to unite people against the evil. Turn hearts to God too. I recommend it be the Sabbath. 

Dont worry about what men say about you. Be a lot more concerned about what God says. He can save you, inspire you, grant you ETERNAL LIFE. Gifts of amazing worth. GO FOR IT! Talk to your Father on Sabbaths. 

We’ve had 6,000 years since the Flood to get to where we now are.

The solution is that we start keeping Gods Sabbath and break the bonds of the religious lies surrounding us.

That I take serious issue with because if we need the truth about anything, it’s our Father.

God will take care of the rest. God inspired good men and chose Donald John Trump for such a time as this.


Its God we need to look to. Not men. President Trump is doing his part of Gods plan. Dont be a faithless winer.

Do something. March into your private place and get onto your knees. Pray for our God appointed president! Pray for Gods help. Put your faith where it belongs–in God and repent. We all fall short of the diligence we need. I’m so grateful God has allowed me to be healed. My lungs are in such hortible shape.  please pray. I think it’s what makes me sleepy, weak. My parents smoked a lot. After school we kids would get on our hands an knees to climb under the thick layer of cigarette smoke into our rooms. I was a little kid. Kids at school thought I smoked! It was in my clothes, hair, awful. And I’ve been a target, censored…..I’ve been so hit I dont dare go thru an airport scanner, my chest looks white with heavy spider webs. The radiation and my allergies exhausts me. Thank you for prayers. More precious than money! I do love you.

Invite the Savior into your life. All of you!


I have faith in those whoever they are, who will  turn to God. And study, read, and pray.

We need an army that will turn more hearts to God not stab or trample humans asunder! God still may bless us. Have you talked to Him about it? Keep asking cheerfully in faith. If you cant, unite with good people and pray more. Offer encouragement, kindness. It always comes back to you. Be grateful. I’m very grateful. It will all work out.

My sollution is to blow the dust off all your bibles, set it next to where you have your coffee, and actually start reading. Proverbs. Today is the 18th. Read Prov 18 several times during the day. Drill it in. Kids, you too. God loves you.

Plan a wonderful Sabbath. Honor God.

Have such conversations as this post with God instead. Find out what He wants YOU to do.

I pray you do because your message is heartfelt, a plea for good. Gods watching all this. Hes waiting to see who will stand for right things and not tear down all the many years of protection and good things  we’ve already enjoyed. How many subpoenas has Eric Trump had?


Tell me why our great men should continue to suffer for you?

God is for us. We just dont realize what He and His Son were willing to give.

Keep the Faith!


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