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Reader Post | By Sheri

Whatever decades of planning Q has done has gotten us this far in relative peace.

What everyone is failing to acknowledge is that God has had a plan in works for maybe billions or trillions of years.

Thing is, none of us has any excuse. How old are we? I’m just saying with this life we have been given a gift and we have access to its instruction manual, our Creator Gods words and ear. How wrong is it to deny any baby conceived by God to not be given an opportunity to become a king? God hates when we take an innocent child and deny it that opportunity. Those are His children. Repent and obey God. I believe He has a special love for the little ones. They surely will live again! N9 child will live to he less than 100. Ez 37 toward chapters end.

We all know the true history since Adam and Eve. If you dont, you havent done what your Father asked you to do. Shame on you. Maybe now you will. God wrote a big book. He expects His children to read and obey it. He set forth 10 Commandments. He expects us to obey them. For He alone is God. He alone is your parent, and has the right to tell you which day to rejoice and honor in and show gratitude for the life He created for you, unless you vowed to serve another strange god, or figment of imagination.

So I just want to say none of you has anything to be sad about or any reason to point fingers at anyone.

God is waiting to hear from you on HIS SABBATH. We know what happens if we dont put our personal lives in submission to Him. After all, only He is the only Almighty  God and Father. He wont be joining you on earth yet. He cannot dwell where sin does. He’s sending His Son, our King and God and His saints.

Who has any right or authority to have any disappointment with anyone but themselves? No one.


I’m ashamed of all of us. No one is perfect yet. That will take an act of God He’s very eager to perform, real conversion and baptism. But some do care and are immediately repenting for sins that beset them. They know what sin is. It’s transgression of Gods laws. And they know Gods laws because they were given a special tiny measure of His very essences, nature which is given in tiny measure over time. They arent perfect until they are called up to receive Him back on the sea of glass.

But they arent like other people either.

They are doing the will of God and keeping His Sabbath Holy.

Good thing others have an adversary with direct contact through prayer and by their actions to God.

They have built a relationship with God over time, and continue to be nourished by measures of His spirit and by obedience and faithfulness to our Lord and Savior. They intercede continually for themselves.

I’m ashamed our weakness and propensity to point a finger of blame rather than accepting responsibility and blowing the dust off the Laws the Creator gave us and learning how to keep them.

Its absolutely like pulling teeth to get a single child of God to obey His first and biggest concern as written in Genesis right at the start of our instruction manual, the Sabbath.


Everyone has bibles. If you dont shame on you. Problem as I see it is you have the wrong and tampered with versions if you dont have the Original Order Bible, 831-637-1875. Why dont you? Why didnt you know about it? It was published in 2007 and the updated version is 2009. That was 13 and 15 years ago. The Church of God has never ceased to exist on earth throughout our long history. “The gates of death have not prevailed over the church of God”. All you ever had to do was cry out with heartfelt prayer and repentance and your Father would hear and answer you and renew a right spirit in you. When did you? Maybe we all need to do that now.

Maybe now is a truly special moment. It does seem that God had a way of getting your attention. We can start here.

It’s not a future saints responsibility to save you. No saints have completed their training yet. None on earth that I know. That will happen on the sea of glass when God raises us up to live forever together in service to Him. God wants to blot out sin from our hearts and minds and world. Hes going to want you to initiate that. You are a child of God. We are in training. Please obey our Living Father. Then He will teach you about His plan to save us and we will be able to respond to Him and our world as we should. 

He’s not disappointed that He created us. He loves us. The ones He was mainly disappointed with, many were before the Flood. But He is responsible to correct us when we forsake His ways and retrain us in ways appropriate.

We’re a bunch of blind lost sheep and rather than accept personal responsibility from the Sovereign of the Universe you’d let all be taken from you and happy to point a finger because that’s so easy.

You’ve been asleep at the wheel and wonder why our children are suffering things so inhumane that should never have to be suffered by anyone, that is if they are allowed to live and not killed in the womb.

Sick. Our world absolutely is very sick.

I’m ashamed of us and do wish it will end soon and triumphantly for all of us however and whenever called by God.

I say the sooner the better so that no more innocent babies will suffer and so we can clean house and really begin to live as Our Loving Creator always intended, in a beautiful garden with nothing that harms.

And you will then be spoken of as the Children of God, the Supreme Ruler of all Creation, very Lovingly and Proudly.


God doesnt do it all for us but has great confidence in each one of us to carry out His plan for us.

We just have a little clean up to do. All of us. Focus on sins inside that defile our spirit like our attitudes, and do consider the OOBible and Keeping Sabbath.

Dont be happy to concede all personal responsibility to just anyone, as long as you dont have any personal responsibility.

Dont prefer to be part of your Sunday social club of satan. Get real.

Sadly many would rather sit around and wait for God to whisk them away in the clouds and want Daddy to save them. It doesnt work that way.

There is NO RAPTURE!

And you will see a bunch of bleating sheep until Armageddon demanding of our Creator Sovereign Father take them because they either fear or consider themselves so much better than the rest of humanity. No one is better than anyone else. Father lives and Kings for us al to get along. Dont blame others. Try being a friend.

Jesus and His saints will help you. But when they do fake governments will claim its an alien invasion. They are blind and evil but you dont have to be misled. Read.

Jesus and saints will be on white horses wearing white linen. Angels will surround us. It’s going to look like clouds of them blowing in from off the Sea of Glass somewhere above.

You blind sheep will actually think to go to war with God and angels and saints.


You dont get much more foolish than that.

But there you will be thinking you can ward of the Almighty God our Creator and his army. Good luck with that.

If only youd simply obey, prove your love, and start keeping Gods Sabbath…then He would hear you. But you will wait until theres no time left.

Then the only thing God can do is correct you for your rebellion against the Most High.

Because of this Jesus and the saints will be coming is to save you, restore rightful rulership and lock satan in a pit and seal it.


He is loving and of great mercy.

After the rebels sleep a thousand years, they will wake up in a valley of dry bones. Ez 37. And God will heal them and give them life once more. 100 years.

He doesnt intend to lose a single one of you blind and lost sheep.

He will give you a far better world and Christ himself will govern. Hes putting together His team now. Read the book. Get started. Because it says 144,000 of you will be chosen to be given His spirit of Life and called out of the Tribulation. Not all must die.


That means they will have to go through it 

The third Elijah arrives about the time the two witnesses do, perhaps he will be teaching you on Sabbath in a prison camp? When I print a bell, it means that is my assumption because it makes sense. It’s not directly stated. God doesn’t tell us everything. He wants a continual relationship and minds that desire true knowledge. 

I need rest. My room is cold, it’s late, and my lungs hurt. God is here. Hes everywhere. Talk to Him.

My heart goes out to all the children of God. I can understand why He says of Himself He wishes He could gather you like a hen gathers her little chicks under her wings.

A little old lady who truly loves you.


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