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Reader Post | By KS

Listen, just for the record here, I would LOVE to be proven Wrong about my gut feelings about all these BS Lies we are all Still being fed by the so called “White Hats” and would Love nothing more than to actually HAVE Coming all the wonderful things they keep Promising. I really would. I know, I said I’m done and I am. As YOU should be too now! I do still read and follow along to see what more Lies and BullSH(t they keep spewing out tho and it’s no longer funny or even ironic. For me or anyone else still believing all the False Hopium still being pushed out.

Just since Trump’s Mar a Lago Speech, How many different so called “Truthers” have spewed out that his “COMMS” in that speech were Drops or INTEL NUGGETS??? Huh?? Are YOU “Fact Checking” a single so called Truther?? I am and have for well over 4 years now. STILL getting the same old BS from them that Doesn’t pass the “Fact Check” BS Meter!! It makes Zero difference their names either. Just DO Your own “Research” as they all keep saying. Fact Check the DS Cabal, ABSOLUTELY. BUT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Fact Check these “Truthers” as well. If you don’t, then it’s on no one but yourself for still believing the lies.

One MAJOR thing they’ve already been claiming as an Intel Drop, is that Trump is the 19th POTUS as directly depicted in his Speech on Tuesday night, by the number of Flags on stage behind him. Several of these Liars claiming to be Truthers, have all said it’s PROOF right in front of us and staring us in the face. Well once again, I Call BS!!! Because I’ve actually Fact Checked it for myself and so can you. So DO NOT,,,,,,,,,,,Take MY WORD for it at all! Don’t!! Go Do your own research and Fact Check it! THERE ARE 20 FLAGS on stage behind Trump during his speech!!! 20! NOT 19 as they keep claiming! RSBN did the Live Broadcast of it and you can pull up their video of the speech and count them for yourselves as I did. Skip the video ahead to the 1:33:24 mark and Pause it so you can clearly see all the flags on stage with Trump and Count them for yourself! There ARE 20!!! 20 Fields of Stars Clearly seen. 20 Eagle tops for the Flag Poles, and if you look close enough, you Can also see 20 Fields of Stripes on Old Glory! But THIS????? Is supposed to be some Comm to us, and Proof?? That he is the 19th POTUS of the Republic?

The problem is, there are too many so called “Truthers” out there spewing out BS trying to Grasp at Straws and trying too hard to make something out of nothing to try to Insist it’s Proof when it Doesn’t Hold Water. But how many Millions of people Still Believe every word these people spew out Without Fact Checking THEM?? I won’t go into Naming them, as you all already Know who they all are! Do THEY,,,,,,,,even bother Fact Checking themselves before spewing out LIES and BS?? Do they CARE that they are Lying their asses off to everyone?? I doubt it.

Yes, there are other BS points too they claim are also more “Comms” from Trump in that speech too. That was just the one that stuck out to me as the Most Obvious LIE once again for You all to see for yourselves WHY YOU, need to Yes, Do your own Research on EVERYONE saying This or that! STOP just Believing everything they say just because they CLAIM to be a “White Hat”!! USE some Common Sense and Think for yourselves. Pay Attention to Anyone trying to use some BS as some sort of Military Secret Code or COMM or DROP to the masses! Don’t just Listen, BUT HEAR WHAT THEY ACTUALLY SAY then Fact Check it!

Too many of them, like this Other New Guy with the cowboy hat, saying that all of we who Insist on Seeing Proof are just too Lazy to do our Research, Yeah, he’s as full of SH#T as some of the others if that’s what he believes. I’ve Researched a lot of this stuff longer than he’s been alive. Yes he’s very smart, educated and knowledgeable. But for him or any other to just make a Blanket statement like that without knowing ME, or some of you out there who’ve also put in a lot of years of research, is pretty Reckless and ignorant all at the same time. He says we Have to “TRUST” somebody at some point. Well NO, we Don’t! I’ve Trusted Blindly for Decades only to be let down, knifed in the back, and left hanging by ALL that I have “Trusted Blindly” over the decades and I REFUSE to do that BS any more FOR ANYONE!! Not Even my own Family! I Trust MYSELF and that’s it! Because I KNOW what I will and Won’t do! So if they expect some of us to just Blindly keep trusting them as we HAVE done for the past 6 years already, with Still no FACTUAL PROOF of anything, THEY are the Stupid ones no matter How intelligent they may be in other areas!

Only a pure FOOL, would Blindly Trust Anyone Endlessly, with No Proof of what they claim! I’m sorry if that may Offend some reading this, but It NEEDS to be said! It is TRUTH no matter if you get angry at my saying it or if you don’t. Again, I would LOVE to be proven Wrong about my thoughts and feelings here and would LOVE to Have that Best is yet to come Promise they keep claiming is on the way. But I don’t TRUST in it with Zero Factual Proof because I’m NO ONE’S FOOL!!!




Take it for what it’s worth and do Right by your families and Yourselves out there people! At the end of the day, YOU are the Only one you can count on!

Reader KS Out!   


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