Helping Freedom Win: A Nightmare and Message from God


I Don’t Usually Have Nightmares

I had a very odd nightmare last night. I normally have only light, brief dreams, if any at all. The last time I recall having a nightmare was back in 2007, when God came and spoke to me at the end of it.

Last Night’s Dream

In the dream (nightmare) I had last night I was both the principal and a lead teacher in a school which had 40 or so students (ages 3-14). Somehow I was by myself, with no other teachers or employees and the kids were all over the place, trashing up the place. Many parents came and left, dropping off more children in the middle of this chaos, and though they looked admonishingly at me, they still left their children and didn’t offer help. I didn’t ask for their help either. Somehow all I could think to do was beg the children to get to work and hope the parents didn’t notice how awful it all was.

It was a silly dream, but still I woke up in a sweat. Was God trying to tell me something? Maybe.

Isn’t Today’s World a Sort of Living Nightmare?

We all are right now part and parcel of a living nightmare in many ways: election fraud, corruption in government, medicine, food production, media, education, etc. Are we not all sitting in the middle of this chaos, somehow thinking we can hope and wish it all away?Many people have come and gone in the fight for freedom from the cabal. Both Lincoln and Kennedy tried to return our fiat dollar to gold-backed. Why weren’t they successful?

They had good intentions, but were missing some important parts in their planning, staffing and carrying out their coups against evil tyranny.


God’s Lessons

The lesson I think God was teaching me with the dream (and I think applies to our world right now):

Don’t open the doors for business or turn the switch on for some major change until you’re ready. This applies to anything, even to the military to with regards to flipping the switch for NESARA/GESARA.

Being ready means that every important area or section of your activity (including the environment) be “manned up” and working properly. Whether it’s running a school or running the nation, the rules are the same. One needs to think through each task that needs to be done and make sure they are all accounted for with responsible leadership and workmanship.

Don’t be haphazard about things. Well-intentioned actions can harm everyone if one has no clue about what one is doing. Look for existing areas or potential areas of confusion and get them fully worked out and straight before moving forward on any important endeavor.

People working for you in your activity need to know their jobs and be present, capable, ethical and responsible in carrying them out.

If you find yourself in the middle of a confusing, corrupt activity, no matter how well-intentioned you were to begin with, you need to act fast. Either fix it or shut it down and revamp it. To do anything else will just suck you into the confusion and corruption.


Don’t ever try to hide areas of confusion or corruption. Be honest and open and seek forgiveness and help from others or from God. Also, be willing to make restitution for any harm caused by one’s mistakes, even if you never meant any harm. This is your Karma, and if you don’t confront and take responsibility for your mistakes now, you will have to pay for them later.

Helping Freedom Win

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