Espionage against the United States


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on November 17, 2022



The US touting their breakthroughs in hypersonic weapons is pure propaganda. We are way behind in hypersonic missiles. At least three years. We are trying to win the war we created against Russia by propaganda. The US created the F-35 jet and our adversaries had all the details from day one.  This was a trillion dollar program stolen at the moment of its creation. The US with its affirmative action programs has lost the ability to advance in any area as the technology is in the hands of our adversaries at the moment we make the breakthrough.  It was not a hacker but an American in the defense industry that sold the F-35 plans but the Pentagon cannot admit the truth as then people will believe correctly that no new technology can be kept secret. The US cannot penetrate the adversaries security (we made them our adversaries) that we created and wanted to be our friends although they try to do it with huge bribes. Our adversaries are patriotic and unified peoples.  

The US is a wreck. The military cannot recruit anyone who is any good as the woke, sodomite, transgender, army is largely hated among the masses and all honorable officers except those bribed are leaving. All our high officers are just waiting to leave for their jobs to become board members of Raytheon as Austin did to be paid off for the contracts.

That is where they make their money as the Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff makes less than $200,000.00 a year with a budget of 700 billion dollars. There is no real talent that goes into the military. Even the CIA cannot attract top people as the salaries are too low. The OSS in World War Two recruited the top brains in the country as the choice for the Yalies was being a private rifle carrying soldier at the front or the behind the scenes intelligence officer perhaps hanging out in Switzerland during the war meeting with German intelligence, see footnote one on Dulles.  


Where does the military money go?

The US Army cannot recruit in sufficient numbers and is drastically lowering standards. The cities are crime invested; five million illegal immigrants have come in the last two year and some predict the flood will rise to ten million in the next two years. We could have a hundred million illegal immigrants soon voting as soon as they come in as in the last election. The borders are out of control.  

The US created 900 billion dollars in Federal Reserve Credit from 1914 to 2008. Since then we created over eight trillion in the last 13 years. Much of it in the last three years. It gives a temporary high as a narcotic before the depression sets in.

Here is the evidence:

The US has become Weimar Germany as all moral values have collapsed. The financial system is a wreck. The collapse of the cryptos of valueless bitcoins is spreading. But the truth is the dollar has no intrinsic value either. I told the crypto people it would collapse for that reason at day one and if they put gold behind the cryptos it would replace all the fiat currencies in time. As such it was valueless cryptos against valueless dollars. The system is based on faith in nothing and cannot last.


The Congress is totally corrupt and so is the Presidency and his son. The court system is corrupt. I had a case against organized crime in the trucking industry for 1.8 billion dollars and a wheel of my car came flying off at 60 miles an hour on the highway.  I was followed by a policeman who stopped by me exclaiming how are you still alive as if he regretted it. He was obviously in the know. I was going to an anti-abortion seminar I financed at Yale and rented a car. I was not late. We had a key Mafia witness from witness protection who sent Funzi Tieiri head of the Genovese Crime Family to prison and many of his members.  

A famous Italian opera singer that I knew came to see me in her limousine who sang at the Met, La Scala and the palace of the Shah to advise me to withdraw the case so that they would not have to take care of the judges using their credits as you learned from the Godfather movies. I asked her to give me a name of one judge at the Supreme Court they controlled and she did which astonished me as he was the only one I had respected. But he had been the lead judge who wiped out the ability of trucking companies to balance due customers for undercharges costing me 30 million dollars as part of the effort to concentrate the industry. I never dreamed he was corrupt as he was anti-abortion, etc. Can you imagine that? You could not bill a balance due for a rate clerk error but if you overcharged the customer he could balance due you.  We lost our case as the opera singer was right but I would not withdraw the case. I made them pay.  But our company whose public stock went to pennies was turned around based on its technology division which was valued then at nothing and then turned around being sold to Danaher for a high multiple as an advanced technology company. Danaher told me later it was one of their finest acquisitions and they made a lot of money despite paying me a huge multiple.

Fortune Magazine – DKL & Donald J. Trump – David Lifschultz

It is going to end for the US as Weimar Germany and Canada will follow in our path as it is merely a 51st State of the US and a NATO flunkey. But Genoil will greatly succeed.

David Lifschultz


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