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Reader Post | By Sheri

To Stefan, Just wanted to say I love your German mind.

Makes me happy. I worked and was a student there for 6 years. Thank you for speaking so clearly to Americans.

I, too, always think of those great guys who gave a life for us and pray for their loved ones when I do. But beyond that must add it was planned by God long ago before He created anything to give them back another physical life and reunite all families again so we “shouldn’t be without hope” as others with no knowledge of these things.

Want proof? Read Ez 37 for one such examples of Gods awesome plans!

It’s going to be at the last hundred years of the millenial reign of Jesus. You will live again with all your family in a gorgeous safe garden. Nothing that harms. All curses from Adam and Eve gone. Also in Isaiah. So much hasnt happened yet. Its glorious! And promises of God! He never lies. He cannot lie. He is pure truth.

Lots really is happening on many levels.

We in these end times are just beginning to get a peek at some more of Gods plan. He hides things. He wants us to dig. Be serious students.


Which brings me to a strong desire I have for an archeological expedition….More on this below.

I’m reading an old book found in some old bookshop in San Fransisco about the stone of destiny and the Kings daughter buried now in Ireland next to a great chest she brought with her to escape murder. She came with prophet Jeremiah. In the chest were two documents, one sealed, one not sealed.

More on this below.

Toward the end of Ez 37 God says a simple sentence about all children He created will live to be 100 years old. And a man who lives to be only 70 will also be given another hundred so he can fulfill the days God always planned for us. God cannot lie. 

Lots of mysteries are coming to light in these end days.

End of what? when you really think about it….. We will live forever and if you believe as I do, as the very seed/child of God Almighty. So few families that stay together in one place anymore. He will fix that. Ez 37. So much we dont know about our awesome Creator.

But in these “end” days, we have access to so much more than Daniel or any prophet who got a glimpse of our day. They couldnt possibly have known what we take for granted. Made them fall on their face in terror of what they got a glimpse of. Angel’s were constantly telling the prophets of old to “fear not”! I think its scary too.


Even the Apostles were expecting a king and Christ to immediately take over and reign. It’s why Herod and others in power wanted Him dead. But He stayed and taught His disciples 40 days and had them gather to receive the gift of the essence of God and Jesus, their very being, spirit, their comfort and the very power of God in small increments at first of course. God says if you’re hungry, plant a seed. But then you have to be patient, and wait, and tend to it.

So we have a bit of a way to go but we do live in amazing days. The rest of humanity didnt have or know what we do.

I think we are the most ungrateful bunch ever too. Sad isn’t it. The more we have the less happy we are. Plant a matter how small. There are some people who ask to plant gardens in peoples yards and get paid for it. One guy likes Florida in the winter and Someplace snowy cold in the summer. He enjoys himself and eats very well.

Sorry if I jump around. American TV commercials are killers. Kids cartoons too.

Got rid of my tv years ago.

Did buy a and white in Germany to help me learn to speak.

The plan was always 6,000 years for mankind, and 1,000 years Gods way (God likes the number 7). Then a third time frame of 100 years for those in the second resurrection Ez 37. That’s when no one is so blind and theres no satan.

Very few at this time see and enjoy Gods plan. Request Gods Plan for Mankind 831-637-1875.

Remember a thousand years to God is like one day. I’m getting old now and it seems a bit more believable that 1,000 years could be like one day considering we are destined to Iive forever.

Takes a little faith doesnt it. 


I believe thats what God wrote about and tried to tell us we need to get, a little faith.

I read the book. It says faith comes from hearing and reading the words written in it. No way is it instantaneous. It’s a lifelong process and puzzle. Father wants a relationship with His beloved children. Kids today! No respect.

But back to this old out of copyright book Fred sent me a copy of, I do believe it’s possible buried treasures will yet be uncovered that could reignite a spiritual revival.

Such a discovery could answer the riddle of Ez 17:22-23 and Jer 43:6-7 and Jer 32:13-15 regarding Zedekiahs daughter and the “Lia Fail” Irish, the “stone wonderful”.

It was the stone Jacob laid His head on when he had a dream of the future greatness of his racial descendants. It was of a ladder with Angel’s going up and down between God and man. That same rock was placed under the Coronation seat of every King or Queen of England in a special carved wooden throne designed to hold it. Ancient records in Ireland bear ample testimony to this fact and “supply confirmatory evidence…” giving actual dates. This would be additional proof of the link between the Kings of Israel and Great Britain and America.

The problem is getting permission to dig for the “great chest” of Tephi with the documents. Could even be treasures from ancient Israel, missing regalia of Judah, the two missing documents, one sealed one not. Is spoken of in scriptures..maybe more.

Theres so much evidence, even a shipwrecked party of Carrickfergus

The area is a most picturesque inland lock with 365 small islands. Isnt that an interesting number! The prophet Jeremiah’s tomb is said to be there and carved out of a solid rock.

Theres plenty of evidence but getting permission to dig, well, so you know, every other barrow or Mergech of the district was permitted excavation by the over-ruling Providence EXCEPT the Barrow of Queen Tamar Tephi (Palm Beautiful) Ezekiels “tender twig”? who was one of the princess daughters Jeremiah brought and she agreed to obey the Divine injunction to marry into the tribe of her father, a descendant of ancient Judahite stock, but even more amazing, not from the broken stock but from Judah himself.

God had his hand in this and it was planned a thousand years before in the history of the tribe.


I’d love to find out!

People do not realize the days we are living in or how close God is and very involved in our lives too.

And I’d love to be able to assist in financing an adventure such as this one if I could please, Father. And if I can regain 30 years I’d be eager in there digging!

We stand on holy ground. God made it.

So wherever you are, whatever your very temporary circumstances, remember that God loves you and He’s preparing a place you’ll absolutely adore.

Please show you love Him too. It ls to be a paradise on earth with NO satan. And plenty of gorgeous farm land for the whole family. See you there! Father sprinkles treats all over His written word. Hope you make some great digs.

Want a crazy one read Isaiah. It’s a smattering and remember, every word is true. It’s a puzzle with more buried treasures than you can fathom. One day you will. You are an heir of your Fathers promise. Some are of their Father the devil.

God leads me to such interesting bits and the things! 

I could see this archeological dig a very helpful media event that could once again turn the hearts of the children to our Father if in that Barrow the very remains of a young princess who obeyed her injunction and preserved the line of her Father King Zedekiah, and insisted her Great Chest be buried next to her, and died shortly after fulfilling her promise. I want to get to know Tephi.

We will all be family one day. We are going to live forever! We wont be Pinocchio forever.


Do be kind to everyone. Help your neighbor. You never know. Share as the widow and God will supply all your needs. And one day your Prince will come!

The last king to reign in Jerusalem was Zedekiah. With his sons he was taken captive to Babylon and all were killed before the eyes of King Nebuchadnezzar who sought to put an end to the reign of the Royal house of David.

This Great Trunk could be the link.

God has ways. They can now be understood.

But one has to search a thousand years back in time when God made this plan possible. He does carve tracks into the direction we are to go. Dig!

You cant “kick against the pricks”. It does no good. (It’s written in the bible). It’s all there if only we have eyes to see.

And that is exactly what God is doing today. He is the Almighty God. He reigns supreme. Would you like to be on His team? Blow the dust off and read the book!

There are all manner of aids and materials to help you. Mr Fred Coulter has done the heavy lifting. 831-637-1875. Order the paperback study bible with the 10 CD set for $53. The original order bible. no shipping and no tax.

He has one or two secretaries and two storage units of free material. I hope to help him soon. Many hands….We never ask for money. We are mostly quite elderly now. I’d recommend you put us in line quickly for med beds! I’m laughing.

We never ask for money. God just has ways and His timing is perfect. So be patient. Good things come!


Why dont you alter the way you think and prove me wrong.

“Tahpanhes” means “flight” and Tamar Tehpi was forced to flee, take flight.

Jer 32:25, 26 was an unbreakable promise from GOD that the Throne of the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob could continue to reign and this would provide proof of it!

Keep your spirits up and believe in littlel miracles. You are about to see some! Can you imagine how our Father feels when we complain? Sad, disappointed, patient, He still loves us. Or how grateful and pleased when a child of His puts forth a tiny effort. Hes a Loving Father, smiles, and encourages those little ones. You may find money on the ground or somewhere you forgot you put it. I hope so!


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