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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

First of all a correction: The river Rhine, which flows from south to north through the whole of Germany. is NOT DRY and there are still ships sailing. I don’t know who had another wet dream regarding scaremongering, but after a few weeks of heavy moisture falling from the sky (some call it rain or heavy rain), the levels of all rivers are back to normal. Therefore, check who informs you daily!

What can I say, the holiday “Day of German Unity”, October 03, which came back into focus in the run-up, passed without any major incidents. You surely know that there was no German unity, because only West and Central Germany were merged. It was only a corporate merger of the FRG and the GDR. The East German territories of the then German Reich remained under Polish rule in 1990. Therefore also some time ago the demand of the Poles to GERMANY because of war reparations. So nothing with German unity, although many of my indoctrinated fellow men still believe it. But these indoctrinated people exist in every country, with us more, with others less. Not everyone can be or remain immune to decades of propaganda.

Of course, there are (oh miracle!) still demonstrations and so slowly it is also crystallizing that we Germans can take to the streets for common goals. In this case it is the increased energy costs. Well, take away the German’s vacation, beer, car or money and you will regret it. Freedom, health or free speech does not interest the German, we have seen that over two years through “C” and the vaccinations. Despite all this, I think demonstrations are unhelpful, but welcome the cohesion that is emerging.

The media, no matter what the topic, pushes everything to extremes. Scripted, I suspect, and there seems to be no end to the many grotesques. On the contrary, everything seems to be getting more and more violent. For most it is nevertheless not too comprehensible. Many still go along with all this energetically. In German channels, as well as in English or American, there is still talk of vaccination deaths, or of “victims” in [redacted], it is posted for all it’s worth and it is becoming more and more difficult not to give any more energy to such incidents. Since I have to do research for my channel and also look around as broadly as possible, I am particularly affected and always have to protect myself sufficiently beforehand.

I can understand when people are concerned with other people, with their suffering, their problems, their worries and their hardships. But the point is, who benefits if I am concerned because ten people have died again just because they got vaccinated? To put it bluntly, it was their decision, as long as they were adults. With children and young people it is something else again, if they were forced to the vaccination by “caring”, but fear-filled parents. Whether we can explain all this with their soul plan, I don’t know, honestly. Also, the “explanation” that it might just be placebos that these kids got is weak. But, I at least try to look at it that way when dealing with it. We cannot and must not put energy into everything that happens on the outside.

The same applies to the many miscarriages after the vaccinations, which, yes, have gone up exorbitantly. The desperate attempts of the media to sweep all this under the table are failing more and more with every passing day. I only ask myself, what use is it to the soul, if it has had an experience as a miscarriage? One of the many questions to which we do not yet get an answer, because the time is not yet there. This is a crucial point in everything that is happening right now all over the world: WE DON’T KNOW THE PLAN, so we don’t know what the points of the plan are that need to be checked off, one by one.


“One bears another’s burden” is my title. I encountered the saying a few days ago and immediately thoughts began about it. Can we actually carry another person’s burdens? Do we have to or should we carry the burdens of others? Do people actually want others to carry their burdens?

If I am on a hike and notice that fellow hikers have luggage that is too heavy, or if I see a woman while shopping who has to carry bags that are too heavy, then of course I can take a load off them and relieve them for a while until they regain their strength. I’m sure many of us have witnessed and helped in such incidents. However, I do not think that this is what was meant by the statement. It would be too simple. It is rather mental burdens that are meant, instead of the burdens of a purchase. And here it becomes difficult, even if many will not see it that way. It is said that a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved, but does one really always recognize the sorrow of the other?

I get, especially in the last weeks, that people are rarely good with other people. I notice mainly in German channels and chats, in American it looks a little different. Main reason is that many Germans think that their opinion is always the truth. That’s how we were raised and indoctrinated. Furthermore, they have not heeded the tip of “Q” and rarely check who they follow in channels, on websites or in chats. They judge quickly, condemn quickly, I experience this differently in channels of other countries. I don’t want to lump everyone together; there are certainly exceptions here, too. There are certainly also those who do not judge or no longer judge people they do not know or whose background they do not know. As the Lakota put it, “Never judge a person in whose moccasins you have not walked for a moon.” And many have also learned and become more tolerant and affable.

But can we bear the burdens of others? Can we even assess what the burdens are? What is it that moves a person to wear masks and to attack all those who do not? Can we really share the burden of fear or take that burden from him? I don’t think so, but we could lessen the burden by alleviating the fear. We are facing bumpy times when we look at all the conjecture about what will happen next. Energy shortages, world war, alien attack, blackouts and just now I read that China is preparing for a lockdown because of Corona. The MSM, also in Germany, are full of tips and advice that you should stock up, have cash at home, fill up cars and, and, and. For all the debunked scaremongering, there is a spark of truth to it. Only one should make the preparations not under fear or panic, but considered and calmly. Everyone always has supplies at home, refueling is not a bad idea and almost everyone has a little cash at home within their means.

The burden that will come to us all, we will also all, more or less, have to bear themselves. Each of us is individual, therefore our burdens are also individual. I have been trying for a long time to lay down burdens from the old world. That is, burdens from the past, from youth or childhood. I have brought them before my eyes and “processed” them with the view and knowledge of today. I know not everyone can do that, but we can all try. The old world is at its end, the new one is somehow already stuck in the birth canal. Or, to put it another way, the old timeline is fading for lack of energy, the new one is already running in parallel. And many of our burdens will fade with the old timeline, and then they will also disappear. So we don’t need to take any more burdens from each other even if we could. In the new timeline, we will only remember how we dissolved everything old. We will take nothing or not much of the old world with us. The more I think about it, the less there will be. Except memories of course, they are important for our soul, otherwise we would not incarnate to have experiences.

Let’s see to it that we reduce our burdens, each for himself and alone. If there is help, let’s accept it. There is still time for that. Giving help is always possible, but taking away burdens is not. Just as everyone must awaken on his own, he must also take off his burdens. The new world will be exciting and definitely better than we can imagine. Much of what we want will be there. And still much more, which we do not know yet at all. But certainly less or no more burdens.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!


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