Financial Armageddon in Europe: Is the End Near?


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on October 12, 2022



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It’s pandemonium here, only one out of seven gas stations is open, people are abandoning vehicles and trucks along the highways. This is the revenge of the middle class on a neo-liberal government who wants to collapse an economy. ‘You pretend to be our government, then we will pretend to work.’. It’s very effective, the government is getting desperate because the whole country is on standstill and the interior minister has ‘threatened’ the workers and the syndicates (collectives) with all types of fines and police action. But I thought they would be happy if nobody can drive a car anymore? Isn’t that precisely the point of the so called great reset? Everyone should be driving electric, no? No, the strikers want higher wages precisely because there is massive inflation caused by government deliberate mismanagement of the economy. This is the law of unintended consequences and Claus Schwab must be seething in anger. For the French lower middle class has simply started a firewall. You want to burn us down, we will burn down things first. This is how countries end. Lower middle class versus the bourgeoisie and the gentry. A sixth Republic should be near if the strikes continue and we will be hard pressed to see who is going to replace the oil and gas station workers. So after the Canadian truckers, the farmers in Holland, it is now the French gas station and oil workers. The blue print of massive non-compliance with government directives works and should be copied everywhere in the world.




The French, especially in Paris, are starting to feel the effects of the gas shortage. There are reports of cars queued for miles outside gas stations

Petrol pumps have been running dry in France as striking energy workers disrupt deliveries. As frustration mount…

Some have reported waiting for over an hour, only to find that there was no petrol left to fuel their vehicle.

Workers at TotalEnergies and Esso-ExxonMobil in France are on strike at the moment as well. This has led to three out of six refineries shutting down as production has been cut by 60% to 740,000 bpd. Over a third of TotalEnergies’ 3,500 stations are low on petrol. Workers are seeking a 10% salary increase as they feel the oil companies are reaping in profits amid this crisis.

President Emmanuel Macron has urged the people to avoid panicking. Some believe that this situation is only a glimpse of what will come in the winter when reserves plummet and demand soars. There is currently enough fuel for about 90 days.

The climate zealots of the Yellow Vest movement are prominent in France. The group protested for 60 consecutive weeks in 2018 and is extremely anti-Macron. They even stormed the Arc de Triomphe in central Paris. With Macron reelected and fuel woes rising, expect this movement to gain some momentum – with more support than the last go-around.



The question that is not addressed is the 2.5 quadrillion derivative market and whether the implosion of Germany will suck into its black financial hole the entire world financial system as a form of trigger to world depression as in the 1929-1933 period. I have not seen one attempt to quantify the risk with real numbers. I discussed this from that angle once of the Straits of Hormuz being closed in the next link.

The Straits of Hormuz as a Trigger to World Depression

I was able in 1979 to create a foundation for the US financial system for about forty years by writing for the deep state the Volcker Plan which Paul Volcker was ordered to implement. The part that I did not address was the 2.5 quadrillion derivative structure (though estimated by the BIS at 600 trillion) and we were faced in 1987 with the cash settlement manipulations that led the market up and then down when it went out of control. I was brought in to solve that crisis which took me a few hours, and we simply ordered the cartel firms to reverse rig cash settlement which worked. They were given no choice but ordered to risk their capital. No cartel member was allowed to disobey. They used my technique in 2008 but it was not managed well by others and required 29 trillion dollars of created credit based on hesitation. Here is a case where he who hesitates is lost. Under my personal supervision there was hardly a ripple in 1987. The manipulations of the market never ceased and trillions were made out of these rigs over these many years. See footnote one.

Profits created by parasitism always end badly as we saw in the Weimar Republic where Baron Eduard de Rothschild made out of the German hyperinflation between 1920-1923 over a trillion dollars via his agent Rudolf Havenstein who was President of the Reichsbank (central bank) until November 20, 1923. This later led to reverse tribulations that we very well know in 1933.

Footnote one:

The Federal Reserve Balance sheet from 2008 of less than a trillion dollars to today reflects 9 trillion in created credit or an eight trillion dollar growth in 14 years. In the period from 1914 to 2008 the credit created was less than a trillion dollars for nearly a hundred years. In the 2008 period of the great liquidity crisis the balance sheet went from under a trillion dollars to two trillion.

All the Federal Reserve did was follow J. W. von Goethe’s analysis of the central bank system in one sentence:

“I am fed up with this endless how and when, if there is no money let us make it then.” (Faust Part II).

Federal Reserve Board – Recent balance sheet trends


In the following study it says that the Fed used 29,616.4 trillion dollars in credit in 2008 in various created instruments to save the system.

David Lifschultz


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