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Submitted on October 12, 2022

SITUATION UPDATE 10/11/22 (Skip to 40:30)

Most people, including Juan O Savin have no idea what they are praying to:

We do not know the name of the Creator and are reduced to using TITLES. A title is not specific and is used by liars (Satanists) to deceive us. It is my opinion we do not know The Creator’s name because we serve the Creator, not the other way around (The Creator does not serve us.)

If Abraham, Issac, and Jacob’s GOD is the Creator… Why use subterfuge, just say; “The Creator”?

Subtrofuge is used bcause the GOD of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob is Satan.

The oldest tick is the book is Bait and Switch. This is what the book of Genesis does on Saturday (Sabbath, Saturday, Saturn’s Day, Satan’s Day). The Creator is replaced with Satan. The Israelites worship Satan whether they know it or not.


The GOD (title) of the Torah, Old Testament, and the Quran is Satan:

  1. The 6 pointed star is a symbol for Satan
  2. A Cube is a symbol for Satan
  3. The Black Cube at Mecca is a symbol for Satan
  4. The Black Cube Jews wear on their forehead is a symbol for Satan
  5. The sides of a Cube can be flattened into a Cross

GODS like Satan, Apollo, Lucifer, Isis, Poseidon, etc need our adoration for two reasons; 1. they are not the Creator, and 2. they are Narcissistic

The Creator is not a Narcissist, The Creator loves us unconditionally. Love is a gift, not a reward. Unconditional Love is the Creator’s example of how to love others.

The letter “J” (Jesus); is not found in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, or Aramaic. The Letter “J” is found in English, like the Authorized King (god) James Bible.

What are you worshiping?

The opposite of enlightened is narcissist. Enlightenment is abandoning narcissism. Love is letting go of fear.

“Love one another.” – Yahshua (one commandment, not ten)


Peace, love, and blessings,



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