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In response to TJB’s Who Do You Believe?

Am in agreement with you totally and want to mention something about the Enlil/Enki thing that I haven’t seen anyone mention yet:

Since it’s clear to us that we have been lied to about just about EVERYTHING, and in fact that we are living in a REVERSED reality…the whole George Orwell thing etc…then why wouldn’t this also be true of the Enki story?  When all this came out, that’s the first thing I thought…”what makes anyone think that this story was not REVERSED eons ago? Seems that everything else has been…” It’s their playbook. They have been telling us their story forever; we believed them, then we’ve discovered that almost everything is the opposite of what they said. Why not this story too?

It’s strange that folks will apply their discernment to regular 3D things, but when it comes to ETs…they often dismiss something out-of-hand or believe every word of it. ETs have SERIOUS problems, too that they need to figure out. Just because they are “interdimensional” or have splashy tech displaying their “unquestioned” power over us, these are not very spiritually evolved creatures; they live as parasites and not sovereign beings. I am not saying ALL of them (as how could I know) but some of these creatures don’t appreciate creativity and being “different” even if their societies are peaceful, esp in relation to ours. War, destruction and dominance OVER seems to be the way that many “advanced” species still solve their problems. Not sure where their values are, since those space-faring races feel it’s fine to trade our species for profit to others and seem to do it with impunity. Using the young of our species for Adr_ and the like…all in secret because no race would ever AGREE to this…oh yes, very honorable business practices, right? Yes, they are sooo far ahead of us…Please.

But I’m with you TJB…I feel/believe/sense that things are meant to work out for humanity this time, and I continually see signs of this in my own small life, and the life of others around me. The ways of our controllers are un-evolved and abhorrent to our new understanding. Our participation in this reality is key and I choose to focus on personal freedom and responsibility for my own life and grow the F up. Our Evil “friends” need to grow the F up too and stop needing to be parents to our “pitiful” race, to control what they believe is INFERIOR to them…It’s pathetic behavior and should embarrass them by now.

And PS… based on only what Ishmael said, I was very sad to think that Alex has been compromised, but I don’t doubt it, (among others mentioned). And of course, this also may not be true, but still, the possibility remains, not just for Alex, but for many we have “believed” through many years now. But it’s OK. They’ve helped in many ways, and I’m grateful but it’s time to grow up in a way we never have before..

Thanks for your thoughts…




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