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Reader Post | By KS

Over the past several days/weeks, I’ve noticed a few things that struck some chords with me. From the complete and utter Contradictions still being spewn out by the “Truther” podcasters, to the so called Lies being Still perpetuated.

I find it totally and entirely Unprofessional and Not acceptable, for all of these Political Candidates to send a myriad of vile and contemptible Phone Farm Panderings for Political Campaign Donations for years More of Vain empty Promises. Every single day, I receive a Plethora of anywhere from 6 to 13 Different GOP Candidates Begging for money for their campaigns. As IF, Any of WE POOR PEOPLE Actually Had any money to donate for Them to stay in office where they would only Continue to DO NOTHING FOR WE THE PEOPLE like they have done over the past 40 years to speak of!! Or for any New Hopefuls to GET ELECTED so They Too, can now join the ranks of Do Nothing Politicians. Due to the ever rising cost of Inflation, Our beloved corrupt government AND these So Called ‘White Hats”, have ALLOWED to the total and utter Destruction of the Economy, WHICH, has no less, STOLEN, Every Penny that some of us USE TO HAVE as “Disposable Income”, but NOW, are doing everything we can just to SURVIVE in What they have either Orchestrated, or ALLOWED to be committed on our country and others around the globe! How do I KNOW the GOP Candidates are using these Fraudulent SPAM calling Phone Farms?? Because Every number is from a different number! I can pull up the text they send begging for money (WHICH I/WE DON’T HAVE THANKS TO THIS ECONOMY) and BLOCK that number then Delete the message they Keep Sending UNSOLICITED Mind You! Only to have More continue to come in the very next day from the same States but from All New Phone Numbers. NONE of which can be verified as Legitimate. Some from the same Candidates. Some from Candidates in states all over the country wanting me to “Donate” to their never ending Crime Syndicate/Brothel of Political whores who Only Ever served Self or their buddies! We were told from the very Beginning of all of this destruction that WE NEVER ASKED FOR in the first place, that the DS/Cabal, had Full Control over ONLY the Financial side of things while the so called White Hats, maintained control over the rest of it all as we were told in I believe the “Q” drops Years ago now. What have they done for me? For You? Put us in a financial war/Crisis planet wide, then have THE NERVE, to ask for More Money from us?? Are we so Stupid that we would continue to Donate Millions to these people that we would Fund OUR OWN DEMISE?? I’m NOT! I Hope you aren’t either! If EVERYONE reading these Would STOP DONATING to them, maybe Then they’d get the message that We are sick and Tired of ALL OF THEM Pandering and Catering to the Rich and Powerful while Ignoring We The People!! 

As for the Contradictions I’ve been seeing, If you actually pay attention to what Judy Byington has been posting on Restored Republic, you can sometimes see complete contradictions even within One Paragraph! Just the post for today, 29 Sept. 2022, look where Bruce says the GCR WILL BE COMPLETE By Friday September 30, 2022! How that Tier 4B (us the internet group) will be at This stage in it.

  • Tues. 27 Sept. Bruce: Redemption Centers have a permanent 12 day schedule. Tier 4B should start somewhere over the next three days – ending Fri. 30 Sept.

Well, I have seen Repeatedly, how that MarkZ, Bruce AND even Nick Fleming, Charlie Ward, and all the usual cast of cohorts, have ALL at one point or another, stated how the Tier 4B, the internet group, consists of ANYONE who has been following the GCR Online and keeping up with the events/happenings of it all. Well, I have NOT Received any such 800 number to call for any “appointment” to any of these so called “Redemption Centers” and I have been following all of this part of this POS for a “Movie” for well over 3 years now! Have any of you gotten an 800 number yet? I mean, this is the RR’s actual Quote so you can NOT Take my word for it but go check for yourselves. 

  • Wed. 28 Sept. MarkZ: Shiela reported on an announcement made at a UN Emergency Meeting: “The Reset of currencies happened on Sept. 24th when World currencies crashed against the US dollar. The IQD announcement happened on Sept. 22, the Zim revalued on Sept. 23. …Bond people were still hearing liquidity for their accounts on Wed. late evening to early morning Thurs. 29.”
  • Tues. 27 Sept. Bruce: Redemption Centers have a permanent 12 day schedule. Tier 4B should start somewhere over the next three days – ending Fri. 30 Sept.
  • After receiving the 800 numbers to call for appointments, Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) would be exchanging foreign currencies and redeeming Zim Bonds at special rates for twelve days at specially set up Redemption Centers (16,950 in US).

Next Elephant in the Room to point out here i guess, is the Fact now that seems more and more clear as each day of this Horrific “MOVIE” plays out. How that We Poor People of the Globe, are all SOL (Sh*t outta Luck) for those who don’t know what it means. Seems they only intend to continue to cater to the HAVES and STILL just leave any of us Have Nots, just the Crumbs. Why do they still Pander to the RICH? or even the UPPER Middle Class in these things? Isn’t catering to the Wealthy, Exactly what got us in this BS Mess of a world To Begin With?? Change is coming? So they keep telling us. But the way I see it, and I may be alone in this but this is my thoughts on the matter, is that NOTHING is changing for We Poor People except everything BAD continually Multiplying exponentially to our Negative in all of this. WE, still get Crapped on while still being put in Worse situations than before while we Still keep hearing all these claims that “The Best is Yet to Come”! WHEN Will It GET HERE then?? After 80 % of us are Dead? After 80 % of us have Lost Everything while HOPING these so called White Hats are legit??? After 80 % of us have lost multiple Loved ones WAITING on what seems to NOT BE COMING?? I’m NOT pushing any “Gloom and Doom BS”! I’m Stating ACTUAL FACTS of what I see and hear from others who are DONE with these people and all the Lies and “Disinformation” BS!!

They all keep “TELLING US”, that This is happening, or That is happening and blah blah blah. STILL, not ONE thing can FACTUALLY/Actually be PROVEN! Just because they “SAY” it’s happening, doesn’t mean that it Really is people! ARE YOU THERE to see it with your own two eyes? AM I? NO! So anything and everything they keep spewing out, is No Different than what the MSM spews out! ZERO DIFFERENCE. My life, has done nothing but get WORSE since all of this started. How is this really affecting YOU?? Ask yourself if you haven’t already. Can I PROVE what they say is being done? NO i can’t and neither can you. They WON’T! Disdain and contempt is an ever growing feeling now a days. I don’t want to Hear any of you tell me how much Worse this could all be if the DS/Cabal had their way either! NONE of THAT “Intel” can be PROVEN EITHER! THAT TOO, is Nothing more than Here say pushed by these so called White Hats and Others over the years. People keep digging and digging and digging for what is Pushed out as “Proof” in all of these Rabbit Holes, yet NONE of it can be Proven. It’s no more Credible than the DS/MSM Fake News Agencies BS Lies and Hypocrisies! He said she said that so and so told uncle’s cousin’s niece that blah blah blah is NOT PROOF of anything other than how Great and Creative all of these PLAYERS on BOTH SIDES are with CGI BS! All this BS Arguing over whether the damned Planet is FLAT or CURVED???? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE RIGHT NOW????? NONE!! ZERO!! NADA!!! ZIP!!! ZILCH!!! So STOP IT ALREADY!!! YOU people Cannot PROVE the Earth is FLAT OR ROUND!!! HAVE YOU SEEN IT FROM SPACE YOURSELF??? WITH YOU OWN TWO EYES??? NO YOU HAVEN’T!!!! And Neither have I!!! I HAVE however, been up to about 60,000 feet AND HAVE SEEN a Curvature ON THIS PLANET WITH MY OWN TWO EYES! So STOP Believing Every LIE So and So Spews out already! USE YOUR OWN BRAIN for once!!! Why Sit and Bicker over Something SO TRIVIAL at THIS MOMENT IN TIME???? NONE of your “Evidence/Proof” is any more Credible or believable as any of the BS being Spewed out as “Truths” from the self contradicting Truthers. They are talking about Nuclear War. WW III and all Some of YOU people want to do is try to Prove something You Yourself CANNOT DO/PROVE!! Stop it already!

They keep telling us NOW is the time to stock up on 2-3 weeks worth of supplies and necessities and such, and Cash on hand for whatever. Well, after the Financial Disaster THEY HAVE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN GLOBALLY NOW, Most of us Don’t HAVE any More Funds to Do that Over and over and over yet again! But THESE so called White Hats, just Don’t seem to Understand That OR CARE about it at all! Why? Because they CLEARLY, Don’t live in THE REAL WORLD like most of us do!     Sorry if I’m Ranting here, but I’ve been seeing more and more of the same LIES Still being pushed from Every side only now Amplified it seems. I’m sick of hearing how This is AT THE PRECIPICE or That is blah blah blah, yada yada yada only for them to keep saying that this WILL be blah on This day or That day, But OH WAIT, If the DS does THIS, then it COULD take until 2024 for blah blah blah! How many times can we BE, “At The Precipice”??? We’ve been told that now for well over 3 years and STILL haven’t gotten there! Oh but wait, Still gonna be weeks or months because this is all “Event” Driven, right?? Events that these so called “White Hats” are IN TOTAL CONTROL OF! As THEY have said, or had these so called “Truthers” tell us for how many Months now??


White Hats, IF THERE REALLY ARE ANY that is, You CANNOT, Maintain the following of the masses you ONCE HAD, By Still pushing LIES AND BS!!! NOT Gonna Happen! If THAT is your Thought process, then I Question YOUR Leadership abilities!! Only a FOOL, would still believe they could tell as many LIES as the DS onto the masses and still be convinced in their own minds, that the people will keep following for years and years and years!! Oh but wait, we’ve supposedly just NOW, entered into the Final Act of this “Movie”. Oh!?!? So NOW it seems, that we will still be fed lies and BS Can Kicking garbage for just another Several Months/possibly Years now huh!?!? Oh okay then! It’s only taken, what, 60 years supposedly to get to THIS POINT!?!? So what now, it’ll only be a few More YEARS before the final curtain of this Worst Movie in the history of mankind? Oh! Well if THAT’S all it’s gonna be now, I guess Rock On with that White Hats. We’ll all only be dead and gone or have Lost Everything we have ever worked for our whole lives while you all take your ever loving time claiming it’s all in “God’s Timing” when YOU ALL keep Reminding us how White Hats are in Total Control!

Why do I post on here if this is how I feel about it all you ask? Good Question. One I will answer. I DID, believe this stuff for many many many years! I DID, Follow along and Put ALL of my trust in this HOPE FILLED PROMISE of Everything gonna change for the better. I DON’T ANYMORE! My patience IS GONE NOW! Done with it all! Too sick and Tired of Hearing Promises promises from this one or that one to do this and that over the course of my Entire lifetime of over 50 years now while Doing the RESEARCH for well over 30 years now, to Still keep hearing blah blah and NOTHING CHANGING FOR THE BETTER FOR ANY OF US POOR PEOPLE now 30 + years into this stuff!!! Do I still trust the so called White Hats? NO i Don’t! Do I still trust TRUMP? No I don’t! Do I still Trust our Military? No I don’t! But that’s just me i guess! I’ve SEEN some of what they do WITH MY OWN TWO EYES! I’ve seen enough as of the past 6 years now, to no longer trust ANYONE AT ALL but My OWN SELF AND FAMILY!!! I’ve WANTED and INSISTED on TRUTH for Decades now. STILL am Not Getting any! From EITHER SIDE! Sick of it and Done!

Best of Luck and Wishes to all those Patriots out there on Your Journey! I DO, Hope you all find what you’re desiring for yourselves and your families. Stay Safe and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, Keep your heads on a Swivel and TRUST NO ONE, But Yourselves! I WILL, do the best I can for me and My own family in all of this HogWash!

Reader KS OUT!! Patrick, THANK YOU For What you Do so well on here!