Earth Alliance and Patriot News for September 29, 2022


Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 29, 2022

Earth Alliance & Patriot News for September 29th, 2022

Major Intelligence in the Last Week:

-) Saint Germain 9/26/2022 – “You are all in the fourth dimension now. You must understand that. In a sense, you have graduated. You have moved out of that third-dimensional illusion.”

-) Shoshanna 9/22/2022–The Queen of England public death announcement: “it a significant marker. And this would be a significant event leading up to more events that are coming forward here. And all of these many truths will be coming forward, flooding forward here.”

-) DoD- Nick Fleming 9/24/2022– He got word over the weekend 9/24/2022 that Biden probably will be taken down in days. We do not know if this will be public or not. He also stated the R/V GCR may start this week, but Monday 9/26/2022, he will try to get conformation. On Monday, No conformation.

-) The BRIC Nations Growing — Understand the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India and China) will soon have over 90 of the 209 countries go to that organization against the really the New World Order (Deep State Rats) of the western world and (BRICS)all do have gold backed currencies. This is to take down the fiat Petro-Dollar as the world currency. This is a good thing!


-) Jesus; What is Success?  — “Success or failure does not depend on whether you succeed in something, but only on whether you have followed your soul path. Many evil deeds succeed but are the result of a misguided soul, a person who can no longer perceive the voice within; Success is when you chord every decision with what your heart wants and then wait to see how life responds to you.”

-) Shoshanna 9/26/2022—”We will tell you that freedom, and we hope that we are not amassing karma here, but your freedom is very close to you now. All is well, and all will be free. Namaste.”

-) Terry Andrews; Sent a Message — And a major shift is imminent. We are so close to big things happening because of the level of the divide now between the old and the new. It’s becoming more difficult to get things done in 3D. It’s no longer our milieu. (meaning a person’s social environment) We are so close to big things happening because of the level of the divide now between the old and the new.

-) Jared Rand 9/28/2021 – News – We will have a “Supreme Grand Finality” “The Higher-Frequencies move and reveal what they are going to do: it will blow everyone away!! All people will be surprised! Now is the dark’s last dance! In the next 10 days, do not get emotional attached to what is coming out in the news or intelligence, just watch and see.

“When things are stated that are going to be “Doom and Gloom” 99.9 % of the time “it does NOT happen!!” Reminder: The Deep State Rats or the White Hats are NOT going to set dates out there for an important item to happen!! When will some of these so-called intelligence providers going to learn that? Did the Deep State broadcast the 9/11 attack? Did the Alliance broadcast when all these deep state rats were arrested and doubles or clones installed? NO to both.

-) Hakann: Financial Reset, New Jerusalem Excerpts: “A group of dark people or separation-consciousness people have a lot of destructive plans. This is one of them. I understand that this can be very scary. Fortunately, this will not come to pass.

“There will very likely be a financial reset, but it will be a positive one, initiated by the positive military. This reset will help to set humanity free, rather than enslave it.”


-) Ashian: The Last Goodbye Excerpts:

 “Your journey and sacrifice are about to yield the fruit you have hoped for and the harvest this year will be glorious, because it will be you, your freedom, your divinity in expression.”

 “The suppression of the divine feminine is over. It fell ~ in its most external form ~ with the stated passing of the English queen. Much realignment is now to manifest before you. Yes, it may appear choppy; but that is to give you space in an intense process to move forward, then consolidate, move forward then consolidate.”

-) President Trump gives orders “Give No Quarter” 9/20/2022– Juan O’Savin & others: Appears to begin the Final Take-Down of the Deep State worldwide:  (Note: President Trumps Covered Star Flag has been confirmed by many sources, this appears to mean, it is time to total take-down the Deep State, LOOKS LIKE WE ARE REALLY GOING TO GET OUR MUCH NEEDED TRANSITION !!!).

-) Benjamin Fulford: What is the truth on China’s President XI?

“There is a real power rift in China between the military/intelligence group around Jiang Zemin and the group around Xi Jinping. There can be no doubt a major power struggle is taking place between the two groups.

The one around Xi wants to make him a dictator for life at the big, once-in-five-year Chinese Communist Party meeting taking place in October. The other is violently opposed to Xi and the personality cult surrounding him. An Asian secret society source close to Xi assured us the rumors were false and Xi was fine. Our sources close to Jiang did not return our messages.”

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