(Reader: TruthIsUnbreakable) From these NDE’s is that the Future you want, the Choices we make, Psychological Warfare is happening, and Only we can Save Ourselves


Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

Everything is based on the choices we make whether it’s positive or negative. It’s what we do that counts. Makes you wonder why rely on a computer to dictate one’s actions, just saying? If you choose to review these NDE’s is up to you per your convenience: Near Death Experience – God Answered Two Of My Questions | NDE

Near Death Experience: I Died And Was Shown Things To Come | NDE to this woman who had an NDE back in 2015, she was shown that WWIII would happen followed by the economic crash, followed by worldwide riots of the people overthrowing their governments and no nukes, followed by tribalism, and no recovery. She was surprised that Jan 6th happened, but the other things that were shown may or may not happen. Knowing that there are others with NDE’s you must ask yourself is that the future you want before you are following orders and allowing evil to flourish, you tell me?

He Died And Was Shown A Future War | Near Death Experience | NDE’t forget there are parallel worlds and the choices we make define the positive or negative timelines. This whole system is based on consent.

I Died And Saw Seventy Years Into The Future | Near Death Experience | NDE In this video by Heaven Awaits, this guy reads what a woman named Julie sent to him regarding her Near Death Experience (NDE). Apparently she is a psychic who got her powers from Jesus. As she has been through a lot, including being in a domestic abuse relationship, her ex-husband did unimaginable things to her and their fraternal twins. Eventually she divorced her abusive husband went to prison for his crimes, but when released back in 2005, he murdered his children, shot Julie multiple times and himself.

Julie goes over what happened next, why her, her kids, her abusive ex-husband, etc. as she did meet Jesus Christ. As she felt she was unworthy. Jesus told her it wasn’t her time to come home. He told her about every soul contracts through the Father, how Earth is not one’s final destination, how her kids chose their soul contracts to end their lives like that and move on. One’s final destination is to ultimately rejoin with God, after one learns and experiences life via free will. Nothing that we can do can change God’s will. When he touched Julie’s forehead was able to see the events in the future until her death in 2075. Jesus did say that there will be a worldwide banking system on the verge of an economic crash in 2024, does away with all use of paper currency, and leading everyone to be transferred to Cryptocurrencies via Central Bank Digital Currency, and the Social Credit System. In 2028, everything is fully turned around when Trump will be selected for a 2nd term and end the CBDC and the world banking system, and brings back paper money for US citizens. In 2061, the US was unable to overcome their differences and the country was split in two, one being the United Northern States and the United Southern States of America. Both are invaded by China in 2063, forcing the two to join Canada and Mexico to survive the onslaught. From 2028 to 2063, there was relative time of stability in the world, with no wars and famine being all but a memory. The, China invades and the world is at war again for seven years. After the war and the newly formed the United States of North America and the rest of the world ends, there is a declaration that no more wars will be fought. This declaration holds until 2075. Julie is unable to see what happens next because her life ends and her soul contract with God will finally run out. It’s up to you question everything.

How are the “WHITE HATS” helping us? I saw this video by Jason Shurka, who is a spiritual guru, who does promote the New Age movement and “Universal Awareness” with a group called The Light Source (TLS), that is a spiritual Jedi good guy group discussed in the Disclosure series. Lately, he’s had Dr. Sandra Rose Michael on healing technology and this technology looks like a TV cube and is legit so far. 

If you choose to watch this video by 7 grainsofsalt exposed Academy for Divine Knowledge renamed Unifydis up to you. Nowhere in his Unifyd’s videos does he ever speak about Jesus Christ as the true Lord and Savior, nor can explain why the evil doers continually mock Christ. Shurka is affiliated with Sacha Stone, who is connected to the UN as shown in the video. As one should question their loyalties as to whether these people are double agents/controlled opposition while make it appear they serve we the people.  He spoke a lot about “the law of non-interference” and we are the white hats? The only thing I agree with him is only we can save ourselves. More questions on whom is really in control and if the evil doers are really taken out and what we are dealing with is theater, why continue the charade and fueling the lesser of two evils is still fueling evil?  Apparently, “The way” is supernatural we have to let go of the physical restraints in our own minds to recognize who we truly are. Question everything.


Besides there is a point in time where “non-interference” does not apply, as there will always be those who need more help than others. Not everyone will operate the same as you do. Truth bears no scrutiny, and deception and lies divide and conquer. Fueling the lesser of the two evils are still fueling evil. Think about that if you will.

You may want to read this as well. Masters of Deceit: The Government’s Propaganda of Fear, Mind Control & Brain Warfare

People are fueled by emotion, including the continued psychological warfare. Which is why people are quick to conform and are under tribalist mindset, you wonder why you cannot wake everyone up.  Each of us can only do so much, but we don’t have the means to do everything nor operate the same as you do.  Who determines who is 3D, 4D, 5D?  None of us have a clue how the QFS works, including the quantum everything. Whom benefits from this and more? Those super soldiers who have used the real Med Beds never once said anything about 5D requirement, more of a focus on your conscience. Don’t forget there are technicians operating this and more. Let’s say you are unconscious and are in critical condition don’t you think the technicians and surgeons are going to do everything they can to save your life? When you are dealing with other things, it is your choice and will power if you want to be healed and so on and so forth. No one has any clue how these Q phones will work and manufacturer? Will this be applied to those who are elderly, disabled, and/or kid friendly? Banking? Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, etc? The longer this insanity continues how do you expect people to stay warm, keep a roof over their heads, not die from starvation and so many other questions unanswered. The battle of good vs evil will continue no matter what happens. There are consequences for playing God always ends badly. What else is there to be said? Sunlight is the best disinfectant.


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