(Reader: Sheri) Glorious Feast of Trumpets Everyone!


Reader Post | By Sheri

I back when Jesus was born in 5BC, it was probably on Trumpets! Back then the calendar date was 2 Sep 5 BC. One day He will return to earth on Trumpets!

In the future, rather than use the term, “Hebrew calendar” try using “Gods biblical calendar” instead. For that is what it is.

Israel = America.

Americans are the descendants of Abraham. We are not Hebrews. We are today known as Americans.

It makes God more personal to us.

I just think it helps people understand their personal connection to God better, when more clearly stated in a more up to date way.

By the way, have a wonderful Feast of Trumpets. Trumpets signal war. Its definitely go time!


Jesus said He didnt come to bring peace, but division in families, mother against daughters, etc….

With a good measure of His spirit, we can maintain peace in our personal relationships and accept differences. We are all very unique. Dont let our differences divide us or separate us in any way from those we love or those who love us.

Trumpets also represents the return of Jesus. One day He will return. We know that China, Magog, and Russia, Gog will see this return as an invasion.

In a sense it is. Jesus is rather a lot like an alien to many people. It need not stay that way. They were confused by religious divisions and personal opinions. Much was hidden from us!

It wasnt that long ago, I’m 71, that a few generations back from me openly knew and recognized His position and relationship in our lives. I say we must keep His spirit alive!

Ps 72  Psalter Arthur Sullivan  1912

That’s 110 years ago! 


“Christ shall have dominion, over land and sea. Earths remotest regions shall His empire be. They that wilds inhabit shall their worship bring, kings shall render tribute nations serve our King.

Onward Christian soldiers! Marching as to war; With the word of Jesus going on before; Christ the royal master, leads against the foe; Forward into battle, see His banners go!

When the needy seek Him, He will mercy show; Yea the weak and helpless shall His pity know; He will surely save them from oppressions might, For their lives are precious in His holy sight.

Ever and forever shall His name endure; long as suns continue it shall stand secure.

And in Him forever all men shall be blest.

And all nations hail Him King of kings confessed.

Unto God Almighty joyful Zion sings; He alone is glorious, doing wonderous things.

Evermore, ye people, bless His glorious Name, His eternal glory through the earth proclaim.

Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe; Forward into battle, see His banners go!

Like a mighty army,


Moves the Church of God;

Brothers we are treading, where the saints have trod;

We are not divided, all one body we;

One in hope and doctrine; one in charity.

Crowns and thrones may perish, kingdoms rise and wane; But the Church of Jesus constant will remain;

Gates of hell can never ‘against the Church prevail;

We have Christs own promise, which can never fail.

Onward then ye people! Join our happy throng; 

Blend with ours your voices, In the triumphs song;

Glory, laud, and honor, unto Christ the King;


This through countless ages, men and Angel’s sing.

God bless you everyone. Dont forget where we came from and where we are going.

Not into Lala land or onto some cloud somewhere, but into the Family of God! We are the children of God. All of us. He is our Creator 

Father and He has a very special plan for all of us, including ambassadors from every tribe, tongue, and nation.

It’s a huge universe out there, galaxies and wonderful works of Gods hand. 

We will inhabit eternity and fulfill our purpose and create beauty as our Father does.

Blessings as we celebrate the Feast of Trumpets! and ook forward to the glorious return of Jesus. You can know Him. the original order bible. 831-637-1875

The paperback study bible comes with a 10 CD set of the entire book read for you. Shipping is included. There’s no tax. A steal at $53! You need this version.

Second edition 2009.

Many blessings as our great AMD royal army moves forward.


Dont forget God Lev 23 Holy Feast of Atinement when we all fast. No water, no food from sunset 4 Oct Tues to sunset 5 Oct Wed.

It’s to repent of all sin and draw close to Gods mercy.s He casts all sin onto the heas of the goat an sends him into the wilderness. That goat represents satan. The other represent all His forgiven children. It prepares us for Feast of Tabernacle when we recognize how temporary our physical form is. We dwell in the flesh but not for long. Soon our Creator Father will return and call is to Himself. It’s a time, 9 days that begins sunset 9 Oct tol the last Great Day, my favorite, on 17 Oct this year. When all our human family will he United and raised in glory.

As we prepare for a temporary future on this earth, let us not neglect our high calling represented in Gods Boblical Holy Days. In order, they tell our story. That story was once told in tbe stars. The early people and shepherds knew the plan of God. As they tended sheep, they’d watch the arrangement of stars which told the entire story fro.Passover and the birth of Jesus all the way until the reunification of all our families on the Last Great Day!

It’s a most glorious plan. Let us in this space age not forget their meaning.

All these homey days of God are listed in chronological order in Lev 23. There is an abundance of study materials at our office, at the phone number listed above. Everything is free. We never call you back. We figure if your interested, you’ll call us.


After the Feast of Tabernacles, our next holy day andxseason is in spring, Passover and unleavened bread. It’s the story of our history, our journey out of sin and Egypt and crossing of the Sea, in a sense, our baptism. An early version. After the fall harvest, and putting food up, is a restful and cozy time for long winter rest and reading our bibles to our children.

Spring will be here soon enough. Winter is a time to enjoy our canned foods and family meals together and rest up for spring. It comes I’m March or April. It’s a time most of us are

May healing come soon for us!

By spring we will be ready to get outside in our dirt and gardens and buy seeds and plan our next years garden design, crop rotation….and life begins anew in the spring, not winter. We allow our bodies to be in harmony with the beautiful seasons. We dont fight against all common sense or reason. We may have a lovely Thanksgiving meal from food we prepared in summer, so we may enjoy the fruit of our labor, but you wont find me busting my self over a huge meal in the dead of winter. That’s my cozy nap time.


Blessings everyone.


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