Thomas Anderson: News Flash for September 16th, 2022, Schuman Update, and Sep 24th Prepper


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 15, 2022

News Flash

Dear Readers

here a summary of some headlines in the news from the last days…

After 9 days “of Darkness” the Russian server delivered again results of their measurements, showing also results of sept 13th and Sep 14th

with a small Blackout on Sep 15th.

Before it was today online again, it was offline since Sep 6th.

Some assumed it might be  a Blackout  = “10 Days of Darkness”

Which it is obviously not.

As the Russian server went down while the European server constantly delivered results, while it wasn’t clear, if those results were fraudulent or real,

in my opinion it now seems clear that there was simply a technical problem on the Russian site and there was no Blackout of the Schuman resonance.

For me the only reason to still watch out for that site

is, to see if there are any incoming peaks of massive energy.

this could in fact be an explanation why the Russian site suddenly “had a problem”. the European site delivered results and showed very high amounts of energy coming in.

much higher the usually and much higher than explainable.

in my channel (see link below) on telegram I have shared many posts on this topic which could explain more. (for example) (for example)

coming back to other topics:

electric cars seem to be involved in many more accidents than normal cars.

could have something to do with the influence of the electromagnetical field on human bodies / brains / behaviour of those cars due to their technical nature and high electromagnetical currents.

summary of the Agenda 2030 aims

very alarming…

and possible guerrilla marketing against it

gas pipeline now finally closed

NorthStream 1 closed…

if you are looking for frequency healing input…

here is a book with all frequencies you need to know for the body


and some more perhaps interesting books to download…

surgeon speaking out about the natue of skin and flesh of vaccinated children

it seems the flesh is a form of “alive” now due to and after the vaccination

a condition never seen before on children and only rarely on older people during surgeries.

the first bigger industrial plants in Germany close down du to gas missing.

the de-industrialisation has begun

and it will go on

from January on there will be daily (!) prices for gas I heard.

closing AdBlue factories… (which is vital for trucking businesses)

Mike Adams on the coming crisis

there are several different news coming in from India where many tens of thousands cows have been killed on the spot

several times, way over hundred thousand animals

killed for preparing the ground for the hunger games…

what and how nanoparticles in chemtrails come down on us and what and how they do in human bodies…

dismanteling the movie Schindlers List

by one who was driver for Schindler…

sept 24th

why could this be an important date…

after Queen´s death normally the mourning is 10 days.

(by the way, this date of her death was EXACTLY predicted in 2006 in a book:


(and which was filmed obviously with greenscreen technology and CGI


but… in this case the mourning time was set to 17 days

bringing us exactly to Sep 24th

german politician telling us that the “sep 24th 2022 will be remembered as a day where everybody knows exactly where he was that time”

and the Simpsons, well known comic serie for their predictions, have the Episode 24 / 09 (!!)

with predicting an EMP everywhere.

David Lifschultz wrote some articles which can not be shown here

but in my telegram channel

CDC quietly researched the average life expectation after 3rd vaccination:
5 months

this might have something to do with it…

there seem to be MANY and VERY fast UFOs in Ukraine right now

filmed at speed MACH 43

while in Germany military seems to be deployed at strategical points with sharp ammunition

even in small towns.

just anywhere


if you want to take a look at sublimal sex programming for all of us go here

what was new to me is that its “not just Disney”

but on normal MONEY…

the begin of planetry cannibalism is prepared

scientist recommend to eat human flesh

its “green” and “renewable” ….


coming back to Sep 24th

IF the date and scenario given point in the right direction, then one should be prepared for an EMP.

and EMP is normally caused by a thermocuclear explosion.

or several of those.

it is local, but: WIDE local.

so, if there is one explosion, the EMP reaches out FAR from the epicentre of this explosion. many many miles.

not just 10 or 50.


please NOTE: Sep 24th begins already 12 hours before it will reach London and 18 hours before it reaches New York.

so do your preparations for the day before that to be safe….

how can you prepare.

I will tell what I will do.

I will go to the supermarket and buy myself many packages of aluminium foil and plastic foil

I will prepare several days before Sep 24th

  • will do all updates on computers some days before that
  • will store computers (several laptops) in plastic foil and then in 4 layers of aluminium foil and then into closed metal box, disconnected from power grid
  • same with hard disks
  • same with mobile phones (why 4 layers aluminium foil: test it yourself. I packed my mobile phone in 4 layers of aluminium foil. couldn’t call it anymore. so: it´s safe from any signal from outside)
  • same with electric tools
  • disconnect all or as many as possible electrical devices from power grid.
  • will put as many so packed devices again in 1 layer plastic foil and then together in a metal box, closed with strong pressing mechanism.

plastic foil around each of them above of the aluminium foil around them because they should not electrically connect to each other or to the outer metal box

I will only have an old smartphone online that day

the better ones will be stored for this one day

have enough food at home!

enough means: several weeks enough!

don’t forget something to drink

if there will be an EMP, the modern societies will collapse extremely fast.

no supermarket CAN open, no cooling, no trucking, nothing of this.

have enough cash at home.

probably empty ALL accounts for this day completely.

(I will do that)

no banks and no cash machines will function

car : tank full to the max!

no petrolstation will open

every other thing that has a tank : full to the max!

have candles, lighters etc

all batteries loaded and packed in plastic and then aluminium and plastic again if place next to others

torches ready?

clean your bathroom.

fill your bath tub with fresh clean cold water.

you might need it because water is normally pumped with electricity….

I wrote some articles on how to prepare for emergency and war

please read that one, too.

this one here is only especially for EMP

all these activities include nothing harmful.

its only a small additional work before that date.

“just in case”

the only extra cost and extra work is the aluminium foil and plastic foil and the packing of all these devices.

I hope all this will not be necessary

that’s all for the moment.

I´ll keep you posted.



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