Steve Beckow: 9/11, Living our Values


Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

September 11, 2022

9/11: Living Our Values

Today, each year, reveals a large and serious division between two publics – one who believes that “Arab terrorists” caused 9/11 and terrorism is/was a clear and present danger and another who thinks the New World Order (call them what you will) did it and there’s no threat from terrorists, apart from what our own governments cause. (1)

Why would our governments do such a thing?

  • To forestall the announcement of NESARA, (2) due from the World Trade Center later that morning.
  • To have a pretext for war against Afghanistan and the capture of their poppy fields.
  • To have a pretext for a later war against Iraq and Iran and the capture of their oil supplies. Iran was a bridge too far.
  • To create both an internal and external enemy: “Arab terrorists.”
  • To erode civil rights in the name of security against terrorism. Even though the government was the terrorist.
  • To distract attention from the theft of $2.3 Trillion from the military budget.
  • To avoid paying back money the U.S. Inc. owed to foreign interests on an obligation that was coming due Sept. 12.

Have I missed anything?


And now here we are.

I have a whole spindle of videos on 9/11. But mention this to my (retired) colleagues from work? I’d be laughed at.

We occupy two solitudes on 9/11, pandemics, climate change, etc.

Nonetheless, if the deep state would turn off their weather-control technologies, I predict we’d have wonderful weather.  None – or few – of these dust storms and hurricanes and earthquakes are happening because of Mother Nature, I think.

And the wildfires? Turn off their Directed Energy Weapons.

And all the poverty and starvation on Earth? Bring in G/NESARA.


There wasn’t a sudden, concentrated attack that started this hidden war. There was a false-flag mass attack instead. Thousands and eventually perhaps millions (I hope not) could die from graphene hydroxide, AIDS, and other toxic elements in the vaccines in what amounts to omnicide (an attack against everyone).

This was always intended. In my opinion, this is a war on the people, whose purpose is depopulation (translation: to kill us).

Meanwhile, those who are with us are far, far stronger than those who oppose us.  That includes a spacefleet of millions of star brothers and sisters here to see that Ascension happens smoothly and on schedule. (3) It includes the Company of Heaven; most prominently, the archangels and their legions. And it includes us: the angelic host incarnated this lifetime on Planet Earth. (4) So we needn’t fear the outcome.


To my way of thinking, the only thing we can reliably do in a situation where our hearts are so divided and we don’t want to provoke more violence and bloodshed is to show our values by living them.

We know we have to stop this cycle of violence sooner or later. We can’t go into a Golden Age at the barrel of a gun.

Moreover, Ascension is individual. The Ascension of the rest of the world will not be held up if we decide to seek revenge and continue the killing cycle.

As I see it, we have to be peaceful if we want peace. Peace has to start with us.

We have to be loving if we want to reach that higher dimension of transformative love. Next stop. But not if we’re at war with each other.

We have to be honest in all our dealings if we want truth to reign in the land.

The truth will set us free. It always has. It always will. It’s a reliable haven, especially at a time of rising vibrations and Ascension.

Yes, we need to see what’s happening with the deep state and with us in response to them. But we don’t need to revel in the news, one way or the other.  I’d rather be in love and bliss.

We need to live our values if we want to find the strait and narrow path out of this maelstrom – and show it to others.

In no other generation would I say that that is guaranteed to work. But I say that to this generation, angelics all, embarked on a mission to open a new space in the Mother’s domain of matter, reached as a planetary whole while keeping our physical bodies. If we emulate the divine qualities, we’ll find our way out of this.

You bet the eyes of the universe are on us now.  And the Divine Plan will unfold for everyone here at this time to see.


So let’s have this 9/11 be a time of a peaceful and loving return to the truth. 9/11 was indeed an inside job. Nothing will change that fact.

Deep-state actors planned it and carried it out, not some “Arab terrorists.” The principle perpetrators are rumored to be being tried as we speak. Some are said to have been executed.

All of this is written in the Akashic Records for all to see. It’s the truth.

And for anything that remains, we love you, we respect our difference of opinion, and we wish only peace for us all.


(1) There is a threat from terrorists that our own governments have created, protect, and sustain. Al Qaida and ISIS are examples.

(2) The National Economic Security and Reformation Act, is a year-2000 Act of Congress which was due to be proclaimed on Sept. 11, 2001, from the World Trade Center. The first “plane” hit the WTC one hour before the proclamation was to be made. It would have re-formed the global economy, offering abundance to the people of the planet.

(3) ” As you know there are millions of ships – no, not all directly above your planet, but certainly in circulation very close by.” (“Ashtar: Acknowledgement of Our Presence Need not Take Months … Only Minutes,” Aug. 14, 2012, at

“We are able to surround your planet with millions of ships of living light. … We are able to bring ships across thousands of light years in an instant.” (“Adamu Speaking,” Sept. 29, 2008, at

(4) See An Explosion in the Meaning of Humanness at


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