Did you Ask, and Did you Receive?


Operation Disclosure | By Gary Goodman (GMan757), Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 9, 2022

GMan757: Did You Ask, and Did You Receive?

I did! And, now I take great joy in reporting that what I have received exceeded my wildest expectations. This may be one of the shorter article that I ever write. However I intend to pack a lot of positive energy into this article.

In an article published on Memorial Day, I requested that on July 3, we all join together  for a mass meditation and prayer vigil event that I called “Stop the Insanity, Free Humanity Event”:  In this article titled:  Ask and Ye Shall Receive!,

I listed a short summary of things that I would ask Source (God) for the free humanity, and put an end to the insane enslavement of humanity.   Now, I would not presume to sit here and tell you that my article was responsible for any of the actions that ensued following its publication.  In fact, I was initially disappointed in the response that this article received.

In hindsight, I must acknowledge that I had too much going on in the month of June to even monitor or follow-up on organizing the mass meditation/prayer event that I had called for.  However, I do believe that the greater part of the the readership of this site, as well as the positive members of society had reached the same conclusion that I had.

In the days following Memorial Day, just about everything that I read had the same tone of irritation with the slow pace of action on the part of the White Hats.  What I already knew, then ignored when I called out DJT in that article, was just how enormous the scope of this war actually was.  I have since learned that this was a war on a truly Galactic and even universal scale.

Yet someone in the White Hats’ intel group had to be reading my article, along with all of those that were published here, as well as many other sites, that were calling for faster action.  And, speed up the process they did, taking down the bad actors at a dizzying pace. 

Yesterday, the SuperSoldierTalk web site reported that just after midnight we had entered 4D, and are just awaiting the destruction of the 3D matrix to make the transition.Then last night, Phil Godlewski reported that the public announcement of the Queen’s death starts the clock on 10 days of transition of the global financial system. 

As an engineering knowledgeable person, I don’t believe that there will be a need for any downtime to switch off of the electrical grid.  I have seen new substations already in operation in parallel with the old electrical grid.  Modern equipment can switch from old to new in milliseconds in that scenario.  think the cover story was the equipment belonged to a solar energy company.

I just do not know how much of the country has this completed yet.  I would encourage you to visit the US Patent Web site and search for patents submitted by Salvadore Pais.  He is the US Navy engineer that submitted the patents into the public domain for the TR3B, as well as the Reactor that supplies power to the TR3B, and the super conductor that allows the reactor to operate at room temperature.

EVERY Reactor that uses this technology can scale above ONE TERAWATT of power output.  The largest of today’s nuclear power plants only provides 6 – 8 gigawatts of output.  Unlike the nuclear power plant, this reactor pulls it’s power from the Ether, and is pollution free.  The ultimate goal here is to do away with the power infrastructure, and put one of these (or similar) reactors into every home, at a cost less than maintaining the infrastructure.

I also read that so far over 200,000 people have bee arrested globally.  Many have already faced Military Tribunals, and have either been executed or sentenced to life in prison.  I know that times are tough for many of you.  My beloved wife and partner of 21 years was taken from me by the Cabal euthanasia machine.

I know your pain, and at the same time I know that much is going on that we cannot be allowed to see yet because of operational security.

So, let me end with a suggestion to make all of you  feel much better, while hastening our transition to 4D.  Please note that very few of us will transition directly to 5D.  The vast majority of us will have to stop for a brief schooling in 4D to learn now to not allow our new found powers to intrude on the free will of others.

Just remember this:  The most powerful force in the Universe is the pure Unconditional Love of Source (God).  Fear separates us from Source, and manifests what we collectively fear.  So, DON’T BE AFRAID.  Meditate / Pray every day.  Give thanks and gratitude to source for being allowed to be alive and awaken for the greatest event in human history.

Also, share your unconditional love with others.  Do something to help another.  Unconditional Love is the gift that keeps on giving.  Pay it forward  my friends.  When you do something for another, that gift comes back to you in spades.

And above all, remember that our collective thoughts manifest into reality.  If you replace all thoughts of fear and anger with Unconditional Love (Love even for your enemies), you will soon make the enemy too weak to be a concern. while raising your own vibration to a level that will trigger the transition event to 4D.

Every time I Pray and/or Meditate, I begin with a Clearing to get rid of any negative entities in my field.  Then I end the preparation by creating a Golden Mirror from the Full Armor of God and the Golden Protective Energy of Source.  This mirror is created to surround my field, which extends up to 2 feet from my physical body.

I then state with intent, ‘Let this mirror reflect all negative energy in kind, back to its source, while allowing the Golden Protective energy, the Violet Healing Energy of Source, and the Pure White Unconditional love Energy of Source to pass freely in both directions”.

I next expand a copy of that mirror out around my home, and another copy out around my entire property.  i will typically extend copies of the mirror to around the home and properties of neighbors on both sides.  I also have a friend who has recently been in danger, so I put copies around her field, her daughters’ fields, and their homes and property.

If you think this was a waste of time, the first time I did a meditation with this friend, after I did the clearing, offered healing to any entities that were displaced during the clearing, and built a full set of mirrors, she looked at me in amazement, and told me that something dark had been lifted from her field.

Folks, we are almost there.  Every little bit helps.  We have been given an unprecedented chance to ascend without death to end the incarnation cycle.   It is now up to us to accept that chance.  I have a friend whose slogan is “Every Opportunity has an Expiration Date”.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity because of your inaction.

Love and light

Gary Goodman (GMan757)


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