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Another day, more false promises as usual. Anytime that dates are given such as September 3rd are more gaslighting and psychological operations in order to distract, divert, and to deceive. So much for consistency, morals, and principle. Please understand from what I’ve said and done thus far, trying to wake people up to what’s going on. I have the right to speak as do you. Not everything we are being told is the truth. Where’s the “show and tell”? But the gaslighting, the hopium, psychological operations on all fronts as lies divide and destroy, not unite. There are plenty of things that really need to be said, whether or not you agree is up to you to do the work to question, think critically and rationally. If one can’t have a reasonable adult conversation with those who buy into everything hook, line, and sinker as they may rely on what so and so says. Including the Quantum computer that is all AI that dictates orders, has no compassion for life, and information that leads people on wild goose chases for what? Do some serious soul searching and stop relying on Man, what happened to placing faith and trust in God? One can find out one’s true colors based on their actions and associations thereof. You shall know them by their fruits.


It’s true that the Mar-a-Lago raid is another distraction, including the FBI posting the stack of papers labeled “top secret” and the rest are bank pages, and some other time magazine cover with march 4th, 2021, as March 4th is the original date of the President’s inauguration. Still haven’t seen the real documents that are open source that proves that Trump is still the President. Why the secrecy to this day? Why wouldn’t he want to be the President a bankrupt federal corporation?

Trump is fueled by ego and narcissism, is pro-family, and for the love of $$ is the root of all evil. If you think he’s so great, then why does he own pagan idol statues such as Apollo and Pan and refuses to get rid of them? Why does he continue to associate with so and so, promoting agendas, including the convid clot shots? While calling himself “the father of the vaccine” and benefits $$ via J&J & Pfizer stock, big pharma rep with the Abbott lab faulty convid test kits, as do other politicians, judges, etc. who benefit from pharma and corporations, and/or in the pocket of the overlords. When Trump went bankrupt six times and was bailed out by the Rothschilds, then how did he get out of being owned by the Rothschild’s then?  As Trump hired Wilbur Ross to be commerce secretary. Including instituting censorship on college campus against antisemitism because he supports Zionist Israel. He’s against the first amendment, pro-red flag laws, increased the national debt by printing trillions during the planned organized partial shutdown that increased transgenerational debt slavery, allowed the stimulus to go to the rich, but not the small businesses. Isn’t Trump from the bloodline families and was allowed to be President and continue the same policies as before? Why did Trump support going into Iraq and taking their Oil? While President, didn’t Trump want to go to War against Venezuela to take their Oil? You don’t think he was fueling the military industrial complex. Notice when it came to serving him politically will praise certain individuals such as Julian Assange and Wikileaks, then the next minute deny and discredit. What happened to “lock her up”, does nothing and at the inaugural lunch said “the Clintons are good people, they’ve suffered enough.”  While the Convid death jab is being called the Trump jab. Why it’s always been about bloodlines and control. Why the one party system continue the same policies on this world’s stage. Let’s see what Trump really does as actions and associations speak louder than words.

(Insert Trump may pardon Jan6ers and apology from Govt)

None of these politicians are your Lord and Savior. What happened to placing faith and trust in God and in Jesus Christ? In this piece I talked about Trump, his pagan god worship, his promo of the shots, ego, and more. Makes you wonder if he is still beholden to the Rothschilds and other secret societies? Question everything. 





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Customers Loose Control Of Thermostats, EV Owners Can’t Charge, Dems Pushing For Riots; The Economy  Around 19 min. mark you will see an Uber driver shove a 78 year old woman out of his vehicle as he stole her money and her phone. A young man was able to get her phone, before being almost ran over by the creep. So much for caring for one another. Remember as it somewhere in the Bible in the last days people will grow cold. We are all to blame for the crap that we are in and have to get out of our comfort zones and stand for freedom and truth.

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‘You are not New Yorkers’: Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul tells Republicans to leave the state Many Republicans have been taking her advice for years.

Pentagon announces medals for all US servicemembers involved in botched Afghan withdrawal

US Signs Deal to Give Israel Four Refueling Planes Needed to Bomb Iran nice the tanker planes won’t be delivered to the Zionists buddies until 2025….following by hundreds of millions $$ and $3.8 billion in military aid it receives from the US each year. Because after-all all Wars are Bankers Wars that fuel the Military Industrial Complex. Bombing Iran is the last country of the middle east to be conquered via “Which Path to Persia” 2009 document.

Surprise: Stocks Tumble After Gazprom “Completely Halts” Nord Stream Gas Supplies Due To “Unexpected” Leak

“Worst Is Yet To Come”: Civil Unrest Set To Surge Worldwide As Socioeconomic Pressure Builds, Report Warns

NEW: ‘Defund Davos’ Bill Would Deny World Economic Forum Taxpayer Cash. though the Republicans may have introduced this bill. There are Republicans that are WEF affiliated. Why the false left/right paradigm of the one party system continue the same policies on the world’s stage. With any of these bills say one thing and do another. Question everything.

YouTube REVERSES policy banning critics of masks and vaccines, after YEARS of silencing the truth





Arizona Cops Tase & Arrest Parents for Trying to Enter Locked Down School gunfree kill zones are a welcome invitation to evil people. Talk about Mkultra school/indoctrination programming and protecting and serving the crap out you! The Supreme court ruling that cleared officers from any wrong doing when they refused to stop the school shooter in Florida had this to say… “Courts have rejected the argument that students are in custody of school officials while they are on campus,” Mr. Hutchinson said. “Custody is narrowly confined to situations where a person loses his or her freedom to move freely and seek assistance on their own — such as prisons, jails, or mental institutions.”  Parents, protect your children, because you can’t trust anyone especially the state.

It’s Happening! Americans WITHOUT WATER!

Jackson’s Mayor Wanted To Create The ‘Most Radical’ City On Earth. Now They Have No Drinking Water a result of their failed policies and failed infrastructure, over 180,000 residents are without water following too much rain. They’re Democrat Mayor was pushing for the most radical city, go woke, go broke.

WARNING from the World Economic Forum!! Stop Talking About US we are exposing their true colors and they are panicking. While implementing censorship and disinfo campaigns to cover up their evil actions thereof. FEAR overrides INTELLIGENCE.  Ephesians 5:11 “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”  Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”


“Donkeypox Spread”: Macron Declares Socialism Has Failed In Europe, “End of Abundance” video by Ask The Doctor of Common Sense, is hilarious. Pay attention to what ET Williams/The Doctor calls Pete Butt Plug. While Thomas Massie grills Pete Butt Plug on the electric cars. Amazing how Commiefornia called for the gas powered cars to be phased out by 2035, while telling people a few days later not to charge their Electric Vehicles due to the Grid may fail.

The EV’s are promoted because the controllers don’t want us to drive. As anything that promotes control, depop, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree. Boris Johnson saying the U.K. was to be the Saudi Arabia of wind mills, John Kerry the Climate Czar, the 101 old Lady praising Macron & thought Angela Merkel was his wife.

California Asks Residents Not Charge Electric Cars And Set thermostats to 78 F

America Suffering From Donkeypox Which Is Willful Stupidity




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70,000 protest in Prague against Czech government, EU, NATO

“Europe On The Brink:” 70,000 Czech Protesters Flood Prague Over Energy Crisis

UNREAL! Raw Milk Farmer Harassed by Feds Bless those such as this Wisconsin Farmer and his noncompliance is necessary!  Did she say we’re not gonna hassle you anymore today? So she knows and understands what she’s doing.  For every judge that signs a warrant for any farming and food processing facility. They need to be smeared and publicly exposed. The Feds are order followers because the Government don’t want us to live independent from the system.

What Liberals Think Conservative Companies are Like “We impregnate all of our employees so they can’t get abortions.”  Blackout coffee actually backs the 2nd Amendment, while Black rifle coffee is just pretending. They capitalized on supporting JP’s 2A but turned on Kyle Rittenhouse immediately… let us never forget!


Reacting to Biden’s Creepy and Polarizing Speech!  Our Founding Fathers warned us about this Government. Creepy Old Joe and Jill, and the green screen Hellywood production.





(Insert Biden saying Trump supporters aren’t a threat to coverup what he originally said)

Joe Biden Jumps the Shark with Most Bizarre Prime Time Address Ever got one thing right. “Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal!”

The White House is attacking pro-life, pro-family conservatives as ‘domestic terrorists’ no mistake, ‘MAGA Republicans’ means pro-lifers and conservatives.  The real fascists and terrorists are themselves attacking everyone but themselves as they spread fear, hate, divide and conquer.

WATCH: Biden Says You Need F-15s To Take On The Gov’t AND Jan. 6 Was An ‘Insurrection’ — Which Is It, Joe?

What did he just say?’s mind is gone. Now his handler’s minds are gone. We’re in trouble people.

He wasn’t supposed to say that horns coming out of Biden’s forehead and love Joe’s tie.

Biden Completely Forgot About His Big “MAGA Republicans” Speech The Very Next Day! gets on stage with red lights and declares more than half the country the enemy? Amazing how he’s already forgotten what someone else told him to say. He may have forgotten, but we haven’t. Let’s go Brandon.


Karine Jean Pierre Asked Why Migrants Can Be Unvaccinated But Not World Class Tennis Players




WATCH: Biden press secretary unable to explain why visitors need COVID shots but not illegal aliens    ‘Thousands of people are walking in a day, some of them turn themselves over, some of them are caught, tens of thousands a week are not.’  Illegals are used to suit agendas and control. While visitors such as Djokovic are barred from US entry due to the Vaxx slavery mandate due to his noncompliance. As he is against medical tyranny and destroys the narrative with focus on his health as he is careful of what he puts into his body, has natural immunity, and stands for freedom. That’s what the evil doers fear loss of power and control.  One can use this card in order to get in and out, but mass noncompliance is necessary!


Rockefeller Foundation Wants Behavioral Scientists To Come Up With More Convincing COVID Vaxx Narratives

OBEY: US government paying behavioral science influence groups to generate new “interventions” to brainwash more Americans into taking covid vaccines their evil wicked plans will fail miserably. More are waking up to their coercions and psychological operations to accept total enslavement and genocide. Only a matter of time when these evil doers are thrown to the pits of Hell where they belong.

Biden Administration to Shift COVID Vaccine Distribution to Private Sector Despite Plans to Extend Public Health Emergency Biden administration Aug. 30 announced it plans to shift distribution of COVID-19 therapeutics to the private sector by January 2023 — despite preparing to extend its COVID-19 public health emergency.

New study on ivermectin finds 92% effectiveness at stopping death from COVID Brazilian researcher Dr. Flavio Cadegiani noted that ‘the more [ivermectin] you used, the more protection you had’ from dying with a COVID-19 infection.


Affordability Crisis: Toronto Students are Living in Homeless Shelters to the insane cost of living of why this continues. As the controllers want us to own nothing and be happy. If college were beneficial, it wouldn’t be expensive to obtain worthless degree that you can’t apply. Even with the Vocational and Technical schools that are less time in the classroom and you learn somethings, some Instructors tell you straight up you will learn more out there than in the schools. Life skills is what’s necessary. It’s all who you know, not what you know that counts.

School Board Backtracks After Parents Speak Out Against Submitting Student-Athlete Data to Gates-Linked Platform controversy erupted at an Aug. 17 school board meeting in West Palm Beach, Florida, the School District of Palm Beach County School Board walked back a policy that would have required medical data for student athletes to be submitted online via Aktivate, a digital platform connected to Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

Let’s Talk About The Current State Of Public Education In The United States




CHANNELS TO CONSIDER (REVISED) If you want to via your convenience, please check out channels such as Ask the Doctor of Common Sense, Alt Market, Alex Stein, AwakenWithJP, HighImpactFlix, GreaseMonkeyVideos, EnterTheStars, Vincent Rhodes, Mike Morales, Monkey Werx US, NeverLoseTruth1 and NeverLoseTruth3 Kafka, Natural News, Sin City Outdoors, Vegas Dtech, Children’s Health Defense, The Economic Collapse Blog, Lifesitenews, The United Spot, the Rutherford Institute, TheBigSib, Peggy Hall of the Healthy American dot org, and ZeroHedge. As they are doing what they can to wake people up in their own way.    Mark Twain once said, “Never tell the truth to people who are not worthy of it”.

REVIEW OF WARD’S VIDEO WITH JASON Q After reviewing from what’s going on. Listened to Charlie Ward’s video with Jason Q. As Charlie claims the 2020 selection was overturned by the Supreme Court via “Shadow Government” and the midterms that Trump can serve the 2nd term?? Why does one care what SCOTUS thinks since they are agents of Rome, as they continue to serve agendas. Including SCOTUS affirming to the 2013 ruling of Myriad Genetics if your DNA has been altered you can be owned by the state. Why SCOTUS was allowed to overturn Roe v. Wade in order to fuel the divide and incite riots. Another part of the exposure. All that did was end the murder of the unborn on the federal level, even at the state level, and behind the scenes these evil doers are still doing their Satanic rituals. Abortion won’t end unless these Mother’s stop murdering their own as sacrifices to Moloch.

Charlie’s theory as he believes the full exposure will happen in September/October and the midterms won’t happen. The voting can’t be used until everyone has a Q phone that he found that six billion finished production that took two years. Followed by the collapse to start on October 28th supposedly?  Followed by the 120 days after Nesara/Gesara until the start of new selections of using the Q phone. Then, explain how these phones work, what brand, make and model, how will one’s data and photos be transferred onto the phones, and what about those who are blind, and/or with other disabilities? You do realize that voting is a suggestion box of slaves, continuing the same policies as before. If voting really made a difference, the controllers really wouldn’t allow us to do it. What about those who don’t care to use any cellphone then? What about those who would take these phones and sell them on the back market for $$? Four months is a long time of suffering for those who can’t wait and if this is done in the winter, many people need homes ASAP, including heating/cooling, and the plumbing to work as well? Including food, medicine, and water, where’s the 100 years of the supposed food stored in the DUMBS? Why allow people to suffer and die from agendas then in that all part of the plan? What about the Debt forgiveness by Nesara/Gesara, the six thousand patents, the MedBeds, etc that needs to happen ASAP and for people to be trained to know how to use them properly for real healing and relief is needed? Evil flourishes when good men and women do nothing to hold evil doers accountable for crimes against humanity.


As both Jason and Charlie were talking about those who criticize this and that person refuse to work on themselves, and to look within. Was surprised for both of them to admit they have faults; they aren’t perfect by any means. Neither of us are perfect either, including the right to live independently from the system. Apparently, they don’t criticize anyone as they do research and try to establish truth. While they promote “trust the plan”, we have to go through the Pantomime/theater, etc. because the people need to see what the evil doers are capable of and other talking points. No kidding the dates are way off because the controllers plan to drag this out for years. There’s no consistency, morals, nor principle. There’s a certain point of where one shouldn’t cross. They don’t realize there will always be those who will refuse to look into nor research anything, nor work on themselves as they are willful ignorant, stupid, under cognitive dissonance, and mass psychosis. As a result of bad intel comes as a result of lies, deception, as stress and lies divides and destroy. More have lost their loved ones in various ways and their lives due to bad intel from the media, fake patriots, and more have done more damage than good. The Quantum Computer only produces data, doesn’t have compassion, follows orders, yet this is what you use to determine this and that outcome? Do you realize that men, women, and children worldwide have suffered and died due to the agendas thereof?

No kidding the evil doers and their minions deserve the pain and suffering big time. There are those who claim that we don’t need MedBeds? Followed by the 5D requirement that hasn’t proven to be the case. Ask those within the Super Solder Program via Super Soldier Talk that can be found on Rumble. They have used the real MedBeds more than once. If you haven’t used the real MedBeds, via been there and have done that, don’t state it only works this and that way. Don’t you think there are technicians trained in how to operate the device and to make sure this doesn’t harm you while healing you? Our bodies are the temple are the Holy Spirit. At times it’s within your willpower if you want to be better via be healed and apply it mentally, psychologically, and physically. If you don’t know how this technology works, you don’t own it. MedBeds aren’t coming out because we don’t know how to use it and consciously. When those who claim to know everything continue the same talking points, will only speak to those who are on the same page as they are. While they refuse to have an honest rational discussion with those who are in-between and question whether or not this is true, can be proven or not? You want to talk about criticism and critical thinking? Where are the moral values, principle, common sense, and discernment?

There are ad-hominin attacks going on with certain truth channels not all. One such channel is called Captain Titus Frost who originally did great work covering Pizzagate and other topics. Along the way, he became more egotistic, narcissist, and became a Statist, while claiming to be a Constitutionalist promoting Government control over your life. Frost has been attacking Brian of High Impact Flix/Grease Monkey Videos over his stance of being an Anarchist (meaning no rulers ruling over you). He did a three-hour documentary on his Odysee channel supposedly exposing fake patriots and shills and named Brian of High Impact Flix as one.  Frost didn’t like Brian selling products that supports his channel and benefits others who use these products via the free market. In response, Brian did two videos going over what Frost said about him and tried to invite Frost for a rational debate, but feels Frost can’t be rational nor able to have an honest conversation. It’s very ironic that Brian is an anarchist and doesn’t force anyone to buy the products he promotes. He puts together very intelligent and thought-provoking commentaries. While Titus is a statist, all ego and attention grabber, who wants government to force you to pay for things you don’t want!

Each of us are doing what we can with the time we have. Just because your way of thinking and operating is this and that doesn’t mean everyone will subscribe to your way of thinking and doing things. Don’t forget the Conformists who follow order nor matter how evil it is. While the Moralist will do what is right and not go along with the evil acts thereof. Besides, the Conformists can’t break through their programming unless they want to and to realize they were wrong.  Don’t you think that real facts, the full truth, and the evidence to back this and that up are very important? Not everything is going to be reported as not everything will be revealed. Perhaps you white hats and others should consider those of us questioning this and that are seeing things that you cannot? This horrible b-rated film has cost mass suffering and lives as a result of bad intel and allowing evil doers to flourish, while claiming this and that will happen that never does. While the controllers are supposedly dragging this out for the next two to three years, WTF? No matter how much or how little one prepares only last temporary. Not everyone is fortunate to have their own gardens without gestapo interference nor weather warfare, etc. Not everyone can do everything, including being independent from the grid. What happened to the supposed 100 years of food stored in the DUMBS that the White Hats possess then or is that a lie as usual? Do you not give a damn about the animals, the homeless, the hungry, the children, families, and the elderly? It’s true the battle of good vs evil will continue no matter what happens. Depends on how one endures to the end. What happened to real hope and relief that works for the good, not the bad that benefits the few at the expense of many? What happened to trusting in God rather than man?  If you white hats claim to be in control, while continue this insanity, and how do you benefit from all of this via money, power, control? Fueling the lesser of two evils are still fueling evil.  Are you fueling the AntiChrist system? We shall know them by their fruits. There is always another way, you know better than to drag this on for years to come. Truth is truth and bears no scrutiny. Still waiting for a response.


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