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Reader Post | By Doc P

As many of those writing here before myself have described, there is a genuine uptick in truth and disclosure occurring as we continue down the road. Many that have not researched the [redacted] Conflict may have been shocked at Judy’s mention of Nuclear War. Although I may not agree with every intel post, I must agree strongly with Judy’s note. [redacted] has shown more restraint than the US would have ever shown. Now that [redacted] is sending artillery barrages towards an operating nuclear power plant with the support of the idiots and unelected government of the DS. They are wearing thin and rightfully threatening to nuke every western Capitol if [redacted] causes a nuclear meltdown of the power plant!

And yes Joe is aware of the crimes and does not care, as long as the true criminal bureaucrats of the military industrial complex keep their war profiteering up and running. It’s their only real income paid for by the hard working American people. We must remember that those not in the spotlight of government, those unelected decision makers that have kept us enslaved for over seventy years, those that conduct illegal and unconstitutional black book operations and were never elected to make decisions for the people are the real enemies. We have been blinded by their puppets in Government and forget that those criminals work from the shadows and have no faces, conduct executions sanctioned by the true DS better known as the conglomerate of corporate, energy and industrial giants that have hijacked our nation and murdered one president while trying to kill a second that did not follow their agenda.

It is hi time that the blame be sent to the true criminal creatures that hide in the dark! I therefore ask my compatriots to dive deep into the black research ops and dig down the rabbit holes. Follow the money and find those that are remaining in the shadows. Disclose every little bit so we can together find the secret puppeteers we don’t know of yet. Draining the swamp does not just mean DC and the illegitimate government. It means finding those that hide behind “National Security”. Of which there is none.

We have invasion wave after wave coming through the southern border, Trudeau to the North, China releasing a bio weapon with complete immunity by Joe, and [redacted] where Joe is fighting a proxy war without the peoples approval! Make no mistake, the United States no longer has “National Security”! Thus it is time for us to identify the traitors and corporate murderers that have harassed those that wished to bring energy advancement. Free energy, Electric cars that charge themselves while in motion, no plugs, no extra energy, never charge or fill up. Those that have mini generators that power themselves providing energy for a whole house and for itself. No gas, no fuel, no plug.  These inventions exist and work, but those that wanted the public to know have either been paid off with huge sums or were erased. No group of people should ever have the power to enslave a nation for their greed. So again, I ask that we find every single one.  I will even put out the first contractor in the Military Industrial Complex, “Halliburton” that received billions during the Iraq war, Dick Cheney with his WMDs got the contract to Halliburton, making millions of the blood of Americans as co-owner of the company. He has never been tried for war profiteering! Next are the Corporate Power Companies that take in over a Billion per quarter. Selling energy that should be free. They have silenced every invention that produces zero point energy, although the Technologie has existed since the 1920s. Zero Energy would take away Trillions of dollars in revenue for these unelected criminals that have set themselves above the law. We must find and flush out each one of these dark players.

All of those Corporations involved in the Military Industrial Complex must be toppled and exposed for the fraud they are. For the criminals they are! For the traitors to the people they are!

Without a complete end to the criminal corporation conglomerate there will never be a fresh start and we will never truly be free.  Refocus, define and find the dark men and women. End the forced injustice and murder, end the fraud to a nation! It’s time to take the gloves off and rip out the beating hearts of corporate corruption! Expose them for the animals they are and the greed they live for and get a road map to finding each one. We the researchers are the tip of the spear, we dig in the dirt to disclose. Well let’s dig really deep and get every last Demon exposed to the public!  God bless every one of you, and keep the course!

Yours Truly,
James “Doc” Powers


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