Thomas Anderson: Crisis Preparation as Foreseen in the Early 1900!


Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 23, 2022

Dear Readers

as mentioned in earlier articles

there were people who envisioned the future a century ago

one of them mentioned very precise hints who to survive

I found this on the net



Corrosive poisonous atmosphere, protection by sucking juniper berries

The air eats into the skin like poison. Put on all the clothes you have and don’t let the tip of your nose peep out. Sit in a hole and wait until it’s all over, it won’t take long, or look for a cave on the mountain. If your hair falls out, you’ve had it. Put a Kronwittbirl (juniper berry) in your mouth, that helps. Don’t drink milk for eight weeks.

Poisoning of food and water

You have the food in front of you and must not eat it because it is your death, and you have the water in the Grandl and must not drink it because it is also your death. From the Osser (mountain on the Bavarian-Bohemian border) comes another spring, there you can drink.

When no more Uhumanndl (owl?) cries and the rabgits come to the house and fall down, then go away from the water and mow no grass. Then there is no more border against Bavaria, but where you are then, I cannot say.



The healing effects of juniper range from aiding digestion to urinary organs, respiratory system and infectious diseases.

The columnar juniper bushes can be found in many gardens. In the past they were there because they contain a whole medicine chest, but today it is rather the good looks and the slow growth rate that make garden owners plant junipers.


TIP:…/wacholderbeeren-tee-auri... (juniper berry tea Aurica 80 g).

BUT ATTENTION: juniper berries (-tea) is NOT suitable for continuous consumption, as a remedy … so NOT DAILY ! and be careful with the dosage ^^ the stuff works well, makes in my opinion well awake and well fit in the head and in the body … I usually mix with nettle tea …

IMPORTANT: the “suck” has the following reason > the body activates when eating fruits and vegetables due to the flavonoids (more effective than vitamins) “body’s own proteins” – that is, the amount does not matter – the “frequency” so the “duration of use” is relevant … when sucking, the body permanently activates its “own proteins” and thus heals itself … when eating most of it is excreted again !

AND sun-ripened + no greenhouse cultivation > the sun is crucial for the efficiency of flavonoids – therefore sun-ripened – no greenhouse because there the sun’s rays are broken …




in another vision he mentioned to darken the house, to cover all windows with black cover,

color or paint or wood, I don’t know.

I bought myself black stretch foil (for packaging), enough to cover all windows.

what we can read above here “wear all you have and cover all of your body” points in the direction of some acid rain or acid humidity.

this COULD be an effect of the atmosphere being cleansed of all those poisons of the last decades.

all the heavy metals could come down as an acid rain.

I don’t know how this then could be cleaned… but , well, no other idea to that.

when this rain would come down and everything needed to be covered, then also stored food would be effected.

if not covered in metal boxes (acid proof), then they would be destroyed.

I will buy myself some of this berries as mentioned.

1kg should be enough.

they normally last for a year or two when packed.


all these information are about a timeline where stuff like this happens.

that does NOT mean, that we are on this timeline anymore.

it could be that we changed this timeline long a shortly ago.

I prefer to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best and think that the best would come.

but anyway be prepared for the case I would be wrong.

that’s why I write about it.

that’s all for the moment.

I´ll keep you posted.



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