(Reader: TIGER) Open Letter to White Hats


Reader Post | By TIGER

This is a message to the White Hats and the Military.

You have embarked on a course from which there is no return.
You have taken over Government. You have painted yourself into
a corner with paint that is deadly to walk on. In this corner there
are two doors, a White Door, and a Gray Door. We should talk
about what’s behind the White Door, because as you will realize
is true, the Gray Door inevitably turns Red and then Black.

To proceed through the White Door, you must embrace Truth,
The Whole Truth, and Nothing but The Truth. There can be no
shilly-shallying around asking people how much of The Truth can
we tell the Public. There must be complete Disclosure. There can
no longer be Elites who decide what they want others to know
because they then decide, even for the truth they are willing to
disclose, how to word it to fit with a narrative that benefits them
or their cronies. Once there is a point where Secrecy takes over,
that point is in motion and maneuvered politically and there
simply is no spot at which it may drop anchor successfully. On
top of that, the Truth is difficult and expensive to suppress, and
over time that difficulty and expense (and nefarious activity like
“retirement-murder”) mushroom until finally there is an explosion
of Disclosure.

You will have to disseminate Truth throughout the populace. The
precedent for this is the practice in World War II where Allied
forces required all German citizens to walk through the
concentration camps before they could receive their ration cards.
The same need for relief now exists. As a prerequisite to relief or
its continuance you must require the populace to witness the
wrongdoing and understand what good government and what
bad government is so they can understand how and why the
wrongdoing happened. This means viewing videotapes, walking
through hospitals where “little people” are being cared for, seeing
tunnels and DUMBs, listening to confessions, listening to the tales
of dead people who aren’t dead, and remedial training in The
Idea of America, Citizenship, Morality, Ethics, Sound Money, and
The Constitution. As you can see, this is not a simple problem anymore,
as simple as leading an occupied population through a camp one time.

There is no Emperor of Socialism (as in Japan) to order this part of
our nation to comply with the requirements of citizenship. There
is no Military Commander (as in the Civil War) to sign articles of
surrender and tell the population to go home and become good
citizens. Only some of those doing wrong in this country are
going to change their attitude and embrace The Idea of America
and disavow Socialism and become good citizens. For some
others, only force means anything to them. They have been
brought to believe America is inherently evil and that they have a
right to whatever is not nailed down. Unfortunately, the
infrastructure of America is vulnerable, and these persons will
think they can make a living out of surreptitiously gathering
funds to finance and fight a guerilla war. You will have to deal
with this type of activity using harsh cures.

You will also have to establish Good Government. This means
reforming Government, so it performs its rightful tasks, such as
repairing infrastructure, maintaining the Parks, providing power
and water to The People, and providing unrestricted
communications (such as ending the telephonic assault by
scammers on the populace, which has been a nightmare for The
People, unassisted, to resolve). This means identifying the
purpose of chemtrails to the Public and from there deriving a
consensus for their continuance or turning them off. It means
releasing the Truth about numerous Events such as 9-11, the JFK
assassination, the Apollo program, and many instances of
weather warfare. This also means destroying Socialism at its root.
Any impetus for Socialism must be denied the Public Bullhorn and
denied a place at the table of government and the advocates of
Socialism must find on social media that their entreaties are
unviewable. Those who espoused Socialism must be denied any
further career in government or in any form of communications
or education. Remember, Socialism is not “politics”, it is crime.
We are witness to where this crime leads because we are there.
Socialism cannot be permitted to return.

To affect the demise of socialism, the Constitution will have to be
amended. This should be less difficult than one might imagine
since the states in rebellion must revert to the status of
territories until they are “reconstructed”. The remaining States
will be happy to embrace a means by which bad government is
now treated as criminal. The US will have to guarantee a

republican form of government in every State, and that does not
mean permitting tribalistic, divisive, anti-American, financially
unstable, and (by natural law) criminal government in States or
even in counties or cities or towns. Liberty must be a product of
every level of Government for it to prevail. The federal
government must be a guarantor of Liberty.
Once passing through the White Door, there can be no more
doubles, clones, or masquerades. It is obvious that legislators
must be who they say they are. There can be no more
replacement of persons by means of masks or any other devices,
to continue their careers despite being ill or sequestered or dead.
If there is a problem maintaining security of the President, then
perhaps there should be two presidents, one designated for the
ceremonial and public appearances, with the authority to deliver
the words of the other President in speeches.

Also, once passing through the White Door, there can be No
Socialism. White is White because it isn’t pink or some shade of
another color. Ludwig von Mises wrote about this in two essays
you need to read that weren’t assigned to you in high school or
college or War College. In “Liberty and Property” Mises discusses
the difficulty of balancing the rights of those with property, those
without, and the government, and how socialism insinuates itself.
If government is not reformed before you relinquish power to
civilian control, it will still have a tincture of Socialism in it that
will fester to a taint and then morph to the evil we have clearly
observed. To pass through the White Door, you must first preside
over Reform. You cannot rely on the perpetuation of the lessons
of “The Movie” (manipulated Events designed to teach) in the
public consciousness, there must be incorporated into the system
of government a means of defense against socialism and its
inherent corruption and social warfare. That reform must remove
the false notion the public has been laid that rightful government
is a “middle of the road” between socialism and capitalism. In the
second essay Mises even states in his title “The Middle of the
Road Leads to Socialism”, but in fact once Socialism is a
reasonable component of government, government is
criminalized and the society progressively rots (and this process
accurately defines “Progressivism”). You must understand, the
White Door is White and not a shade of white.

The White Door also requires the removal of an astounding
portion of government regulation, in
which government was used as a tool to change the rules, to
provide an uneven playing field, to favor the economic interests
of some over others without any basis of achieving public good.
This Must Cease. White Is White.

Once you take control based upon the premise of Bad
Government, you must return control to Good Government. To do
this, you must preside over Reform. 

Do you hesitate to open and pass through the White Door? Well,
then, what is behind the Gray Door?

The Gray Door leads inevitably to the demise of all the military
who took control for the sake of the Constitution and their sworn
Oath. Socialism must either be treated as a reasonable basis for
government or destroyed. If the Military decline to destroy
Socialism, it will return. Some of the first moneys that it acquires
will likely be dedicated to dealing with a list of military leaders
they see as traitors. Whether the means is lawfare or some form
of murder or mayhem, visited upon either these leaders or
anyone they hold dear, the Socialists understand now that
military leaders never really retire, they are never released from
their Oath, and are their sworn enemies.
By embarking upon a rescue of America from foreign and
domestic enemies, you have now emulated the signers of the
Declaration of Independence. You have signed your death
warrant should this rescue fail. The Signers closed their
Declaration with:

“And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance

on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge

to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred


You must realize, Socialism cares little about the rights of
individuals. It divides people into classes. As a class the Military
have been required to think for themselves, as they are
instructed not to follow an unlawful order, upon pain of
prosecution. Socialism thinks nothing of doing away with entire
classes of citizens. It is too large a problem for them to wait until
some of these act and only then to prosecute the actors. This is
the Second American Revolution, and without signing anything
you are in the same status as the original Patriots. Your lives,
your fortunes, and your sacred honor are all at stake if you do not
prevail in establishing good government that will endure for the
balance of your lives. To do this, Benjamin Franklin would tell
you, “We must hang together or surely we shall hang separately.”

Opting for the Gray Door would mean most probably that you,
individually, though a member of the military, have qualms about
using force against domestic enemies. Being a defender at the
Gates of the nation or for international commerce or against
kinetic warfare may seem much more reasonable and justifiable.
The justification for War may seem to you to boil down to being
placed in “it is him or me” circumstances. The notion of a war of
ideas, and that America itself is an idea, and that it is this Idea
that men die for and not a fruited plain or mountain majesties,
may seem far afield. After all, there are other nations, and those
nations have patriots, and their nations are not ideas. What you
are confronted with now, though, is that the entire world was
captured by Tyranny, save for Americans who treasured Liberty
in their hearts, and these devised a Plan for its return, and now
that Plan is on the Brink of success. America was the last respite
of Liberty, based on a simple Oath to support and defend the
Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That Oath
is the basis of your sacred honor. You must fulfill that Oath.

The Gray Door may also be thought of as a path of least
resistance, which it is, for a time. Rather than use force to require
compliance, why not simply write everyone a check and then tell
them to sign off on something? One check then becomes two and
then the Dole, with strings attached, and while the nation is
trying to stop the manipulation of its economy so that price
discovery works, and so that efficiency means The People are
adding value and creating wealth, instead, there is manipulation
of The People, which is an overhead cost, who then must keep re-
electing those who support their dole, and there is the taxation of
anyone working to pay people not to work and to be political
supporters for perpetuating this. Mailing out checks is a simplistic
solution that is only thought of when a nation is not serious about
solving problems.

The purveyors of Socialism are domestic enemies. They want to
use the Treasury as a means of political control. Once they can
write checks, they solidify their power, and from there we have
The Present. If Socialism is not condemned, abolished, and
suppressed, this Present will remain. You do not have much of a
future in this Present.

If the US Military were now to pass through the Gray Door, and if
Socialists return to power, it should not be surprising, it should
even be expected, that there would be a purge of the military, as
this is the only place from which a well-organized counter-
revolution could emerge. Perhaps a purge would be to the degree
to which Stalin purged the military in 1937-8 . By report an
intercepted list was released of US commanders the CCP planned
to purge (execute), once chaos was brought about and “UN
(actually CCP) soldiers” were invited in to restore order, that
convinced a number of “fence-sitters” to join the White Hats. This
falls into line with reports of lists (coded by color) of citizens from
over a decade before that identified citizens who also were
designated to suffer from a purge. While reports of this type
seem fantastic, discernment requires “following down the rabbit
hole” to a conclusion before discounting reports that don’t
revolve around former norms. In fact, a reader of science fiction
would, in these times, feel that if many of the reports one reads
are untrue and made up, that the creativity of science fiction
writers must somehow have increased over the last decade by
several orders of magnitude.

It is safe to conclude that any person retiring from military
service at this point cannot retire even to an isolated life of
fishing and hunting, and feel secure, when receiving a retirement
account that identifies a clear path to one’s bank account and
home, and that one cannot be certain that should Socialism ever
re-emerge, there will not be severe consequences to pay. It is a
matter of survival, or at least one of peace of mind for military
members, that every effort be made to stamp out Socialism and
to educate the citizenry on why this must be done. If not, the 
Gray Door will be stained with the blood of patriots and become
the Black Door of a sarcophagus.

But, finally, beyond the incentive for action mentioned, there is
also authority for action. In the National Continuity Policy
Implementation Plan (Homeland security Council, August 2007)
is a list of eight national essential functions of government.
Let us examine these carefully.

1. Ensuring the continued functioning of our form of
government under the Constitution, including the
functioning of the three separate branches of

a. The bond of The People authorizing Government,
free elections, is corrupted.

b. In the face of evidence of electoral corruption,
the blatant certification of a corrupted election is

2. Providing leadership visible to the Nation and the
world and maintaining the trust and confidence of the
American people.

a. The apparent government to any critical eye is
largely government by persona (6) rather than by
representatives of The People due to the use of
doubles and masks.

b. The coercion of the government by bribery and
blackmail and threats is presenting America with
a largely puppeted government.

3. Defending the Constitution of the United States
against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and
preventing or interdicting attacks against the United
States or its people, property, or interests.

a. Government has failed to defend property
against rioting, private business against collusive
mandates, and public health from deliberate
holocaustic homicide.

4. Maintaining and fostering effective relationships with
foreign nations.

a. The debasement of the US currency and the end
of an enforced linkage to energy has effectively
destroyed the primary influence of the United
States, with the only thing left being military

b. The influx of illegal immigrants removes any
benefit of foreign policy by dissolving the nation
itself in a flood of imported indigents.

5. Protecting against threats to the homeland and
bringing to justice perpetrators of crimes or attacks
against the United States or its people, property, or

a. The justice system has largely been used as a
profit vehicle by employing prisoners at slave

b. The agents of the Department of Justice have
largely been used to coerce and inflect legal
mayhem on the citizenry.

6. Providing rapid and effective response to and recovery
from the domestic consequences of an attack or other

a. The attack by the CCP using non-kinetic warfare
has not been resisted in a timely fashion and the
use of secrecy regarding the response has
divided citizens in the face of a severe threat.

7. Protecting and stabilizing the Nation’s economy and
ensuring public confidence in its financial systems.

a. The manipulation of money as defined by the
Constitution (gold and silver) has made the
recovery from a debt-based to an asset-based
system into a mountainous enterprise that will
be a continuing source of national pain and

b. Secret spending has criminalized government
because it never receives any public mandate
and with printed funds gains its value by
devaluing private assets.

8. Providing for critical Federal Government services that
address the national health, safety, and welfare needs
of the United States.

a. The health and safety of the nation have been
used as an excuse for Tyranny.

b. The welfare needs of US citizens has been used
as an excuse for implementing Socialism which
largely replaces Good government with an elite
parasite that uses welfare payments to coerce
political support.

Clearly, with the eight essential functions of government being
thoroughly corrupted, the solution is NOT to simply make arrests
and believe that with new faces the problems are solved. The US
Military must preside over a thorough reform of government
designed to achieve the intent of the Constitution.



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