(Reader: Linda Lazarides) How we Said No to the Cabal


Reader Post | By Linda Lazarides

I have, without knowing, been fighting the cabal for the whole of my naturopathic career. With the ink of my diploma still wet in my hands, I discovered in 1991 that the European Union was planning a new “Dietary Supplements Directive”. At the time, here in the UK, we had similar laws to the United States: the right to buy any supplements that were not proven to be unsafe. The rest of the European Union was not so lucky. Due to their legal system, the Napoleonic Code, the only supplements on the market were those with very small doses, similar to the RDA (Recommended Daily Amount). The European Commission decided that the law across the EU needed to be “harmonized” – ie. that the higher-range doses available in the UK needed to be made illegal. Unless of course the manufacturer cared to sell them as a medicine and not a food product.

That was cunning, since the propaganda was “We’re not banning them, we’re just going to call them medicinal products instead of dietary supplements”. That would fool the public and the media, but it wouldn’t fool the manufacturers, who knew that compliance with medicines law was prohibitively expensive for a natural product that could not be patented. Rather than waste their money, they would simply stop selling any doses higher than the RDA. Cabal mission accomplished.

This directive was all set to be published and rubber-stamped by the European Parliament and the UK parliament, for introduction into UK law. Very likely without most members of the UK parliament even knowing it had happened. This was the norm at the time, due to the huge numbers of directives. They could just sneak this one in and products would start disappearing from the shelves.

I spoke on the phone to the UK officials who were working on this with the European Commission (the bureaucratic arm of the EU). “How can we stop this?” I asked. As a newly-qualified naturopathic nutritionist, I could see my new career going down the pan due to trying to work without gram doses of vitamin C, high-dose B complex, and so on. The answer was “We are in Europe now. You will have to get all the member countries to agree to do things the British way if you want to stop this.”

Apparently the UK Health Food Manufacturers’ Association, representing all the companies whose products would be affected, was ready and prepared to accept the directive as “inevitable”. Their director listened to me with a sympathetic ear but said there was nothing he could do. They certainly had no intention of campaigning to get other European countries to accept the British way.

To say I was angry was an understatement. I spoke to a friend who was a very good professional intuitive. She said “I know you’re only one person, but so am I. You can make a difference like I did. I got a large group of people to write to every Member of Parliament about the Kuwait oil well fires (fires that the Iraqi retreating army had lit, and which were spreading their smoke and toxins throughout the world). When the MPs got the letters and understood the damage from these fires, they did something about it, and measures were taken to get the fires put out.”

Using my meagre personal resources, I got an organization together and started publishing a newsletter. From 100 people in the natural medicine professions, we grew to about 1,000. Their membership fees helped to support me while I worked full-time on the campaign to stop the EU directive.

I produced documents, press releases and articles. I spent hours researching and on the phone with journalists, answering their questions and gathering the information they requested. I had the British Dietetic Association and the Consumers Association snapping at my heels, negating everything we were trying to do. But letters by the thousand got written by the public to Members of Parliament, demanding that the directive should be abandoned. When a letter came back from each MP, explaining that we were bound by law to abide by EU directives, people wrote back again, explaining why this was unacceptable. They got their friends to write too. MPs got long family histories of how supplements had helped them recover from devastating illnesses.

In the early 1990s, most people were still writing letters by hand. A few had word processors, but this was long before most people had email. MPs had to answer every piece of paper they received, and their staff were working overtime thanks to us. Only two newspapers ever gave us sympathetic coverage; they were clearly not yet completely under the cabal’s control. Not a single TV channel ever agreed to cover the issue. Documentary-makers tried, and were strung along for months only to be refused air time at the last minute. Meanwhile I had to waste my time producing literally thousands of pieces of information on each occasion.

Years went by. Thanks to our campaign, and the dedication and persistence of our supporters, the directive was postponed again and again and again. They just could not make us go away.

After nine years I got the welcome news from a British member of the European Parliament that he had seen a small paragraph in a bulletin. “The Dietary Supplements Directive has been indefinitely postponed.”

We never heard anything about it again.

Now I hear that the US company Solgar is selling its products in Spain, and the Life Extension company has a hub in the Netherlands, where it distributes throughout the EU. No doubt the cabal decided that maybe it didn’t need to ban supplements in order to keep making lots of money. After all, it owns Roche, the company that produces and distributes most of the raw materials that are used to make supplements. 

Every day I ask myself, why have the leaders of the Covid antivax groups never instigated campaigns of mass letter-writing to law-makers? 

It’s very admirable to publicize the dangers of the C19 jab, to warn people  against it, try to get police involved, parade outside vaccine centres, and create websites. But the awakened are largely talking to each other. So many people – even those personally damaged or bereaved by the jabs – are still under the thrall of the government, the media and the corrupt medical personnel who tell them the jabs are harmless.

Other products and drugs have been withdrawn at the slightest suspicion of harm. But someone has to demand their withdrawal. If no-one demands the withdrawal of a product, it will continue to be sold.

Clearly the public need leadership. They need the mass production of flyers with facts and figures, telling people how to write to their parliamentary representative (paper letters only! Makes more work for them!). The letters must demand the withdrawal of the products on the precautionary principle.

Official figures are easily dismissed when shared on social media or by email. But on a paper flyer put through your door, would you find them so easy to ignore if your child had suddenly developed a mysterious heart condition.

Surely someone can organize this? It’s not so hard. There will be many, many thousands of enthusiastic helpers.

Blessings to all



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