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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

What times we are living in, aren’t they? I observe that they become more and more chaotic and only a few manage to stay calm and serene. And it is not easy, I can tell you. In Germany, politicians and MSM are just taking it to the extreme, regardless of most citizens who prefer to be afraid of not being able to pay their electricity bill or their heating means for the winter. Or they are thinking how to protect themselves against monkey pox or once again the old chestnut “C”. Because the vaccinations do not work, as has now been proven by the C-infection of the four times vaccinated health minister Lauterbach. Fewer and fewer also believe the “mild course” due to the vaccination, because he has publicly admitted that he still has to take paxlovide. So the fear of “C” is fading and is turning into fear of the vaccination, at least among a part of the silent masses. This part is getting louder, raising its voice, which was actually clear to me. I just expected it to happen much sooner.

And again, the last weeks prove that everything happens only in the media. No matter if it is military conflicts, or infection figures, “dangers”, shortages of gas supplies or the competence of politicians. We know this because we have been confronted with it for years. At least those who have started their awakening process. Now Germany’s gas supply is supposed to fail because of a pump? A pump is indeed there, but was probably not sent for the most abstruse reasons. The main thing was that our “chancellor-actor” could pose in front of it in a media-effective way. Our “Minister of Economics” fails with negotiations in Qatar, but the main thing is that everyone is messing with Russia and China. And bite the hands that feed them. This simply cannot go well. And the joke is, where the pump is supposedly needed, there are six pumps. And only five pumps are needed.

The show is really brilliantly staged, but very few people understand and grasp it. I wrote it already, we Germans are deeply divided. Full success of the cabal in the last decades. And they had to have it, because if I imagine that we would be as united as the French, Dutch or Italians, the alliance would have an easy game in Germany and would not need a military here. That’s just the way it’s needed, because we don’t have any weapons, slowly and insidiously we’ve allowed ourselves to lose our teeth. I have said it many times, and I still stand by it: WITHOUT HELP FROM OUTSIDE WE GERMANS WILL NOT GET FREE! Period!

I actually wanted to call this report a “chill pill”, but I doubt that those I actually want to address will read it. Well, maybe it will be distributed or forwarded, even if I step on some people’s toes (I just can’t dance very well :-)). And I would like to remain true to my line, to contribute with my letters to the fact that peace returns, that confidence is strengthened and that your faith strengthens. Because now we have reached a point where it is no longer about others, that is, about those who provide us with “news” every day, but it is about all of us who own currencies. About each and every one of us. Most have latched on to one of the many “truther”, have put on blinders, ignored all other news and have again shirked their personal responsibility. They have again fixated on statements from one channel or person, flying close to the ground instead of continuing to look at the big picture with sufficient distance. I was like that too, but, and this is the good thing about the long wait, I have become more critical. Asking questions is not a bad thing, but questioning something is just part of it for me today. Times are chaotic and actually I should trust my intuition more and more often. How we can train this intuition, we should know slowly.

Folks, I feel like I’m in the audience of a hat player or a magician. Distractions, distractions, distractions from what is really being played. One claims Charlie Ward is dead, Simon Parkes in Gitmo, on the other hand Charlie is appearing as chirpy as a button together with General Flynn and Eric Trump in public and also with Simon Parkes in a joint video. Those who believe one thing are now arguing with those who believe the other and don’t even notice that the pea under the hat is no longer there or that the magician’s playing cards are rigged. And so it goes on and on, seemingly endlessly, so that no one gets the idea to lift all three hats or to lift the magician’s bag of tricks. Or to simply sit back and watch. Whether the media continues to lie or leak the truth, whether truther are really truther or gatekeepers, are all distractions from what is really happening. And there seems to be a lot of that going on at the moment, because the distractions are not only becoming more grotesque, they are also increasing significantly. What is really happening no one can really see or prove now. And many awakening people suddenly forget again that there is CGI, that there are clones, lifelike masks and also perfect doubles. The main thing remains for them to never let themselves be dissuaded from an opinion once formed.

I can notice again and again in some German channels, be they by name or by members still so light and affectionate, that at the smallest trifle is argued. Everyone has a hair-splitter that they pull out when something is written and, of course, a gold scale on which every word that is written is placed. Even the smallest negative criticism, which was perhaps not meant in such a way, leads to endless disputes. And so does one’s own opinion that differs from the majority. It is sometimes head-shaking, especially because these groups almost always want to build new communities. Are all those who have other opinions then also excluded? And who determines that then? Does someone stand there again over the others? Such questions have to be asked, because love, tolerance and togetherness is something else, in my opinion. But that’s just the way it is in chaotic times, and I think this is also necessary. There are lessons for all of us. Quite different in American channels, here I have experienced something like this really quite rarely. Even in other foreign channels that I look into from time to time, I have never encountered anything like this. It may be due to indoctrination, I suspect quite strongly that our EGO was massively promoted with it. My whole life I was confronted with elbow thinking, with competition, with having to be better at all costs. That imprints itself, that sits very, very deeply and can be undone only with difficulty.

In my eyes, all the gurus today are also shell players, because they have been distracting all readers with their daily “news” for decades. No matter what they spread every day, it’s all distractions from what’s really going on in the financial sector or in terms of revaluation. The ruble has been officially gold-backed for weeks, but in my opinion, so have all the currencies of the BRICS countries, as well as the currencies of the nations that want to join the BRICS. Are already some important countries, such as Australia, Argentina, Turkey and many more. Gold and silver are completely out of focus, as far as I can tell. And also with the ABDC (asset backed digital currencies) the interest is relatively low. It is currently the case here that attention rests with the right hand of the magician holding a ZIM, in the meantime important changes in terms of revaluation are taking place in the left hand.

According to my findings, many things will revaluate at once, not only the ZIM and the currencies of the first currency basket. You must think about how much the one percent (cabal, Khazarian mafia) has taken away from us, namely 99%. And we, the 99%, fought over 1% remainder. All of that has been seized and will be seized, and it will go into all of our new and really important assets. Not only have Executive Orders been written and signed for this, no, there are regulations in place. Think ISO20022 or Comex Rule 589, so I’m connecting a lot of dots that I’m finding and being shown and thinking that both gold and silver are going to be revalued, as well as the ZIM and all the historical currencies. And at prices that NOBODY can know yet. Because nobody knows the amount of values that are needed and used to cover values. This quantity of values determines the rates. And liquidity will flow into the ABDC as well, all of them regulated by ISO20022. There is really no need for anyone to worry and just stand on one leg, the three legs currencies, precious metals and digital coins are a secure foundation. And there are NO restrictions or limitations on the part of Allianz. Neither on the RV, nor on anything else that liquidity will soon flow into. And there will be plenty of time to exchange or redeem everything. Dozens of websites, dozens of channels are just waiting to announce the launch. Nobody will be forgotten! Trust in it and don’t worry if and how you will be informed. It is also part of the plan that ALL will be informed.

So, shouldn’t we just calmly wait and see how it all plays out, after the show is over? Shouldn’t we just stay calm and trust our intuition that led us all to buy VND, IQD, ZIM, Gold, Silver or ABDC. It will all be worth more than we invested for it. We can count on that and that is the only thing that matters now. Many people are already waiting in the wings to distribute this massive windfall to everyone. No matter which organizations (that’s what I’m calling them now) already exist, there will be more. People will get together and find ways to distribute the money with the help of the quantum computer. This is not witchcraft, what a quantum computer will be able to do, we have seen so far only in science fiction movies, but we will be surprised. Through all these ideas and also through private projects, all people will get so much money that it will be enough for several lives. And ALL WILL BE EQUAL, no one will be able to put himself above another person because of money. Also, it will no longer be mandatory to join the many organizations and adopt their ideas or programs. We will all do that on our own, because the new computers will support us all where we need help. That is what they are given to us for. With the QFS (quantum financial system) because of security, with the QVS (quantum voting system) because of fair elections without the possibility of fraud, with the QI (quantum internet) because of safe surfing. So why not with me for a secure distribution of my exchanged funds? And I can still join forces with like-minded people to be able to distribute even more funds.

For me, this is a matter of personal responsibility, only in this way can I act as a sovereign person in the new era. My own attitude is that, grown in the last weeks. Everyone is free to join groups or organizations, to participate there and to use ready-made solutions or possibilities. Personally, I have noticed that I can then only partially contribute, because there are rules, regulations and rules of other people. So currently I’ve gone into an observer position here as well, I just feel better and freer there, just more comfortable. Connecting the dots is hard enough, NOT getting distracted is hard enough. My project is slimmed down because of this, so I don’t have to invest time for this that might be wasted. From my perspective, there’s just not much that can be planned because our future is uncertain in so many ways.

The final countdown has started, it might get a little tight again or there will be a worldwide diversion, which will also affect us again. But we will, if we should fall, get up again, knock the dust off our feet and continue to cross the finish line. To where we belong, in a new and beautiful world without want.

Enjoy the show (I have only now really realized this) of the shell players and the magicians, remain calm and level-headed, observe and absorb nothing of the show.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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