(Reader: Patriot 17) The Coming of the End


Reader Post | By (PATRIOT 17) 

Hello to all Patriots all over the world who are in it to win it. To all who are hungry for the truth. To all who don’t want to continue believing the lies that have been dished out to humanity for centuries.

To all who want evil exposed and the guilty charged .To all who want the truth of the 2020 Election revealed. To all who walk in the light who’s eyes are opened to the reality of what’s happening in the world we live. It’s coming ……. The END …. The END is near . I’m not talking about the End of the world . I am talking about the coming of the END .. the End of all this craziness . Every lie revealed . Every deception and evil exposed for who and what they are. Every corrupt politician and person who held a position of power be exposed for the crimes they have committed against the citizens of this world.

The crimes against the children ,the crimes against all humanity. Every company that lied to us . the entertainment industry , the pharmaceutical, the government , the Central bank . And the list continues . You know who you are and what you have done and I’m here to say that its ALL coming to a END. We are closer than we have ever been to all this coming to a complete END . 

The Meaning of that word END = close, conclude, finish, complete, terminate, bring to a stopping point or limit . 

Patriots The road has been long, dreary, tiring, aggravating, sometimes felt hopeless and dark, but I’m here to remind all of you that the end is HERE .. All things we have believed and knew to be true within our very soul about the world today and this movement that we stand for is about to Be made known to every soul as these things unfold more and more to those who are drowning in the web of deception. Who are they deceived by the? THE media, the government, even our families have been fooled by all the garbage of the false reality of the world . There is more happening than meets the eye and we Patriots know it . We are about to see the manifestation of the things we have been waiting for . I know It has been one hell of a ride but the end is so close . We know this world cant go on like this another year . We have faith in the Almighty God we serve that HE is more powerful than all the evil that is rearing its head in the world today . Remember God wins. He has his people in position . Trust me, He has got the whole world in His hands . He’s got the whole wide world in His hands . HE sees that the day of the wicked are at hand and He laughs at the Wicked … Psalm 37.12-13 The wicked plots against the just, and gnashes at him with his teeth . The Lord laughs at him ,for He sees his day is coming.  I’m here to reassure every soul that the good part is getting ready to happen. Do not let fear cause you to let go . We fight to the end , and we are not in this alone . Things are getting ready to turn around . I’m hopeful that the good guys who are working behind the scenes are winning and things are lining up as they should . Every day is one day closer to the End .  We will see this thing totally come to an end . Everything will change in a moment , just that fast and everything will be better . The world is rising into a new realm of awakening . Truth is echoing louder and louder . BE encouraged Patriots . We win in the End . and the END is NEAR .BOOM


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