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Operation Disclosure | By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 7, 2022

News Flash

Dear Readers

here a summary of some headlines in the news from the last days…


I posted a survey on my channel

asking the following questions:

[Do you think a world war will start? ] month  before           2nd month ago   before last month        last month now

– yes                                                                      15%                               17%                   15%                                     14%                   15%

– no                                                                       77%                               76%                    75%                                    76%                   77%

– not know                                                            8%                                 7%                    10%                                     10%                    8%

[ if a worldwar starts, when will it start? ]

– june / july 2022                                             22%                                 22%                   20%                                     19%                   15%

– august / september 2022                           28%                                  26%                   32%                                     31%                   37%

– october / november 2022                          28%                                  26%                   24%                                     27%                   27%

– december 2022 / january 2023                   0%                                    4%                     4%                                       4%                     6%

– later 2023                                                      22%                                  22%                    20%                                    19%                   15%

[do you think a famine will start 2022 and will people be hungry for several months or even longer? ]

– yes                                                                     39%                               36%                    38%                                     37%                   34%

– no                                                                       49%                               50%                   47%                                     48%                   50%

– dont know                                                        12%                               14%                   15%                                     19%                   16%

[what did you do for preperation on one of the above? ]

– food storage                                                              90%                    88%                     88%                                    88%                    88%

– deepfreezer                                                               55%                    56%                     53%                                     55%                   52%

– gardening / farming                                                 55%                    52%                     53%                                    51%                   50%

– weapons                                                                     35%                    32%                     34%                                    37%                   38%

– change country of living                                          10%                    12%                    11%                                     11%                   11%

– daily products storage / non food storage          40%                    40%                    42%                                     44%                   47%

– emptied bank account                                             15%                    16%                    15%                                     14%                   14%

– bought precious metals                                           45%                    40%                    42%                                     40%                   38%

– sold shares                                                                    5%                     4%                       3%                                       3%                     2%

it seems the two fraction “a war will start / will not start” now slowly part from each other. those without opinion formed partly an opinion.

and IF a war would start, the actions of Pelosi and CCP seem to get them thinking it will start this autumn. all others thinking it would come later seem to think it would come earlier than before.

a famine seems to has less “fans” than before.

there is a channel about adrenochrome and other forms of disgusting activities of the evil side.

“If (IF) you want to know more about Adrenochrome and how disgustingly sick some “people” are and about their crimes, then you can visit or even join this channel:

but: BEWARE:

this is going to be a hard challenge for your soul, the picture you will see are not easy to take and to forget. they are not meant to forget. they show the unthinkable brutality  of psychopaths doing whatever they want and not care about what the other soul is having to take for it.

I show you this link, because we have to stop them.

i show you this link, because in order to stop them we have to know that this is happening.

i show you this link because in order to know what is happening we have to look at it. an STOP IT”

I put some ebooks/ pdfs online in English language

beginning here

Germanys Antarctic expedition

NATOs secret armies

Dark Fleet

any many more

and I am working on re-organizing the English archive, because books have doubled in the meantime….

the situation around Taiwan is developing day by day.

Pelosi seems to have wanted to ignite World War I,

which seem to not have happened because of Trump calling President of China MINUTES before planes were ready to shoot her down

Hoover dam : EMPTY!

there finally seems to be “scientific” proof that vaccinated give their vaccine-nano-particles over to unvaccinated

with the result that also some unvaccinated now seem to have Bluetooth MAC addresses…

scientific proof that CO2 never changed since 1888

as I already wrote in my first book:
Earth wants to go “back to Mama” and adjusts its rotation speed every year in an increasing manor.

The Earth recently spun faster than ever before at 1.59 milliseconds under 24 hours, and the implications for our timekeeping have experts around the world alarmed. For the first time in history, clocks may have to be adjusted.

the bribery to start a famine worldwide had been started by the EU and US offering money for formers who don’t plant anything on their fields but let those be “re-natured” and occupied by bees only.

now the next step is offered.

5000 euros for every cow killed.

be careful about what you do to yourself when swallowing any kind of pills with vitamins etc.

that’s all for the moment.

I´ll keep you posted.



And for all who want to know more about the history of this Planet, the Secret Space programs and more…

My Channel on Telegram:

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