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Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

Here are plenty of insane crap going on this week. If you chose to review any of the information and/or pass this along is entirely up to you. If you think this is easy, think again, because we all have to work on ourselves. Yet, the White Hats claim they are in control, when they allow this insanity and evil to flourish, and/or are playing their part in establishing the antichrist system? Totally agree with what Frustrated Patriot wrote and among others asking the right questions, strive for truth, and belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Ignorance is beyond no defense. Question everything and really come to your own conclusions.


TRANSHUMANISM is Coming FASTER than You Think
Dr. Evil Schwab deserves to be given his own poisons and launched into the Sun.
Resist Transhumanism and the beast kingdom. Stay in the image of God, Praise Jesus Christ, Armor up!

Military Creates Its Own Metaverse, Seeks Digital Twin Of Earth

The Blockchained Society: Web 3.0, Virtual Reality and the Network State

Mark of the WHAT!? NEW “Palm Reading” Technology “Allows You to Buy and FLY”
Mark of the beast system….as when they promote this crap with a big smile on their faces too. As they love their overlords.
No thanks….Jesus Christ is Lord



Could Things Get More Strange?

“Is Mr. Magoo addicted to pills now?”  Great Questions though. Sort of agree with Eduarda scissor-hands; I have the same wish for her at times.  Laughed out loud when dude said CEO’s were the heroes.

How Have Things Gotten THIS Far Out of Hand?
Politicians will always be two faced. After 3 min. mark of years ago Trump telling Schwab that he is doing an excellent job and more.

That guy trolling Beto in the beginning catches child predators for a living.  Absolute respect!
God Bless the farmers, truckers, veterans, and Patriots worldwide!


Zawahiri Receives his Retirement Party — “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato


Just Talking: News You Should Hear, & News You’ll Want To Hear; Individual Experience = Collective?

This Is What Will Happen To The U.S. Economy When We Go To War With China

It’s Happening: Here Is A List Of 11 Big Companies That Have Announced Layoffs Within The Last 2 Weeks

US Gov’t Started a Massive Wildfire, Burning 432 Homes, and Is Now Forcing Victims to Pay for It

Amazon Cuts 100,000 Employees From Workforce In Single Quarter

Why Is Walmart Laying Off So Many Workers?

Spain Bans Setting AC Below 27°C (81°F)

Senate Democrats Adopt ‘Don’t Test, Don’t Tell’ Covid Protocol in Order to Ram Through $740 Billion ‘Inflation Reduction Act’

Life insurance claims skyrocket after COVID jab rollout, prompting insurers to take legal action against vaccine manufacturers   Will life insurance companies get a settlement from the vaccine makers, as the cycle of depopulation is swept under the rug?

Why Are No Conservatives Talking About This?!
“Brand name conservatives” is a perfect label for those clowns. Under the guise of supposed truth tellers who mix lies with truth, they sell out for fame and fortune $$ as their gods. Plenty of cowardly conservatives, fakes, RINO’s, & Liars, Deceivers, & SOB’s ready to screw you! Follow the $$ and associations thereof. Question everything.


Just Talking: OMG, Are We Ever Fooked! The ‘News’ Makes OBVIOUS DC Criminals Don’t Care For Us

Europe’s Rhine River At Dangerously Low Levels, Centimeters From Shipping Disruption

JPMorgan’s “Manipulative” Metals Desk Consistently Made Hundreds Of Millions In Profits Every Year From 2008 To 2018

Greece Rolls Out Digital ID Wallet

US Prepares To Send $1 Billion In Latest Ukraine Weapons Package

Beto O’Rourke suggests parents shouldn’t worry about critical race theory in the classroom
‘We don’t need to tell [a teacher] what version of history she is allowed to teach in a classroom,’ the Democratic candidate said.
Don’t listen nor vote for Beto, he’s a power hungry tyrant parasite who wants to take away our guns, to promote agendas and the public indoctrination centers such as CRT.

Why Aren’t They Making a HUGE Issue Out of THIS
Those such as psychopath Nanshee Pelosi promote gun/people control, while she is protected by armed security. While they claim it’s for the children. As children are sacrificed under these agendas for control purposes. What gun confiscation leads to further enslavement and genocide.
Tate guy is correct. We’re in an era where we can lose everything over an opinion that didn’t fall in line with the narrative. While these clown psychopaths dance with 5 year olds, normalize evil into good, promote more control, depopulation, and separation from God.
Resist at all costs. Liberty or death.
God Bless the Patriots, Veterans, Farmers, and Truckers worldwide!  

Good Samaritans Fined, Threatened with Arrest for Pulling Government Litter Out of a River
That game warden is a POS extortionist. #protectingandservingthecrapoutofyou
Land of the Fee and the home of the slave!

Supply Chain Problems Will Persist Because The System Is Being Sabotaged   “This is something that I and many other alternative economists have been talking about for a decade or more. The globalist dynamic of interdependency is a disaster waiting to happen, and now it’s happening. Without decentralized mining of raw materials, local manufacturing, locally sourced goods, local food production and locally integrated trade networks there can be no true stability. All it takes for the system to implode is one or two crisis events and the economy’s ability to meet public demand stagnates. The system doesn’t completely stop, but it does slowly shrivel and degrade.”

US/China Conflict Update, Biden Admin Declares Monkeypox Public Health Emergency, & The Economy
“So Much Going On, So Little Time! Looks like their right on schedule for a unprecedented Fall season. I forgot to include ‘friendshoring’ – corporations moving their manufacturing out of China to safer countries, but not the US.”


Something People Need to Understand About America’s Slide off the Cliff
Everything is done by design and we haven’t seen anything yet.

Imagine: Russia & China Attack The US On US Soil. – ‘What If” The US Loves Killing?

Presidents Kill Because They Can

THE SUMMONING: 72 nations PUBLICLY worship satanic idols in televised luciferian ritual while celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay creepily stalks frightened lambs


ANALYSIS: Why China LOSES any escalation involving Taiwan and the United States Navy

China is now threatening JAPAN with missiles, which could mean blowback from the U.S.

China Sanctions Pelosi, Halts US Talks Including Military Ties, As Jets Breach Taiwan Median Line


UPDATE: Alex Jones Defamation – Jury Awards $4.1 MILLION
If AJ can sue for defamation of character by being called a conspiracy theorists, so can the rest of us “conspiracy theorists”.
With all of the resources and personal AJ has, he had every opportunity to request for birth and death records of the supposed dead children….that would have settled it immediately. In each of these events, including Uvalde there are no birth records.
Am not a fan of Alex Jones because I believe he is CIA controlled op but WOW just wow. That judge has my blood boiling.
That nutcase Karen judge who acts as both judge and prosecutor is gonna make it impossible for him to defend himself telling him what he can and can’t say. Investigate that corrupt judge for starters, including the prosecution team.
Again, another show trial, more corruption, staged acting, and selling products. AJ is a total train wreck and a sellout. This whole show trial was over AJ’s first amendment rights. Am not surprised of the latest defamation distraction show trial as telling the truth is expensive. Anyone that questions certain “events” now can be sued, that would end up in settlement.


Your Daily Dose of Crazy | Aug 5, 2022
The beginning of the video of what Alex Jones said of Epstein with the Clintons and the reactions was priceless. Wakanda forever by Kamala Harris, WTF.

InfoWars Clips of “On Fire” “PED-0 Judge” Assertion Played During Trial
The judge is not good at hiding her bias. 

BREAKING: Prosecutor Tells Jury $4.1 Million is Not Nearly Enough to Stop Infowars
He doesn’t care about who he hurts, he’s just about making money”. The lawyer just summed up 99.99% of lawyers.
Since Constitutional free speech can cost you $ Millions of Dollars doesn’t sound free to me, in the land of the fee and home of the slave!

The AJ defamation show trial/kangaroo court is another humiliation ritual. Don’t forget AJ is controlled op. & is a train wreck. Am well aware this was an attack on 1st amendment rights. Look at those doctors, scientists, etc. for speaking the truth about the Convid Scamdemic. If those who take this case and apply this to anyone who speaks freely is a threat to the establishment & the approved narrative. That would lead to fascism & removal of liberties, autonomy, and property. If ever seen the documentary back in 2006 “the last days of Sophie Scholl” is the White Rose movement who exposed corruption and the true evil of the evil regime in the distribution of leaflets & called for peaceful means to end the War on humanity, return to Human Consciousness, and the right to speak freely. The leaders of this short-lived peaceful movement were executed and others served hard labor and gruesome sentences. A few months after the sentences were carried out, their leaflets were smuggled out of Germany & into Britain, & spread elsewhere. Even presently, others took the leaflets and applied information to expose the Convids, even meme’s, and other sites that show and tell the truth. The real great awakening are through the use of feigned words to make merchandise. We must do what we can to oppose tyranny at all costs. Ephesians 5:11 is very clear “Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” Prefer dangerous freedoms over peaceful slavery!


World Health Organization video bizarrely suggests COVID jab may have helped woman conceive child  WHO African Region shared a video not only ignoring the evidence that COVID jabs pose risks to babies in utero, but suggesting that a COVID shot helped a woman conceive after five years of infertility. She didn’t receive the clot shot, very likely saline. She should’ve trusted in God instead of Pharmakeia.

Tedros refuses to answer the question of whether or not he is vaccinated. None of these evil psychopaths ever received the real clot shots.

Biden continues to deal with ‘occasional cough’ during ‘rebound’ case of COVID
Vaccination, boosters, and masking failed to prevent the president from catching the virus.
At least Brandon tested positive for something more than once, with the two Bidens & more….The clot shots don’t protect anyone they cause. Doubt that fake Biden really took the jab…when in reality the dementia was really kicking in and placed in two more actors that are making really stupid mistakes as well. Besides that cough could be Kuru related, just as Killery.

Germany’s Health Minister Tests Positive for COVID + More
The German Kill Shot Minister needs more Clot shots.
The Polio outbreak in New York are due to the other vaccinations and clot shots, since they are testing the waste-water for more authoritarian control. Anything that promotes depopulation, control, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree.

Medical study shows unvaccinated have stronger immunity than vaccinated after eight months


Desperate for help: In stunning reversal, Italy decides to allow “unvaccinated” medical professionals to work
Because they are very low in staff as those who did comply are sick and/or aren’t doing so well with compliance to medical tyranny/murder mills. Due to pandemic of the vaxxed as they won’t admit their depopulation clot shots are the cause and aren’t safe nor effective.  

‘Wow. Just Wow’: Google Censors Basic 2-Question Survey on COVID

Cancer Explosion: Pathologist Reports On Rise Of Aggressive Cancers Since mRNA Shots

Gov’t database reveals 10,000% increase in cancer reports due to COVID vaccines

Gov’t database reveals 10,000% increase in cancer reports due to COVID vaccines

Canadian hospice group pushes to normalize euthanasia of children who are “suffering” – many due to vaccine injuries

LOBOTOMIZING CHILDREN: Another pharma shill paid big bucks to push experimental “anti-psychotics” drugs on children as young as two years old

World Health Organization admits monkeypox spreads almost exclusively via homosexual activity
While at the same time, the World Homicide Organization are censoring the truth. Because they and other overlords benefit $$ from depopulation agenda.

White House Declares Monkeypox A Public Health Emergency
Thanks for the sarcasm Pastor Rhodes! Great messages in the Lord Jesus Christ as always!

U.S. Declares Monkeypox Health Emergency, FDA Offers Vaccine to Some Kids Despite No Clinical Trials
Don’t worry these shots are “safe and effective”, trust us we the overlords want to kill you faster.
Anyone who still allows their kids to be injected with any more poisonous crap because Murder Inc. says so are either ignorant, stupid, or evil.
All part of the plan because the evil psychopaths are following the WEF’s & other evil organizations order to push for depopulation agenda. Monkeypox is a gay disease. But those who aren’t gay nor bisexual, but received the Clot shots are vaxx induced symptoms labeled Monkeypox, followed by more clot shots that suit more control and depopulation agenda. Resist and don’t consent. But at least there is Sheeple Pox, Mediapox, Mailinballot Pox….


With 1 in 5 Kids Now Obese, Pharma Sets Sights on $50B Market for Weight-Loss Drugs  Big profits in the medical industrial complex $$ in selling you more poisons that mask more issues, make you sick, and lead to early death. Those doctors promoting those products are committing malpractice, while they believe those products are good. You can’t trust anything that is being sold to us, including alternative markets just because something is labeled “organic” doesn’t mean anything. It’s the corporations, alphabet agencies, and the satanic bloodlines families that need to go bye bye.

Bill Gates — Monkeying Around In Nigeria Years Ago

The Very Cozy relationship B/W CDC, NIH, WHO, & Google, Twitter, Facebook

Live from Taiwan
House Drinker Pelosi in fake space and the Vodka as the Phallic rocket, LOL!!!  Problems

Nanshee Pelosi as older Wonder Woman, LOL!!

Eyebrow Invasion

Liberal Has An Epiphany!
The fact that this even has to be a discussion is ridiculous and insane!
Kids in class have a better understanding of the absurdity of this whole pronoun nonsense than the teacher.
Agree with this viewers comment: “If a 30 year old woman can change her mind so quickly about her “preferred pronouns”, it’s all the more proof that performing sex change operations on minors should be criminalized worldwide.”
God created two genders only, more than two genders are severe mental disorders that serve Baphomet.

What is a Recession? (WHAT IS A WOMAN PARODY)

Listen to What This AWAKE Couple Says | Man-on-the-Street

Wish more people thought like they do! Wonderful to see people think for themselves critically, rationally, & intellectually in a positive attitude. 


JP Reacts to Dutch Farmer Speaking Out Against Climate Rules

Globalist climate cult pushers express frustration that their efforts to brainwash world are failing

10 Promising Signs That The Insidious Mind Control Matrix The Elite Have Created Is Starting To Crumble

Benjamin Fulford — August 1st 2022: The war for the planet earth will lead to a new Cambrian explosion
Origin story of how Fulford got involved in all of this. Learned of the Overlords depopulation agenda plans and the mass secret societies that wanted him to sign up. Other secret societies listed as the alliance as mentioned in this piece are united against the KM’s depopulation agenda.
“The alliance is fighting back by hunting down KM operatives and staging an international boycott of the United States and other countries still under KM rule.”


Am not the only one who is sick and tired of these psychological operations and playing God always ends badly. Supposedly there will be other scare events in the next few months that lead to Near Death Experience (NDE) worldwide. Fake alien invasion perhaps? Followed by no prominent arrests, cancellation of (s)elections in November due to the continued voter fraud & corruption. If voting really made a difference they wouldn’t really allow us to do it. That’s in addition to the continued agendas, of shortages, famine, medical tyranny, and weather warfare to name a few. Everything that we’ve been told of the supposed time slot is BS. Stop using God’s timing for your own personal gain. If it is true that these evil doers are losing power and control, followed by the arrests, the doubles/avatars, etc. running around continuing the same psychological operations as before as both the evil doers and the false light are pushing for the antichrist system. 

Noticed how the days are flying by faster and the days are getting shorter? There’s no thing as pre-tribulation rapture, that came from Darby & Schofield, freemasons who wrote another version of the Bible misinterpreting scripture that includes the pre-tribulation rapture. Followed by other books, films, and other indoctrination promoting the rapture. If you really look at Matthew 24:29, there is no pre-tribulation rapture as we all have to go through tribulation of both good and bad times. Revelation is what is revealed within ourselves. Question everything and don’t take my word for it. 

Why do a bother keep doing this when so few listen? Am glad to see there are people who are awake and get it. Firmly believe that mass noncompliance is only part one of the answer of how to end all of the insanity out there. The only way to remove these evil doers permanently is through force. With what I put together, there is no way that I can do all of that in one day. Won’t be doing so every week, as there is no point in doing so. We should praise God for the time that we do have. I have no clue what love is as I am stuck and feel like everyday is like the film Groundhog Day. With that being said, there was a strange lightning that happened yesterday outside the White House in the District of Criminals, three people died as they took shelter underneath a tree. Makes you wonder if that lightning was weather manipulated and whether or not the lightning are attracted to those who are metallic. Don’t forget those who took the Convid clot shot that contains Graphene Hydroxide and Graphene Oxide that are nanotech & metallic. God Bless those affected by that tragedy, but also if you don’t know what this or that means, look into it for yourself. What happened to placing faith and trust in God, instead of man?

Those such as myself are not only frustrated and had it with the deceptions and lies, B-rated film on both the supposed good guys and the bad guys. There’s no excuses for that and more. Those who can’t be upfront, truthful, and continue these mind games psychological operations for their own personal gain & cult following don’t deserve anything. Please don’t state this is a white operation or this or that operation, not without real proven facts and evidence, is that hard to ask? No one will spend the time to watch hours of this & that presentation, as their attention spans are like a bird. Keep it simple and to the point. Some on TikTok have done that by sharing truth in short and to the point videos that you can verify for yourself. 

 Are the supposed good guys are going to swoop in and save the day when more of the people are ill from all of the clots given to them and their children, wait until more lose their homes from economic to weather warfare, wait until more are dying from starvation and/or dead from complete collapse of society, wait until we are all in FEMA camps to be killed off, but don’t worry that’s all part of “trust the plan”, really ? Why those such as myself continue to ask tons of questions of your true loyalties and priorities thereof, because one cannot serve both God and Satan? People will not wake up nor change no matter what happens unless they want to. As there will always be those who are awake, asleep, don’t care, stupid, ignorant, insane, zombie, or evil. To the supposed white hats and other good guy groups please think about what I’ve said from the previous posts that I have done, including this one. Yet haven’t heard a peep whatsoever and am not the only one who feels the same way. Am way beyond done playing these mind games that continue to cost the liberties and lives of men, women, and children. As far as the evil doers are concerned, they deserve everything they get both in this life and the next. What happened to the whole truth, including the truth about ourselves? If you good guy groups are for real, get all of what you need to do, get it done, reveal everything, and move on. This battle of good vs evil will continue until Jesus Christ comes back to set everything straight and full armor of God. A return to obeying God is necessary, don’t you agree?


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