(Reader: TruthIsUnbreakable) Agendas Continue, 2 Borg Biden’s, Narratives Falling Apart, Disclosure 4, and Things to Consider


Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

I apologize for my long rant from other posts, but I said what needed to be said, so what if I’m repetitive? Everyone operates differently, so accept please that if you will. 

I heard that the Chinese Elders signed on the GCR on July 22nd at the US treasury. Including the gold standard currency that is supposedly going on worldwide. So what’s next? What’s with the 120 days before the next (s)election when the supposed Nesara/Gesara kicks in? What happened to the supposed 100 years of food stored from the DUMBS? Don’t you believe that people have suffered enough? Am not talking about the evil doers though as they deserve all of the pain and suffering in this life big time and the next leave it up to God’s judgment. Bottom line, people are doing what they can to survive and/or are just barely living at all due to the insanity, the very high cost of living, etc. Lies & deceptions destroy and stress kills. We’re beyond tired of the mass psychological operations and so many more need healing on many levels, and a return to following God is necessary.

Totally agree what is said here.  (Reader: Whiskey Point) Stop the Madness

Makes you wonder why are more allowed to be sacrificed on the altar of Pharmakeia, Moloch, & agendas that suit depopulation agenda? So much for the plan to trust while more are doing what they can to survive? Please tell that to those who are dying or dead from agendas such as famine, weather warfare, industrial complexes, medical tyranny, fascist surveillance state, etc? As I’ve done more than enough searches that can be proven as to what’s really going on. One can’t say this or that is a white hat or whatever good guy/gal operation not without evidence. Otherwise it’s more psychological operations to distract and deceive the masses into accepting chains of further enslavement in the antichrist system.

We Are Going To See Energy Prices Go Absolutely Nuts This Winter Just As We Plunge Into A Horrifying Global Economic Crisis

Oh Goody! Now We Get To Have Rampant Inflation And A Housing Collapse At The Same Time!

Why Does The United States Just Keep Getting Hit By One Historic Nightmare After Another?


Biden’s Outrageous Lies Re: Economy Countered; Truth: You’re Living In A System That’s Collapsing Included – LA reverses mask mandate; FDA’s warning on puberty blockers; DC doesn’t know what to do with illegal aliens arriving from Texas.

FDA Officials Warn Of Brain Swelling, Vision Loss In Minors Using Puberty Blockers

Severe Economic Desperation Rises Rapidly All Over America As Nearly Half The Nation Cuts Back Spending On Food

MONKEYPOX & INSANITYFauci Says Monkeypox Poses ‘Profound Risk’ to Children and Pregnant Women + More
WTF!! Same hysteria as the AIDS epidemic. Monkeypox/Pride Pox is a gay disease between Men. Don’t forget those affected by the adverse effects of the clot shots and the spike protein shedding. Including the Convid nasal spray push as St. Fauci claims it’s the “holy grail” to not protect against disease, but to protect against acquisition. These evil psychopaths and WEF/WHO agents are pushing for total compliance on the altars of Pharmakeia and Moloch. I would be happy to give Fauci the real death shot via the entire vial and the real monkeypox shot as well, add truth serum to the mix, let him spew more crap as he is slowly dying and the general public can sort him out.

Implementing the Great Reset: Why is monkeypox only circulating in countries where Pfizer’s covid injection was distributed?

It’s looking more and more like monkeypox is a cover story for covid vaccine-induced shingles, autoimmune blisters and herpes

9-Year-Old With No Pre-existing Conditions Died 2 Weeks After Pfizer Shot, Latest VAERS Data Show


$10.3 Million Settlement Reached in First COVID Vaccine Mandate Class Action Suit Involving Healthcare Workers
True that the employers violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act as they violated their sincerely religious beliefs of getting the experimental clot shot and refused to accommodate for religious reasons. The only undue hardship came from the employer who pushed for compliance to tyranny.
$25k for being wrongfully fired, and worse, $3k for being forced to get the Convid death jab to save your job against your will, is a TOTAL JOKE. And what does “eligible” for rehire mean? Why go back to work for an evil organization who pushes compliance to tyranny, especially at the murder mills that continue their sacrifices on the altar of Pharmakeia and Moloch.


Vice President Harris boldly declares that she is a woman
Is the Vice President of the United States a biologist?
“I am Kamala Harris, my pronouns are she and her, I am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit.” 

Thanks for clearing that up

Kabbalah Harris using it’s she/her pronouns and had to look at what color suit she/it was wearing at the head of the table…what no cackling nor hysteria?

Very Interesting of how the TWO FAKE BIDENS GIVE TWO SPEECHES the same day that are two different actors complete with CGI, operate as a Borg, and more.

The Blaze TV covered this as well, watch at 8 min. to after 10 min. mark about the two Biden discussion as they thought this was very strange.

When they test positive for the Convids, they are put in isolation and replaced by another double in order to keep the political theater going.

Look at Trudeau who tested positive as well multiple times and was replaced by different actors as the face and the teeth are different. Now, he looks like Jim Carrey from Dumb & Dummer.

A look at the different doubles.



WTF?! The GALL of These People

Pay attention to what Trump says about getting rid of the Drug Dealers.
Ba’al Gates is an expert at everything, from farming, marriages, criminology, child anatomy, vaccines, and also visiting very suspicious islands 36 times.
There’s just so much to say about these entitled evil psychopaths. Only cure is give them their own poisons followed by tall tree and short rope.

Something WORSE Than “Owning Nothing and Being Happy”
World’s a stage. Only a Satanist would recommend replacing normal food with bugs and cannibalism. Actually, these evil doers should be forced to eat bugs and be injected with their poisons used against us. Until they beg for mercy, followed by tall tree and short rope. More importantly to truly repent of wicked ways and seek Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior.

Stunning Admission from White House: Covid Lockdowns, Masks Mandates and Mass-Vaxing Were All Completely Pointless

UK Food Chain Installs “Orwellian in the Extreme” Facial Recognition Cameras to Stop Crime

The WEF wants to sew digital IDs into your clothing

New bill aims to make digital ID pervasive in the United States

Israel bans large cash transactions, requires digital payments

They are conditioning the masses to accept cashless society and Digital ID that benefits the evil doers & their great reset.


How Your DNA Tests Could Make You A Target For Bioweapons

Carbon Credits, Digital Stalking, and Social Credit Scores: Individual Freedoms Ends With Digital ID

Thousands More Dead Birds Soon After New 4G Antennas Had Been Added to Existing Cell Towers. Coincidence?

Another CA ‘Wildfire, KY Flood Devastation, Individual Farmers Shut Down; UN/WEF War On Humanity
Amish Farms Shut Down By Feds
NWT farm shut down by NWT government


Angry leftists triggered after “militia group” arrived in Sierra foothills to provide wildfire relief
“Wokeism is a serious mental disorder.”
Their extreme ideological views and bigotry are more important than their physical needs. Am sure they can’t wait to owe nothing and be happy.
Am sure they’ll just wait for Antifa or BLM to show up and help them out. I’m sure it won’t take too long, cough cough.
God forever bless the kind, courageous, caring, patriotic militias!

More LIBS Getting Owned & Owning Themselves
Kudos to that Dutch guy telling the BBC to F off!
Cassady Campbell rocks mocking liberals as he wore the face shield at the gas pump. He mocks liberals by acting like them. 

They’re Grabbing ’em…What are We Gonna do?

After 5 min. 30 sec. mark Biden is distracted by the sound of the Ice Cream truck. Rights to keep and defend arms Shall not be infringed, means shall not be infringed!! Liberty Or Death! The lady at the end of the video was hilarious with the Sheep Pox, the cotton balls, & eating plastic ants, thus mocking the Monkeypox/Pride Pox.

LEFTIST Narratives Collapsing


US Willing To Release Russian War Criminal for WNBA Player as People Rot in AMERICAN Prisons for Weed

Monkey Minute July 31. 2022 – Defiant Pelosi heads to Taiwan
When did she/it become the secretary of state?
As Nanshee Pelosi, the crypt creeper house drinker will continue to seek more $$ and other crap for her and her husband business investments in the tech sector that drew her/it into this risky move. Probably will test positive for the Convids after returning on this world’s stage.

FALL OF CABAL – Exposing A Worldwide Network Of Evil

FUNNY  They Did It!

Well said JP Sears! MAKE 1984 FICTION AGAIN!

Did you hear what she said?

Conehead Pelosi and the eyebrows LOL!! Don’t go to Taiwan no one wants it there. 

What Could Possibly Go Wrong

The protesters and their spirit animals part LOL!!!

Waking Up From a Coma in 2022


Feel like I’ve been in a coma for decades in woke America.
“We’re told the frog will be really protected then…”
“People with blue hair will get really mad at you now!” 

It’s Dew’s, Plasma, and Smart meters as it’s against we the people. Fires don’t detonate.

Weaponized Weather Makes For Good Climate Change Propaganda; St.Louis Massive Flooding, & Wildfires

Notice the weather warfare and depopulation agenda continues. But don’t worry, trust the plan and plant a garden when your homes and towns are being destroyed, yeah right? If the white hats are in control, but allow the evil doers to continue weather warfare and the famine card that affects the animals and humans, WTF are you doing? Playing God ends badly.

WTF is Going On?? Whole Towns Under Water

Weather Manipulation/Warfare!!!  All the water on earth is the same amount that was here in the beginning. It doesn’t leave the planet, it always returns to the earth. So what’s happening is it’s being MOVED. They don’t wonder where all that water came from in Kentucky? It came from all the areas that are having droughts! 

Now, It’s Kentucky – Massive Flooding; Climate Terrorists Are At It – Policies, Lockdowns, Diseases

More Wildfires (TX, MT) More Homes Destroyed, Evacuations; Plasma Fires; Rich & CCP Buying Up Land North Texas Lake ‘Wildfire’ ignites from sunlight magnifying glass bottles. WTF!

1.5 Billion Gallons of Lake Mead water Wasted for Resort Lake

Crazy footage of flooding in Las Vegas! Rain water is flowing through the ceiling of casinos!


DISCLOSURE PART 4  Apparently, on August 8th, at 8 pm eastern standard time, notice the 88 reference (88 is used for good or evil purposes of manipulating time & revelations) on Jason Shurka’s youtube channel and he runs a site called UNIFYD on Disclosure part 4 series about Ray of a supposed good guys spiritual group called The Light Source (TLS). TLS and other good guys groups that are light the Jedi of the Old Republic from Star Wars have been involved with removing the evil doers, but Ray feels they need to do more to permanently remove the evil psychopaths from society. From the previous disclosure series Ray knows the evil doers are still around. He was more upfront and to the point as to what happened in the DUMBS of rescuing children, many of the kids didn’t make it due to the trauma despite the healing off-world with advanced technology. Other kids were cloned from other kids and those who survived and were healed by the advanced technology live off world with other families. Supposedly part 4 of the Disclosure series will discuss more of the spiritual side of things. Ray talks a lot from the previous disclosure series about “universal awareness”, they don’t talk about Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior though. Beware of the New Age references that people spew that deceives people into the false light. I’ve noticed that UNIFYD does New Age practices & one should question as to how they are financed & allowed to stay on YouTube and other places without censorship. For those who claim that the kids from the tunnels and some of the military haven’t used the MedBeds or advanced technology yet have their sources wrong and/or have no form of common sense with discernment. I don’t pretend to know everything and neither do you, so question everything. If you chose to watch the previous disclosure series and come to your own conclusions is up to you, because this was very interesting.

THINGS TO CONSIDER  As you can see things are getting worse. How do you expect people to plant their gardens or whatever they do to survive when we the people are being destroyed on all fronts? Forget the breadcrumbs, drip references, and other psychological operations that continue to deceive many. There will always be a battle of good vs evil until Jesus Christ returns to set things right. For example, one can’t say with the current floods happening worldwide that under the guise of weather warfare operations, the white hats are flooding the DUMBS. How do you know that to be the case and with what evidence that can be proven? How does one expect people to supposedly grow their garden, which not everyone has the means, time, nor able to do everything, and depending where you are what you have built could easily be destroyed due to weather warfare operations from drought, fires, floods, bankruptcy, etc.? What are you good guy and white hats doing to take back control of the weather modification/weapons then? The same applies with the Convid death shots and the Monkeypox/Pride Pox of using the same solution of more death shots that suits depopulation agenda. Because there are plenty of children and adults affected by the clot shots because they bought into the propaganda & didn’t think to question as some regret and others don’t. What’s being done to help these people reverse the damage done by the clot shots? Or is this the same old record everything & wait until more are destroyed by the lies, demoralization, destabilization, or killed from the lies and the stress before you allegedly step in and takeover? Playing God always ends badly. You know there will always be those who will refuse to wake up at all due to ignorance, stupidity, nutcases, zombies, or evil. There is always another way and if you good guys are supposedly in control you know better than continuing the B rated film pushing the great reset. Ignorance is beyond no defense. Don’t appreciate being screwed over and lied over again, stress is a killer. Stop blaming we the people for your crap of the supposed 80% or more of global awakening if you claim you are in control. Get your acts together because you have a lot to consider. As the real awakening is through the use of feigned words as God works in mysterious ways, while man manipulates them for their own control and power mechanism. Because anything that promotes depopulation, control, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree. No matter how much or how little one prepares, it lasts temporary. That’s why those such as myself have been at the supposed good guys to motivate to get things done, if not, those such as myself would be glad to step in and be one of many to physically remove the evil doers from society. What will is take for you good guys groups and white hats to listen not just to others, but myself as well? When one is not given the physical tools & real information that exposes them fully doesn’t help either. The other part is spiritual warfare of putting on the full armor of God. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Things can change course as there is always a better way of not dragging this insanity up to the great reset door, due to supposedly waiting for the fake alien invasion, really? This could’ve ended like yesterday, instead of dragging this insanity further as there are no excuses for more psychological operations that lead to further destruction of society and spiritually as well. What happened to placing faith and trust in God? BTW, stop invoking God’s time for your own personal gain always ends badly. Can’t take the material possessions & $$ with you in the next life. Firmly believe that mass noncompliance and the physical removal of all evil doers in society is only part one of ending this insanity. Problem is to not fall into greed, power hungry, control, temptation, & not become the new satanic cabal. A return to God’s commandments and laws is necessary in order to heal our lands and ourselves. None of this is easy, but if we don’t work on ourselves and the truth about everything, including ourselves, then we’re screwed. 


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