MrOxygen: Emergency Help Still Needed, Update and Thanks


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Date: Thursday, 4-Aug-2022 23:17:02

Emergency Help Still Needed. UPDATE! And Thanks

First of all, a BIG Thank You to Everyone who Donated and Offered and Suggested – You Have Definitely Increased My Faith in Humanity . . . Today’s Update!

(This is also being sent out as INHALE newsletter #8. The link is while it’s active – after 8AM tomorrow.)

If you are new, we are seniors on SSI and suddenly unfairly unable to stay in our home of 16 years. This is an update for everyone who really cares what happens to us and wants to help.

As many of you know, my work has spanned 35+ years around the globe and I have done as much helping as I could, and seen many things that this world has to offer. The good guys in orthodox and alternative health, and the pretenders who smile and pose as workers of the light as they work for themselves.

You can easily get disheartened when you see marketers jumping onto the bandwagon to make a quick buck, especially those who have never been in the forefront of the real alternative health work. And then there’s people who come along and steal other people’s work and ideas without credit and pretend to be an expert in something they know little about. I am sure you know we live in a duality world of beauty co-existing with an ugly world of dishonor and a lack of principles, but I don’t need to tell you that. You already live it. You chose to come here to make it better.


The point I am making is, I reached out to my loyal subscribers, and Hobie, and Rumor Mill News, and found genuine good-hearted donators willing to help a guy and his family in trouble. You helpers have increased my faith in humanity, showing me there are still good people out there. The planet still has genuine heart based human beings. Thank you all for your kindnesses.

To date, between bouts of exhaustion and panic, we have been painfully forced to throw out and crush most of our furniture and many rare and prized possessions, because there is no time and we can’t take it with us. We sold some of it real cheap because of having no time to do it properly, we helped others, and thank God, with your small and large donations you are enabling us to keep going and extend another month here while we work through the arduous time consuming and expensive task of divestiture and owning less and less without any overwhelmed for years ahead waiting list public or private agency help. Amazing what piles up when you are not looking.

We still actually have nowhere to go. We still need reliable transportation. These are priorities. Could you or someone you trust donate an RV to us?

Many for example, have said “you helped my dying mother (or someone close) and I wish I could do or give more.” Strangers have offered us a room, a possible far away tiny cabin to live in, part time consultancy work, some sizable donations, and one man turned up at my door and gave us a check and supplements to help with the stress!

I would have liked to have accepted offers of the room, house, or cabin etc., but it was impossible at that time to have gone out of State. And the prices around here just keep going up. Rock and a very hard place.

Also, of concern was the little rescue dog we took in who was sick and could never have managed a long trip. But my heartfelt thanks go to each person who stepped in for accommodation, you have no idea how much it helped ease my soul. I’m sincerely grateful to you, even though I have not been able to show it fully yet in public – as we will if allowed to continue.

I am also grateful to the people who took the time to donate even a small amount and emailed us with good suggestions, or called me, your kindness has not gone unnoticed.


Concerning the funds that were donated; donations are a strange thing, because you never know if the call for help is genuine, or if the person reaching out is genuine, and if the funds have or will be put to the use intended. So, I assure you and say to each one of you that each dime has been and will be put to good use to get us relocated and to start over.

A portion of the funds went to fix my car when the brakes failed while driving—a scary experience, but as we all know, old cars have a habit of being temperamental and it’s displaying more issues!

As for relocation, it’s a LOT of work undoing 16 years of accumulation, but just about all furniture has been given away or sold in readiness to move, as we have no storage. So all the sorting continues. I do not know where we will live at the end of the month, the price of rentals is astronomical, and it’s a scary process to be locked into a lease again with a landlord who in Florida can legally increase the rent at will or be mean.

I’ve looked at old RV’s, wonky mobile homes, and dilapidated properties out in the country, but without more help from you, even these are all still out of our reach right now. I can only trust in the universe to provide through you so we can continue to do what is important and what really matters, our oxygen and health work and our reaching those still in need around the globe.

I am sorry that I cannot name individually every one of you who has been so kind and supportive, you all deserve a big heartfelt thanks. Know that you have not gone unnoticed, and you are appreciated beyond what words can express.

We still need a better transporter vehicle and a roof over our heads. Won’t you please help us to get them? If you have donated, we are sincerely grateful. We scrimped and used it as wisely as we could. Will you now please do it again?

The Universe wants you to choose now. If everyone we helped or their families helps us now, energy guarantees you will be amply rewarded and we can continue. Energy in equals energy out.

We’re not out of the woods yet. And dawn is approaching. To continue to help us please just go to Donate to Breath Of God Ministry Just checked it’s OK. Please consider making it an automatic recurring donation. Thank you!

Blessings to you, MrOxygen, Ed McCabe.

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Copyright 2022, Edward McCabe.



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