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Submitted on August 4, 2022

This was such a gorgeous opening to Juan O Savin’s latest video, I wanted to post it here to be sure everyone knew it was available. I don’t know what else he said but he was on a role at the outset.

Juan affirms the glorious future we surely will have even if the next few months are bumpy.

We KNOW #GodWins. We KNOW that.

And THEN — what will certainly feel like miracles to us, will be incoming, one after the other – after the other – after the other.

With blessings of Health, Wealth, Happiness & Abundance unceasing,

this is Kat, over & out



8-4-22 JUAN O SAVIN Interview Part One

The Sealed Book Special Edition, with Amy Sever

Juan O Savin

11:56 We know the Amazon basin all by itself
the way it was terraced out
would have an approximate food generation capacity
capable of feeding 50 BILLION PEOPLE..
Did the Earth have a greater population at one time?
Or in fact humanoids but not Human, children of Adam,
we have this history of giants, etc.
was there a prior time, a pre-Adamic time
where this was done.
When it was done they proved out
we can make the Earth more fertile & beyond that
so it can carry way more people than we have right now.
We have vast areas that are totally unpopulated.
There’s plenty of room you wouldn’t even know
most people were there.
But that presumes we’ll never go anywhere.

The reality is we are the generation that is reaching out
within the next 20 – 50 – 100 years
even if it’s 200 years, a very tiny period of time
before we stretch out into the edge of space itself..


13:36 The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth rock in 1602.
The entire population of North America at that time
Probably was still around 1 million & a half
in the entirety of North America.
Next to nothing compared to today.
We’ve engineered things out..

15:00 402 years from now
Where’s the Earth’s population?..
The majority of Earth’s population
won’t be on the surface of the planet
they’ll be over the planet
& traversing back & forth
living at the edge of space
not on the surface here..

15:40 I just want people to understand
those GA Guidestones they’re a statement
that has no place amongst the Human race.
It’s a dead end. A death knell. No connection to reality.

16:03 Humankind. Mankind has been growing & building out.
That’s the promise of God to Abraham & his seed
that his children would be
as the sand in the seashore for number
& we’re nowhere close to that on the tiniest beach.
And as the stars in the Heaven for number.

That’s a promise to Abraham, the children of God.
The 3 Abrahamic religions — Muslim, Christian & Jew
all have Abraham as their father
& the promise for all 3 of those religions
is that they will be as the sand of the seashore for number
& the stars in the Heaven — a physical & a spiritual seed —
& we’re nowhere close to that.

If you’re a believer
if you’re somebody that looks to God in Heaven
He promised you the Earth isn’t going to be destroyed or wiped out

17:14 So those Guidestones are demonic, they’re evil
they’re the devil’s own story
that’s what HE wants for you.
By putting it in stone you’re allowing his statement
as though it’s a fact to guide for your life.
And destroying them means that
WE REJECT that entire premise.

17:40 That is NOT what God’s future is us individually
or as a people.
I know the plans for you
plans for a future & an inheritance.
Those don’t include that evil & that destruction & that infertility.

If the Earth needs help, if we need help,
we build a better world, become more efficient
& get our butts up to the edge of space
& start building out
where God intends for us to go:
An Earthly seed & a Heavenly seed,
Praise the Lord.



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