Restored Republic via a GCR as of August 2, 2022


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Tues. 2 Aug. 2022

Compiled Tues. 2 Aug. 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

China-US World War III About to be Triggered?

“Patriots, it’s about time! The clock is ticking.”
…Donald J. Trump

“No Public Arrests Right Now, White Hats are Just Scaring the Cabal”
…Charlie Ward

“I awoke only to find everyone else was still asleep”

“Guide Us, Oh Thou Great Jehovah”
Guide us to the Promised Land. We are weak, but Thou art able,
Hold us with thy powerful hand.

July 31, 2022- #4846 Music & the Spoken Word (


Judy Note:

  • Will Pelosi trip to Taiwan trigger a US-China World War III?
  • Fulford Report: “While the US administration is hinting at a possible visit by Pelosi’s delegation to the island of Taiwan, the Chinese army is moving its armored vehicles to Fujian, a region near the Taiwan Strait, to conduct surprise military exercises in the area.”
  • US Military moving assets to Taiwan coast; India moving munitions to China border; Pakistan assets at gates of India; China Military on coast of Japan and heavy deployment around Taiwan; Russian forces artillery and several nuclear subs in the Baltic sea; Western EU countries along the Russia border moving artillery, tanks and units; Indonesia countries and high alert and have been positioning for the past four months; Japan deploys all naval vessels to the line up along the coast off China; United States East Coast lined with warships and has all naval vessels active across the world in EU; Coastal regions to China Taiwan all on high ALERT. …White Hats
  • Military Intel: Biden has expired, or was on Life Support …White Hats
  • Trump has signed in the Restored US Republic. …Charlie Ward
  • Trump to Abolish IRS.
  • All Central Banks now under White Hat Control.  …White Hats

Global Currency Reset:

  • The Military has a committed to get our RV start no later than Mon. 1 Aug. …White Hat Intel
  • Judy Note: A Tier 3 was told they would receive funds on Tues. 2 Aug.
  • We will have about 10 days to exchange or redeem our currencies and bonds (Zim) for the special rates. …White Hat Intel
  • In Operation Defender Europe 20 & 21 allCentral Banks were seized. The Banks operating now were part of a movie. …White Hat Intel

Restored Republic:

  • President of US Inc. Joe Biden has expired, or was on life support, and there was a massive cover up in place while they worked through a transition of power. …White Hat Intel
  • Last week while Trump was in DC, he signed in the Republic.” …Charlie Ward
  • When Trump returns to office he was expected to abolish the IRS.

WW3 Starts in Taiwan: “The Storm Has Arrived”…Donald Trump

  • Pelosi scheduled to arrive in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, the night of Tues. 2 Aug, the Taiwanese broadcaster TVBS reports, citing sources. The Chinese Communist Party has threatened to blow up the plane.
  • Nancy Pelosi as per Phil GodLewski Show: At the fake inauguration of Biden Pelosi was videotaped being arrested by US Marshalls. She has played the role of drunk ever since. Today Mon. 1 Aug. a plane said to be carrying Pelosi on her way to Taiwan landed in Hawaii without Pelosi on it. Pelosi has no authority and is working with a fraudulent government that has no power to do anything.
  • In the Chinese province of Fujian, adjacent to Taiwan, a division of medium-range air defense systems HQ-22 of the People’s Liberation Army of China, was spotted.
  • U.S. military is moving assets closer to Taiwan, including aircraft carriers and multiple Stratotankers.
  • Iraq Troops have been deployed to Baghdad. Most of the high-ranking officials have left the country. The head of military intelligence defected to the protesters. Earlier today, leaders called for a revolution.
  • Fulford on Serbia: There are reports of shooting near the Serbian town of Novi Pazar near the border with Kosovo. Air raid sirens are sounding. According to unconfirmed reports, there are casualties among the Serbian military in the conflict zone on the border with Kosovo. The first barricades were installed in the city of Rudar. Gunshot wounds are reported among Serbs at the Yarinje checkpoint. The Serbian population of Kosovo and Metohija also began to build barricades, the national television of the republic reported. Kosovo Special Forces are heading to the Yarinje border checkpoint in the north of the country. The Kosovo army plans to attack the northern part of Serbia at midnight, Serbian President Vucic said. He intends to make an emergency appeal to the nation on the situation in Kosovo.
  • JUST IN – U.S. military is moving assets closer to Taiwan, including aircraft carriers and multiple Stratotankers.
  • India moves hundreds of thousands of munitions and MILITARY tanks to border with China the past 3 weeks (they have been f doing this the past two months.. But heavy movement the past 3 weeks).
  • Pakistan military at the gates of India with tens of thousands of forces doing drills.
  • China military battle ships of the coast of Japan and heavy deployment around Taiwan
  • Russian forces inside Belarus not being reported with major artillery and several nuclear subs in the Baltic sea waiting the past 6 weeks.
  • Western EU countries along the Russia border moving artillery, tanks and units.
  • Japan deploys all naval vessels to the line up along the coast off china.. Sea of China sea of Japan.
  • United States East Coast lined with warships and has all naval vessels active across the world in EU. Coastal regions to China Taiwan all on high ALERT.
  • Indonesia countries and high alert and have been POSITIONING for the past 4 months
  • Air Force Grounding Majority of F-35 Fleet due to faulty parts made in China:

Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:

Global Financial Crisis:

2020 Election Fraud:


Weather Manipulation:

  • USA flooding strikes Las Vegas! Casinos and streets flooded after thunderstorm:
  • Kentucky: Flooded Kentucky Grows Weary After Another Natural Disaster (
  • Ecuador: As a result of the rains and the resulting mud and water flows, houses and residents of Quito were affected, and there are also reports of floods in Calderon, Ecuador.
  • Alberta Canada: Tornado near the city of Coronation (Canada, Alberta, July 31, 2022).
  • Iran: Hundreds of animals have died in severe floods that devastated Iran after days of heavy rains.
  • Global: 100 SCARY Tsunami And Wave Moments Caught On Camera
  • Mon. 1 Aug. Saudi Arabia: Heavy storm causes damage to a gas station in Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia.
  • Chile: A giant sinkhole of approximately 25 meters in diameter occurred yesterday in the Alcaparrosa Mine of Minera Candelaria, in Tierra Amarilla, Atacama region. No injuries were reported and the authorities ordered to suspend operations in the nearby sector. At the moment there is no official version of what happened, and the National Geology and Mining Service (SERNAGEOMIN) has been instructed to investigate the event and establish the causes. Emergency agencies are investigating.
  • Rome: This afternoon fire in the film city Cinecittà about 9 kilometers from Rome with security further cleanup (tunnel). The film city can be reached by metro (subway).Fire in the Cinecittà studios in Rome. Former Tunnel Clean outs in Rome: DUMBS in Rome on fire: Series of explosions in Rome:


  • Dutch still holding ongoing rallies and demonstrations against Farmer restrictions.

The Real News for Mon. 1 Aug. 2022:

Greg ONeill response to Duncan Roads’ assertion that there is no GCR, nor GESARA/NESARA (see Duncan’s email below this response).

Hi Duncan, Thanks for sharing your opinion on the GCR/RV, but you are wrong. Since you seem to have missed it:

  • Not long ago President Putin officially announced the Global Currency Reset, with his country’s Ruble now gold asset backed.
  • The BRICS Nations and others have switched to gold asset backing of their currencies, with other countries applying to join them.
  • Zimbabwe officially announced their issuing of gold coins to give their money value globally.
  • My bearer bonds are denoted in their currency. The bonds I have are recognized as sovereign bank debt instruments, originally issued to pay off IMF debts, printed in Germany at the same company the Chinese printed their bonds at. The bond serial numbers have been authenticated.
  • The Federal Reserve is now part of the US Treasury, and they have printed our new gold asset backed USN/USTN (US Treasury Note) currency, replacing the worthless Federal Reserve Note (FRN) / US Dollar (USD).
  • One of my contacts is the acknowledged regent of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, which is regaining its sovereignty as a nation, and will no longer be a ‘captured’ state of the defunct, bankrupt corporate US Inc. He is at the Tier 3 level for the GCR/RV. His country’s treasury has bonds, and currencies to be revalued. He has high level contacts in the military, and in the Judge Advocate General’s office, with officers assigned to work with him during this transition from state to nation. He knows, as well as others that the GCR/RV is real, and is underway.
  • Whether or not you believe it is of no consequence, you are free to believe as you wish. Your negative commentary is your own, there are many people around the world who do not share your personal opinion, and I am one of them. The people you have copied are also free to believe as they wish, to do their own research, free to form their own opinion.
  • A bearer bond is not a currency note, never has been. It’s value is backed by the assets of the country that issued the bond, in this case that country has immense, proven deposits of diamonds, gold, and rare earth metals used in electronics industries.
  • Sovereign debt must be redeemed, it is not debt that can be written off like a bank loan might be. You can visit <> to use their currency converter and the latest Forex rates for the ZWL (Zimbabwe Dollar), now officially gold backed, and convert that currency to USD (USN), as you will see the currency these bonds are denoted in has a tangible, real world value. 
  • Your Australia has issues, as America has, and we need to do what we can to get our countries back, under the rule of law, and out of the hands of the globalists, but that is up to the people, the majority to do what is needed to replace a government that does not serve the people it was formed to serve.
  • Good luck in getting your country back, as we fight here to get our original Constitution, and republic, back. Enjoy your week. Thanks again for expressing your opinion, the truth will come out one way or the other. Best regards, Greg  

On Mon, Aug 1, 2022 at 5:04 PM Duncan Roads wrote: You don’t seem to understand, that whole NESARA, GESARA, GCR, QFS, RV – is all bullshit. It is a false-hope psyop deliberately inserted into our community starting over 20 years ago. It was false hope spread by known intel agents then, and it has not changed. STOP waiting for anyone to come save the day – THAT is what THEY WANT you to do, because it means you will take no action, other than spreading more false hope across the internet. They literally WANT you to believe in all that, and they want you to stay at home waiting for it. Please, all of you, wake up and stop eating the false hopium. There is going to be NO GCR !!

American Bar Association and Lawyers:

  • In the 1500s International Bar Association Lawyers worked for and were created by Foreign Entities of the Roman/Vatican empire, in collusion with the Pope Queen and Henry the VIII.
  • In the 1800s the US Corp. crafted a new branch of the Bar (British Accredited Registry) and created the ABA (American Bar Association.
  • Both associations are controlled by Foreign Entities and the Rules of Civil Procedure was written by old Roman Laws that are still used to this day and do not apply to “We The People”
  • All courts are corrupted. Every person that is part of the BAR are foreign entities that are trespassing on human rights. These BAR associates, society, corporations have been working under massive fraud, under the cover of law for a long time throughout the world in every country.
  • They protect fraud elections, illegal practices by politicians, corporations, tech Giants pharmaceutical companies and Elites who run the International Bar Association worldwide.
  • The BAR is about to be taken down worldwide the enormous fraud is about to be revealed.
  • You have no contract with this unlawful broken Corporation and associates of the BAR and their counterparts. You are not a property or subject to these false Entities, associations, and societies connected to the INTERNATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION and their procedures.

Must Watch Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

Read Full Report (Doc):


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