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Reader Post | By Empyyrean

Hello readers,

Thomas Smith, I can answer your questions, but you most likely not going to like the answer, here we go.

So like most people they like to play the endless victim and expect everything to be done for them.

Look at the people who demand the creators do everything for them, you know what happens to them, the creators respond only once to them with the saying “NO we will not do it for you, because you have the power to do it yourself.” then like switching a radio station they tune you out.

Same thing with the people pretty well stuck in carbonite like Han Solo when they use the father thou art in heaven prayer, then they wonder why it doesn’t get heard, well its because they tune you out.

With all the creative abilities given to you by them, someone cant be creative enough to do an original prayer. What do you do when a commercial keeps playing and playing, you switch the channel, well that is what they do to you, until your guardian angels vouch for you to them that your deserving enough to be heard again.

You try to blame the White hats for not releasing the 6000 suppressed patents and med beds, well let me give you a reality check.


The only ones to blame about your son’s mother in law dying of cancer is YOU, YOUR SON and HER.

Now here is why.

Were in the age of information, where 90% of the population has something called a simulated intelligence device a.k.a cell phone. So why not use it for something intelligent and look up cancer cures?

You can literally take a non censored search engine and type in cancer cure and 20,000 – 1 million + hits will pop up.

So obviously neither you, your son or his mother in law did that, you expect someone or something to do it for you, well no one is coming to save you, Christ Micheal of Nebadon (ovarian split of the only begotten son/daughter Christ) when he incarnated as Jesus he did not die for our Sin and he did not come here to save us, he came here to teach us how to save ourselves, because we have the power to do that easily.

Now here is some more, currently there are publicly available over 300+ known cures for all types of cancer one just has to do a simple search and you will find them, but in reality it was your son’s mother in law who is responsible for herself getting cancer, 98% of the time it revolves around diet and lack of exercise.

Some other things are, was she using a cell phone all the time? cause right in the instructions of every single cell phone in existence it says DO NOT KEEP ON BODY AND DO NOT PLACE TO HEAD. Hmm wonder why.


The other questions to ask yourself is,

What was her diet like?

What was her excercise schedule like?

Did she take supplements?

Did she have a boron deficiency?

Did she have parasites? Sine 98% of cancer is caused by an adult intestinal fluke nesting, it looks like a playing card spade with two hook like mandibles.

Did she have skin tags or moles? those are parasites as well.

Did she ever go outside barefooted and spend time grounding?

Did she ever do any research of her own about her condition or did she naively follow the drug pushing murders (%100 of doctors have committed murder and mal-practise).

Here are some of the known cures.


Negative Electrons
Negative Ions
Colloidal Silver
Slippery Elm Bark
Dandelion (a powerhouse in the medicinal field)
Rife Frequency Generators
Binaural frequencies
Crystal Light healing
UV light therapy
Colloidal gold
Bromelain (pineapple stem)
Marshmallow Root
Milk thistle.

because the things I listed are usually the first thing that pops up.

So your telling all of us that you, your son and his step mom have not researched anything?

To me it sounds like the lot of you are Willfully ignorant (which usually leads to death) and negligent.

There are no excuses, blame yourselves.

Now lets use the pure Christ teachings found here:

to finish the explanation.

There is so many getting frustrated and doubtful about the Plan, RV/GCR, Temporal War, etc, etc, well if you didnt know doubt is a type of fear and it keeps your frequency low.


This is a believe to see Creation not a See to believe, if your see to believe then you are willfully ignorant and stupid. If you even see you still will not believe because your ego will make an excuse for you not to believe and you will run with it.

now lets talk frequancies.

So what do , dimensions, consciousness dimensions, electromagnetic fields, magnetic fields and what you percive and see have in common?

They are all as above, so below.

Now let me explain since the magnetic and electromagnetic fields explain it all.

So close to the originator of the field you will see a layer then there will be another and another, with each layer getting bigger and bigger, its the same with all that is mentioned above. Separating those layers is called a point of interaction or sheathing layer.  This layer is the only point where the layer above and below interact, the layers do not interact above or below that sheathing point its impossible.

So if you constantly doubt and resonate fear and anger then you get stuck in a nplus static feed back loop and your frequency perpetually stays low, well below the sheathing point.

The cures, med beds, RV/GCR, etc,etc,  is all above the sheathing point. So the reason why all these whiny so called “Patriots” don’t see anything is because their consciousness is below the point of interaction.

So everything looks negative. If you can raise and maintain your frequency in the sheathing point then you can clearly see both sides, if you can make it above the sheathing point then its nothing but good.

Do you get it?


Here is some more, take spontaneous combustion for example, science still cannot explain it, but I sure can using the pure Christ teachings and personal experience, since I have almost combusted twice in my life, luckily I was able to get it under control. If you feel like your burning but there is no flame, there is a flame in the auric frequencies of the 4d.

Why it happens is because when your surrounding environment raises its frequency to past a sheathing point, your outer projection (body and ego) must raise with it at least to the sheathing point or else your higher self is forced to shed its outer projection and poof you can kiss your a$$ goodbye.

If your lucky the guardians of you will help to raise your frequency to avoid this, but they cant impede your free will either, they can only do so much.

As above, so below.

Remember in the age of information when all that info is at your finger tips, there is no excuses why you do not know what your seeking to know.

It all boils down to free will, Willful Ignorance and stupidity.

Stop your whining, blame yourselves and her for failing to find an easily accessible cure.

Either put up or shut up, whining like a helpless victim only keeps YOUR frequency low.

Hopefully this answers your questions.

many blessings,


Will serving Creation



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