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Reader Post | By Stefan

Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

I made a poll in my channel (just under 3500 subscribers, and a little over 400 participants in the poll), whether something has changed for the positive, or whether it has remained the same, or has become worse. Thesis was that Cern activation weakens the negative and strengthens the positive. Well, 50% of those who voted noticed no changes, just under 30% noticed positive changes, and the rest thought things had gotten worse. Personally, I notice friendlier people, more smiles and fewer masks. But I also don’t live in a big city, I live in the country.

Last week a friend told me about his experiences in Denmark, where he was there twice for a week for assembly. I’m trying to pass on these stories to you, because for me it’s an example of how strange and indoctrinated we Germans seem to be.

My acquaintance has his own company, he sells and installs baseboard heaters. He had to do that in Denmark as well. Since the object is still in the shell, there were no sanitary facilities, on his question, where he could go to the toilet, came the answer: “You can go to the neighbors, if they are not there, it is not bad, the doors are always open!” He has had to do the same and told that in two houses there was even money on a cupboard in the hallway.

Well, are you swallowing right now? In Germany, such a thing is unthinkable! Also, what else he told showed me that we Germans are very funny. And that it is completely justified when the rest of the world laughs at us. Shit indoctrination! He must have a signed delivery bill for the German company records. The Danes don’t know anything like that, and were very surprised and almost offended that he had to ask for that. We Germans simply no longer know what a handshake is and what it actually counts for. What trust is. Anyway, he reported that he felt like he was in another world, a more beautiful world, a world that almost felt like the future. Especially as far as hospitality was concerned, the togetherness, even though he was a foreigner. And there were few vaccinated people there, no one wore a mask. And they smiled at the Germans (like so many in the world). And we act as if nothing would work without us. It is grotesque, isn’t it?

From another contact I learned that most of the Americans have really blatantly woken up, that there are only a few states or regions where everyone is still lulled, mainly democratically governed states like California or New York (sorry, woke up Californians and New Yorkers), that our American friends are much further ahead than we Germans. And we can see that in the protests in Europe, protests of the farmers in particular. Compared to what’s going on in the Netherlands, or in Spain, Italy, France, here in Germany it’s as quiet as a graveyard. Are we Germans really so selfish that we ourselves are more important than our country? Do we really think that we can do well when the whole country is going to the dogs? Are we really so ignorant that we don’t see everything that’s been driven to the wall for over two and a half years? And folks, I have to be honest and say, looking around, YES. The masses don’t care! The main thing, THEY can go on vacation, the main thing, THEY can still drive a car, the main thing, THEY can afford all food, no matter how expensive it has become.

It would be unfair not to mention those who can no longer pay for all this, but still do nothing, although they could do something. The “state” will already help. But they don’t care about us. But that’s how many people think. Too many.


And now I think of all those who have emigrated or turned their backs on Germany in the last two years. I have also had the idea several times, and was once in 2014 on the verge of emigrating. Why? Because everyone who did it or thought about it instinctively felt that something was wrong in the FRG. It was, no matter where you were, better than in your own country. Instincts are something great, if you act on them. Why are people in other countries friendlier, more hospitable? Why do people even in poor countries give more than they can afford? I have experienced this in Cuba, acquaintances of mine tell me about the conditions in Thailand or Vietnam, again others told me about the poverty and conditions in Africa.

And many want to help the poor countries after the RV, the event. Doing projects there, helping to build up there, becoming active there as a donor, so that these countries come up. I am skeptical about this, but let everyone have their own idea. We all don’t know what is coming, only I think that all the countries that are bad now, that are poor, are so because of the cabal. And when the cabal is gone, the countries can become great and rich again, improve their education, improve EVERYTHING. And to do that, they use their own wealth, their own values that they have. For the transition they may need others, but certainly not permanently. They will also get their NESARA, including a basic income. And that can also be 2000 dollars per month, the downward regulating cabal is gone! Why shouldn’t the people in these still third world countries get as much money as we do? Why should a benevolent alliance continue to make distinctions? Within communities, within nations, within the world. What is it about “We’ll all be the same one!” that we don’t understand?

I too have a tendency to go to another country after the event. It’s a “lure of the soul,” if you will. I was supposedly incarnated there many times and maybe it really is my home. Not Germany. But I will keep some roots here. After all, my son will live here unless he moves to other dimensions. So I will have some kind of “base” here in Germany, if that is possible. For all the wanderlust that has “plagued” me for years, it has also been a coming home whenever I have returned from a vacation. I also think that there will no longer be such big differences in the various nations as we see now, it will just be “we are all the same”. Somehow a nice idea, even if nations will certainly keep their certain, individual characteristics, provided they do not harm others.

Since we don’t know what will happen, especially after the event. After all, it was said that a BGE (UBI) is only paid in the home country. Without exception! So all “refugees” will (have to) return home to get funds. I also don’t think there will be anything like passports, ID cards or “nationalities” anymore. The individual characteristics that we will use to get into the quantum internet or into the QFS, those characteristics also show the quantum consciousness our ancestry, that is, our belonging to a nation, if you will. So identification documents that we have to carry are actually obsolete. Who knows, maybe things will turn out differently and the BGE (UBI) will simply be posted to our QFS account no matter where we choose to live. That would be very reassuring for many who have firmly settled in other countries, raised a family. Although I’m sure your own country will always hold a part in your heart.

So, whatever you want to do, I am sure we will have much fewer restrictions or limitations than we have today. That’s why we can think outside the box right now, because that edge simply won’t exist anymore. If you want to help in today’s poor countries, that’s an intuition that doesn’t come for free. Just don’t behave like the “big Zampanos”, without whom nothing works, but give the locals there the feeling of being just as important. We people from the industrialized nations still tend to act like the saviors of the world. I also apologize to those whom I might have influenced by my opinion, which for a while I thought was knowledge, not to take action in other countries. Just do what comes to your mind, everything will fall into place. And if you also overturn plans and make other plans, if you say goodbye to ideas and get new ones. It is part of your own development to gather knowledge that leads to other opinions. At the moment, this is happening almost daily, because there is a flood of good news hitting us at the moment.

I miss a flagpole on every house in Germany, as I know it from Denmark or as I have seen it on pictures in other countries. Here I see flags only during the World Cup or the European Football Championship. But only as long as the team is in the tournament. But what do I expect from a country where the newly elected Chancellor could snatch a Germany flag from the hand of a party colleague and throw it away? And nobody got upset. I know from my military days and times at the Guard that the flag is never allowed to touch the ground. It is still honored there, even though it is a flag of a company.

Folks, we are in the finals! Become aware of it! We will soon have made it! And each of us will soon have our own beautiful flourishing country again, where it is worth living and everyone can be proud of. Just as many are already doing now. We’ve come this far and we’ll make it through the last few days, won’t we? Our ancestors and forefathers can be proud of us. It was an honor to have shared the battlefield with all of you! I see you!


WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!



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