(Reader: TruthIsUnbreakable) More Insanity Peeps and God Bless the Farmers and Patriots Worldwide


Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

Hi Peeps. Another update to what I posted last week.

Another week of insanity in the battle of good vs evil. Am sure there are things that we can’t comprehend, but still honesty, loyalty, and truth goes a along way. So many questions not answered, why allow these agendas to continue, including famine and weather warfare?  What happened to the supposed 100 years of food found in the DUMBS?  Yet, still the masses still buy into the BS, including the Convid variants such as the Moronic, Monkeypox, and Ninja. Can’t fix stupid thanks to the years of indoctrination.  Those who refuse to wake up, won’t wake up, accept that.  What happened to placing faith and trust in God and in Jesus Christ?  Thought that I would share what I found this week as follows.


Great News! Hochul’s Covid Camps Regulation Struck Down by Court!

Who Is Behind A Series Of “Mysterious Explosions” At Natural Gas Facilities In The United States?

Shotgun shells have a 40-yard effective range as his wounds would have been apparent, and bloody.  Viewers comment: “Consider this- Abe was critically injured and was transported from the ambulance to the awaiting helicopter. There was a group holding a blue tarp supposedly to provide privacy.  In an emergency situation, the positioning of a tarp would only get in the way of a speedy transfer. Every second counts. ALSO, why was the helicopter rotor at a stand still? Shouldn’t the rotor already be spinning for quick take off once Abe was loaded in???  Fishy!”

First Oklahoma, now Texas: Another natural gas facility EXPLODES
This facility number five. No coincidences in this battle of good vs evil.  FBI/ATF have been busy blowing up facilities.


Oklahoma natural gas plant explodes, damaging critical NGL hub
This is the 4th natural gas plants that have exploded since early June 2002. No coincidences.

How Close Are We To A War On Iran?

Shinzo Abe opposed COVID vaccines and promoted ivermectin: Was he targeted for supporting health freedom?
While at the same time was a WEF agent. So many inconsistencies with the narrative of him being assassinated doesn’t add up.

The Trains Could Stop Running In The United States Literally One Week From Now

New York City Releases First ‘Nuclear Attack’ PSA Since 1960’s
Closing your Windows and Doors, and hiding under a blanket is really going to help after a Nuclear Blast, while your electricity and water works. Because the media will still be on no matter what? Go woke, go moronic, go nuclear, go broke.

RED ALERT: NYC offers residents suicidal nuke attack “advice” while USA pushes Putin into multi-city first strike nuclear attack to destroy America

NYC Prepping for Nukes and Other Strange Nonsense – July 13, 2022
They’re telling us what’s going to happen before they do so. The Indiana Jones’s method of surviving a nuke inside a refrigerator is as good as their advice. But don’t worry, your closed doors and windows, hiding under a table, while water and power will still be on?


‘Cognitive decline’: Biden tries to ‘shake hands with thin air’ during Israel trip

Resident Biden ‘appeared to need help just staying on the red carpet’ in Israel

JP Reacts to Hunter Biden’s iCloud Leak!

Judge Orders Discovery To Proceed In Social Media Collusion Lawsuit Against Biden Administration

Italy – The Next Sri Lanka?

UPDATE: Italian President refuses PM resignation

In Case You Were Wondering Why Inflation Has Started To Spiral Wildly Out Of Control…

What Is The “Council For Inclusive Capitalism?” It’s The New World Order

Benjamin Fulford — July 11th 2022: Abe, Johnson fall, Biden and Macron next as Khazarian mafia takedown continues



Law prof tells Josh Hawley that doubting men can get pregnant ‘opens trans people up to violence’
The reality is that the Democrats have strangled themselves in the ever-expanding web of intersectionality and can no longer get out even if they want to.  That nutcase Law Professor belongs in a mental institution. Men can’t get pregnant. Discernment, Integrity, Morals, and Principle have gone down the toilet.

Just Talking: A Sundry Of Stuff, But Important – All Fits Into The Great Resetting Of The World

Nancy Pelosi Urges Support Of $50 Billion ‘CHIPS’ Bill Hours After Disclosing $8 Million Nvidia Stake

ATTN ALL Americans! Resist the CBDC with Everything You’ve Got
Drunk Nanshee Pelosi and the alcohol in the beginning of the clip, this parasite is letting you know they’re doing what it takes to win in the midterms. The ninja variant, LOL! Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and CBDC are traps that are based on the blockchain technology, are traceable. Anything that isn’t backed by real assets such as gold, silver, land, etc. aren’t worth anything. Great comedy skit. Great for Marjorie Taylor Green to state the truth about children are in the greatest danger in America due to those believing that politicians have authority to dictate their lives and livelihoods. God Bless the real patriots standing against the WEF agenda. Goes to show the authorities, the media, sheeple, the government and overlords are enemies of the people. Mass noncompliance is necessary!

Something REALLY Bad is Happening EVEN to Those Who Did What They Were Told

What they are doing in Canada of restricting people’s right to freely travel without restrictions is all part of the NWO. Followed by heavy fines for non-compliance.  When those lies are exposed, those such as that Gestapo Officer will still claim that he was doing his job.  Despite those who complied such as the 86 year old man, is detained by Canadian public health employees because he didn’t use their app to prove his jab status.

Buzzed Aldrin’s expression speak for itself as he knew we never landed on the moon and space is fake, and we live in an enclosed system. Kari Lake is right on “the largest standing army in the world are American gun owners.” Shall not be infringed!

Why those under the conformist mindset will do what they are told regardless of what is right. It’s no wonder the real pandemic is not only fear, but cognitive dissonance, willful ignorance, and mass psychosis. Those who continue giving their consent to these tyrants commandments are why this insanity continues. Where are you real men and women?


Something Big’s About to Go Down Plus AOC Reveals Something about Capitol Police and MORE!
As insane that AOC is, she’s got a point about the capitol police.  We should disarm your security.  Thank you Alex Stein for exposing these people such as AOC, making fools out of themselves. AOC said “joy is resistance” then went and tried shut down a comedy show? Really.  Never back down, armor up, and thank you real Men such as Alex Stein and possibly my future boyfriend because I’m attracted to real patriotic men. The most attention that AOC has ever had besides it’s ginger boyfriend. It’s gator done time! Farmers all over the world protesting, but ours in the USA are culling their herds & taking their money.


AOC Threatened Him Over This and MORE – July 14, 2022
God bless this 13 year old. She’s right none of them are smart.  Look at the food labels “made with bioengineered ingredients”. The police are not there to protect you.  Trump still pushes the vaxx.

AOC Meltdown Continues & Other Stuff – July 15 2022
Interesting how she’s like “going after people I don’t like in public is ok” but when it happens to her (even tho it didn’t) it’s inexcusable and racist. She will continue to milk the victim hood approach.  She shames the capitol guard, not realizing he’s doing his job, protecting Alex Stein’s freedom of speech.  After 5 min. mark totally agree with that Man who’s pissed off with those Men who need to find their balls, protect their kids, and fight for freedom!  Release the Jan 6th Patriot Political Prisoner Grandma and other Jan 6ers!  Trump’s lack of support for the January 6th political prisoners is a major red flag to me. Those people were there because Trump asked them to be there, and they are being hammered with long sentences for minor offenses. If he won’t stand up for those people than why should we expect him to stand up for the rest of us?

It’s Not Funny!
Great memes of Alex Stein triggering AOC. What’s funnier was she tried too approach Stein. Interesting how she/it goes after people she doesn’t like in public and supports killing babies is okay. What an arrogant parasite liar. But when she is pranked on, it’s racist and goes full psychotic mode. Am surprised her ginger boyfriend puts up with her/it. Much respect for Alex Stein, a real man that I hope would be my future boyfriend.


Chinese Bank Run Turns Violent After Angry Crowd Storms Bank of China Branch Over Frozen Deposits

People Rise Up – Sri Lanka, India, Ecuador, Argentina, Albania, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Panama, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, & The Dutch Fly Canadian Flag, & Canadian Screams At Trudeau, “Communist Pig.”
God Bless these braveheart patriots standing up!

Just Talking: So Much To Share, So Little Time – Pandemic(s) Stirrings, Eco Collapses, & Face Boot

Netherlands… Bill Gates factory that makes synthetic lab grown meat goes up in flames

WATCH: Canadians support Dutch farmers

Chemical Makers — Not Farmers — Should Pay for Pollution Caused by Nitrogen Fertilizers
We should reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and make the chemical industry pay for nitrogen pollution, instead of criminalizing farmers trapped in a chemical treadmill by the industrial agriculture model.


What the Netherlands Got Wrong About Nitrogen and Farmers
The Netherlands is “doing it wrong” when it comes to reducing nitrogen emissions. A far better way to meet these goals is to increase farmers’ wealth with tax breaks for evidence of restorative and regenerative farming on 10%, then 25%, then 50% of their lands over 15 years.  How about asking farmers for advice regarding farming practices?  Great job Farmers of towing away the Government Elite’s private jets.

I stand with the farmers of the world protesting the Great Reset’s food agenda
The signatures testify that more and more people have realized that the health and wellbeing of their families hinge on the success of the farmers’ gallant defiance of the European elites’ Great Reset agenda.

Dutch farmers call on farmers of the world for Day of International Demonstrations

Climate policy protests go global

People Everywhere are Getting FED UP
God Bless that real Patriotic Man in the beginning! Mass noncompliance is necessary! When more have lost something or everything before they’re willing to do anything. There are plenty who are still mind controlled thanks to the years of indoctrination by the education systems, TV programming, to the media, authorities, government, etc. They still comply and give up liberties for peaceful slavery to the invisible enemy and overlords. Because they refused to question nor apply any form of critical thinking and discernment. The sheeple still buy into the Convid scamdemic and wear their muzzles as champions despite their compliance. Mandates aren’t laws, consent and contract makes the law.  That cat is smarter than that human’s use of the she/her pronouns, as the cat took a swipe at her.


What It’s Like Being a Sheep!
Amazing how the sheeple survived the scamdemic thus far? They need more muzzles and death shots just to be sure they are safe.  Great job JP and nice sheep costume.   “They told me this was freedom, this is fucking great” Karen’s are easy to shut down as well. Baaaahhhh works and asking them if their muzzle is superior to everyone else’s. They usually are silent and run away.

JP Reacts to Liberals Yelling at Each Other!

We are NOT Committing Crimes!

They won’t lose


Pelosi’s conehead & eyebrows…LOL!!   Afternoon delight

Will prison be enough?
Hunter & the Big Guy are too good for prison.

He did it again
Fake Biden’s falls and Trump teaching him how to ride a bike, priceless.

Who’s in control?
Soros expired and his estate was divided between his kids. It’s a tie between Gates and Schwab. But in reality, they serve their father the devil. The Gates of Hell shall not prevail!  These three Satanic overlords deserve the Convid death shots and the hangman’s noose. The best part of this video is when the robot destroys the evil!! Jesus Christ is in control, God wins!


Bottom line, the real people’s reset are coming from the farmers and patriots standing against the government and the overlords.  The nitrogen emissions are all about the governments stealing the farmers land so they can buy the land for pennies and bring in more illegals. Followed by more lab grown food and other insanity that would lead to the FEMA camps.  More are waking up to the WEF agenda, and other agendas through the use of feigned words make merchandise, and are standing against those governments from stealing their land.  How is it that the overlords are still magically printing $$ for their agendas?  While more are going homeless and hungry.  Along with those men, women, and children affected by the convid depopulation weapons and other agendas.  For those who had their DNA altered and survived the death shots, God only knows how will they be in life and if they will be able to have children?  Because control, depopulation, and separation from God sells $$ big. And those who lost everything from the weather warfare operations that continue to this day, because the controllers don’t want people to live in rural areas.  Only good news not everyone is buying into the BS as before.  Again, what happened to the supposed 100 years of food stored in the DUMBS, or is that another lie as usual?  With the “bioengineered foods” and other poisons in the foods that we eat.  No matter if it’s organic or not despite all of the labeling, there is no telling what that is doing to us as well and could very well have been in the food supply for years.  I’ve had both organic and non, found no difference whatsoever, and haven’t had any issues thus far.  Not everyone is that fortunate nor have the means to grow their own food without issues.  How are you going to get the chemtrails and bad frequencies off of what we consume mentally, physically, and psychologically?  Is that part of the plan to cause mass famine and mass death of both animals and humans before you do anything that benefits the beast rather than the creator?

Am not the only one who had it big time.  Stop playing God good guys because that has big ramifications on humanity and your souls.  Fueling the lesser of two evils are still fueling evil.  There’s a time for everything.  Using “God’s time” and other BS are just more psychological operations.  There’s no need to destroy everything as there will be nothing to rebuild on.  How do you know that this or that will work based on theory?  What happened to “show and tell” then?  No one has seen how the Quantum system will work, including the Tesla free energy.  How is one supposed to copy everything that you have online, if that is being copied and transferred to the new system that benefits the people and not the cabal?  As you supposedly have taken care of the top satanic overlords and are supposedly dealing with the small fish.  Followed by the need to declare martial law with the climate change lockdowns, really? If you were in control, you could easily enact the EBS anytime, right? Along with eliminating debt and a whole host of other changes without collapsing economies.  The ones living and dying here are those withing our communities as some of them are living, others are just surviving.  Plus we are the ones dealing with the nutcases in our own communities, from the Authorities to the Karens, including those homeless, hungry, unemployed, etc..  Put yourself in their shoes and please come back and tell me that you know all of the answers, when you don’t, and neither do I? While some channels continue to push the BS that 80% awakening worldwide or more need to happen in order for the military to step in.  You’re kidding right?  While the military are being decimated by the vaxx mandates and more.

Let’s get somethings straight here, if you can’t be loyal to first God, family, followed by we the people, then you are no different than the deep state as you play the false light card and ushering in the antichrist.  Please get your priorities checked and straightened out.  If it is true that more of these evil doers are being taken out through various means, including removing the WEF agents in positions of power.  But just so you know, those who are removed from power are replaced by other WEF agents and other doubles or clones. Questions remain of why you white hats are allowing this insanity to continue and lowering vibrations then?  Including the voting process in selections that continue the same policies as before? If voting really made a difference, they wouldn’t allow us to do it.  Accept the fact, not everyone will operate the same as you do, nor wake up, some will remain ignorant, insane, stupid, or evil. Accept that if you will.

People need to see the whole truth on the TV through the EBS. Because we are all adults and can handle information as it comes.  Not everyone will grow up nor take things nor responsibility well. From the countless articles that I have placed on this site thus far, I don’t know if people are getting it or what? Very disappointing to see those still conformed to tyranny. But in other places real men and patriots got their act together and are truly standing against the cabal. Anything else to add, because more need healing and relief from all the pain, suffering, and stress thereof. Just because you haven’t gone through and sit in your high castles that doesn’t mean others have. You can’t take the $$ with you in the next life, think about that if you will? I don’t know what it means to have a life, find a real patriotic man, have family and would like to do more things, but feel that I can’t due to the insanity within our communities that we are in. Am dealing with my own issues as well, along with caregiving for my elderly Mother.  So, with that being said, don’t know what else to add, as I’m still seeing the sheep led to the slaughter. Glad to see some that are fighting back, can’t say for all.  If you white hats or whomever won’t listen to those such as myself. Well, you don’t have that many options nor the time to decide of whom you really serve God or Satan, because one cannot serve both masters. What else is there to add because I can’t get through to those who refuse to listen, repeat the same scripts, and assume people operate like them, while others are willing to give up liberties for peaceful security deserve neither. I did offer on one of my articles that if the white hats or whomever refuses to defeat the evil doers, then sign me up. So far, I haven’t heard a peep. Very obvious that no one gives a damn what others and I have to say. You wonder why I’m pissed do you? I need a vacation big time and to know how to live in this world, because I don’t know what Love is?



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