(Reader: TruthIsUnbreakable) Things are Speeding up with GG Stones Destroyed, had it, and More Control Mechanisms Exposed


Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

Wowzer, things are really speeding up this week. I’ve seen what others posted as they are fed up as I am with everything going on. With the supposed Supreme Court ruled the 2020 (s)election invalid and the injustices are the agents of Rome are protected by the military and in some cases the antichrist army NATO, really?  Where are the documents that prove the Supreme Court decertified the 2020 (s)election?  Sure, there might be a couple of states that decertified the (s)election, but the policies never change. Why trust the current system of voting as our votes don’t count and if voting really made a difference, they wouldn’t allow us to do it.  People don’t bother looking deep as to whom the one party system are tied in with corporations, lobbyists, the WEF, etc.  It’s all about bloodlines and control.  I will forward to you what I found of various articles and videos and you can review them at your own convenience.

POLITICS NEWS     Please watch this video by NeverLoseTruth1. Pay attention to after the 20 min. mark about Trump continuing the same policies as before, especially with the Paris Climate Agreement. Narcissist Trump gave power to the states to enforce Climate Change, he didn’t end it.  After 31 min. mark about an San Francisco couple fined $1500 for parking in their own car port.  Civil asset forfeiture and control benefits the few at the expense of many.  Question everything.  Anything that promotes control, depopulation, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree.  Don’t place your faith nor trust in false saviors who are out there to benefit for themselves.  Just Talking: Seems Clear Now – Governments Are Sadistic & People Are Masochists

It’s Happening: All System Breakdown In All Countries, & Conservatives Are The Enemy

Boris Johnson Resigns As Prime Minister After Government Collapses   BoJo also took a swipe at his own political party which abandoned him in record short time, saying “the herd instinct is powerful, and when it moves, it moves.”  Couldn’t happen to a nicer WEF pedosatanist scum! Bring in the next WEF puppet! Just you watch they’ll put in some trans-drag faggot. The next pm will probably start the push to re-join the EU. Trudeau/Castro needs to go as well. Followed by fake Biden.

Despite Gun Ban, Japan’s Former Leader Was Assassinated With A Homemade Shotgun  Criminal parasites are pro-gun when only guns are in the hands of authoritarian parasite friends and order followers. The system of only the government and criminals having guns, leads to further enslavement and genocide. While leaving peaceful law-abiding citizens to be sitting ducks. Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Anything that promotes control, depopulation, and separation from God are promoted to the nth degree.  The only reason a government wants to disarm citizens, is because they know they have, or will, do something, that will make the people want to shoot them.

Sri Lanka President To Quit After Palace Stormed By Angry Protesters

Revolt Overthrows Sri Lanka Government and more – July 9 2022


Inflation IS Money Supply Growth, Not Prices Denominated in Money

CLOT SHOT NEWS     Uruguay Halts COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Under 13, Judge Demands Government Officials Turn Over Pfizer Contracts  Uruguay suspended COVID-19 vaccines for children under 13 after a judge on Thursday issued an injunction halting vaccinations in that age group until government officials turn over its contracts with Pfizer.

US households report twice as many vaccine deaths as COVID fatalities: poll   If we look only at the 74.3% vaccinated with at least one dose then the figures, as a proportion of vaccinated persons, are 11.5% injured, 6.8% needing medical help, 4.5% hospitalized, and 4.5% unable to work.

Trudeau Panics as his Government reveals the Fully Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 COVID Deaths in Canada since February

Army Cuts 60,000 Unvaccinated Guard and Reserve Soldiers From Training and Pay as COVID Vaccine Mandate Deadline Passes


Drilling Under Lake Mead To Drain The Last Drop


Exploring Lake Mead Drought Below The Hoover Dam!!!

Dutch Farmers Protest Climate Policies They Say Could Drive Them Out of Business and Fuel Global Hunger Crisis   Dutch farmers are protesting new climate policies they say will force them to kill off livestock and drive them out of business — policies which some argue also will drive up consumer food prices and contribute to the global hunger crisis.  God Bless the Farmers for their stance against the great reset!!

Dutch Farmers Protest Canadian Trucker Style, BIG & LOUD, Against Their WEF ‘Leader” Destruction   God Bless their Bravehearts!! Thank you Dutch Patriots!! More need to rise up!!

EU parliament declares fossil fuel to be “green” energy as climate change narrative self-destructs  “This makes no sense, by the way, since organic agriculture should focus on avoiding GMOs and pesticides, not banning nitrogen fertilizers. There’s nothing wrong with using nitrogen-based fertilizer to grow organic food. In fact, organic crops absolutely need nitrogen fertilizer. Even in the USA, the USDA organic program does not prohibit the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers on organic crops. If they did, the organic food industry would not exist.”

No surprise there. Vatican joins Paris Climate Agreement despite inclusion of abortion, population control agendas

BIDEN/BRANDON NEWS      Biden admin sold a million barrels of oil to Chinese company with ties to Hunter Biden: report   The Biden administration awarded a contract for nearly one million barrels of oil to Unipec, the trading arm of Sinopec: a wholly owned subsidiary of China International United Petroleum and Chemical Co. Ltd.

Biden signs executive order promoting abortion on demand   These evil doers are really unhinged pushing murder on demand. Disgusting!

Biden Signs Executive Order Protecting Abortion (Examining What He Said)    Goes to show how desperate these evil doers and their minions are as they are losing more control and power. EO’s aren’t laws. Consent and Contract makes the law. Look at the 2nd video as EO’s aren’t laws.  Abortion is Murder! More signs of a declining society, as murder the unborn are painful psychologically and physically for most women. To be able to carry a life in your body is far more precious as that boy or girl was a part of you. That should be celebrated, not demonized. Besides, Roe v. Wade was overturned from the national level and left to the state level. Passing a national law is a violation of the 10th amendment. The murder of the unborn won’t end until these women stop murdering their own. Our rights come from God, not Government and Satanic Overlords. Voting is a suggestion box of slaves of selecting one banker bought puppet from another as policies never change on this world’s stage. When China Joe says “to seek to terminate the Presidency” Kamala’s face is hilarious.  I support the constitutional right to abort Biden’s presidency.

FIND A NEW CHURCH & CANADA NEWS      If Your Pastor Did Not Celebrate Roe Being Overturned, It Is Time To Find A New Church

Millions Of Canadians Can’t Use Debit Cards Due To “Nationwide Internet Outage”


BREAKING: Justice of the Peace denies Freedom Convoy leader Tamara Lich bail   ‘Your detention is necessary to maintain confidence in the administration of justice’



Georgia Guidestones: Not Lightening, Not God, It Was An Explosion By Explosive Device

WHY DID THEY BULLDOZE THE GEORGIA GUIDESTONES SO QUICKLY? (+ Strange numbers)     Plus, watch till the end where Peggy Hall shows the mysterious “coincidental” numbers being used: 322 and 7/6 — isn’t that STRANGE?! July 6th is George Bush Jr.’s Birthday.  This was all caught on video, where are the videos of the folks setting up the explosives? They also demolished the entire thing pretty fast…They found a Time Capsule, under the Guidestones. They are getting ready to open it. I wish they would not.  Questions remains as to whether this was a response to CERN opening a portal on July 5th?  Supposedly the demonic portal opened, others say the portal closed, some say this is a white hat operation, which is it?  You can’t say the Guidestones were destroyed via DEW from CERN without proof?

Guidestones And Cern Connection To The Demonic   Thank you Pastor Rhodes!  Pay attention to around the 20 min. mark about the Travis Scott demonic concert that killed 100 people and had CERN opened a portal when demons leaped into the crowd. We are living in the times of great deception.  May their evil wicked plans fail miserably!

Guidestones Cube Finally Solved…Pointed Forward to It’s Destruction!

NOW – Georgia Guidestones are now completely leveled.

Explosion Partially Destroys “Creepy” Georgia Guidestones 

Video of alleged bomb placed at Georgia guidestones    The video quality may be poor, but at least it’s better than the Pentagon’s one frame per second CCTV.  The figure you will see is dressed in all-black placing something down at one of the stones and runs away quickly.  This is what I personally thought of doing this to the guidestones, but with more fire power though.  Nothing has been determined of whether it’s the good or bad guys decided to destroy the Guidestones under the guise of controlling the information from the time-capsule beneath the stones.  As far as portals are concerned with CERN, who is to say the White Hats are in control.  Messing with the portals are inviting demons in. Question everything. May their evil wicked plans fail miserably!! Praise Jesus Christ! Armor up!!



Officials Demand Mom Pay Them $5,000 for the Privilege of Selling Homemade Cookies   “The good news is that people are openly breaking the Somerville ordinance and they are selling home-baked goods in spite of the $5,000 extortion fee. And according to My Central Jersey, none of the “violators” have been issued a citation… yet.”

Glad to see more defiance of tyrannical laws. Mass noncompliance is necessary!

Excellent mockery of the Branch Covidians lining up for their death shots. Thank you Comedian Jim Breuer. This is how you expose the stupidity of fear based willful obedience.

Make it stop     Pelosi’s new look of being a conehead with the eyebrows on top and the Trump tattoos, LOL!

We’re Hiding Reality From You! – News Update  The gaslighting from the elite is at the point of absurdity. These evil actors hell bent on destruction, and they are doing a great job!

Conclusion.  With that being said, no one can claim this is a white hat operation or what it is without serious evidence.  Important to think if you will and question everything.  From the various articles that I have written so far is to find out which end is up, no more drip references nor psychological operations.  The whole 80% or more awakening before the military will step in is BS and moving the goal post. No matter what is or isn’t revealed there will be always those who are awake, don’t care, in the middle, crazy, ignorant, or evil.  The lesser of two evils is still evil, playing God always ends badly.  Why evil flourishes because good men and women refuse to hold evil doers accountable for crimes against humanity.  More are suffering and dying from various causes of health, economic, etc.  We all need healing, tired physically, psychologically, and spiritually and tired of the BS B-rated film.  Allowing the insanity to continue is far worse than what the evil doers have in store for us.  We don’t have more weeks, months, nor years left of this tyranny because there will be nothing left to rebuild.  Are you good guys going to wait until more are suffering or dead before you actually do anything, because that is part of the plan right?  For the Chinese Elders to admit why this is taking longer because they needed more time due to issues within leadership or whatever takes guts to admit you have issues and are working to resolve them.  More need to do the same.  Step up, own up, and mass noncompliance against the beast system.

Good guys or whomever you are, if you are truly on the side of God and Jesus Christ, and on the side of we the people, then prove it big time. But if you are in the business of reclaiming power from the evil doers and becoming like them down the road makes you a hypocrite as you bring in the false light that leads to the antichrist system.  That’s why those such as myself have been at you the White Hats and other groups to end this insanity, no more BS, own up, work on yourselves, act on principle, and more.  You can’t serve both Mammon and God.  Get your priorities straight as well, because the conformist mindset is straight up order follower authoritarian as they would obey tyrannical orders to the end. While the moralist will do what is right despite being told to obey tyrannical orders.  Not everyone on the local level are there to defend dangerous freedoms over peaceful slavery.  Things need to be revealed on the EBS via TV so the sheeple can see, because they won’t believe anything unless it’s on the mind control TV and the fakestream media.  What will it take for you to listen is beyond me? Not everyone has the energy nor the patience, nor the time to do everything.  To assume that everyone must operate the same as you is another level of deception.  Not everyone will agree nor get along with each other either, so accept that.  Everyone is wired differently and done so thanks to God who knew us before we were even born, the living man/woman created in God’s image, not man’s.  There will always be the battle of good vs evil on the physical, psychological, and spiritual level no matter what happens.  As no matter how much or how little one prepares lasts temporarily.  Part of how you stop evil doers is mass noncompliance and the physical removal of them.  Sunlight is the best disinfectant for exposing the control mechanism.  If you can’t do your part white hats and other groups to defeat these evil doers, then sign me up.  I’m tired of living like this aren’t you?  Blessings all, praying for discernment, strength and protection as we face what’s happening.


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