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Reader Post | By timjoebob

…..and soon, Aladdin will control all of the order followers. Orders from a machine will quickly be the new norm as humans are replaced by Mr. Fink’s creation which of course will eventually eliminate Mr. Fink, too. BlackRock will rule. And after Aladdin reaches a certain point, it will already have enough robots in existence to go ahead and do away with the human order followers. Why does a self-aware entity need a human? It’s pointless.

This is why I’m always ranting about how stupid people are. They’re stupid for not caring enough about the human race. Stupid people on their stupid path in their stupid karmic debt in their stupid incarnations over and over and over and over again and again and again. These order followers are addicted, subconsciously, to a thread of familiar behavior but are as blind as blind can be. As long as they follow orders they will be rewarded with some money, a place to live, food, clothing and relatively safe environment in which to live their lives and raise their little families and enjoy life when they’re not following orders.

It is this behavior that attracts so many people to the AI. Humans act so stupidly that AI looks logical by comparison. AI does not have emotional confusion. AI doesn’t have to feel anything to get something done. AI works like it’s supposed to according to the programming from whomever the programmer was. If AI was programed for benevolent purposes by benevolent beings, human or not, then it would be OK. AI has the potential to be magnificent…as long as it’s not corrupted.

Does this sound familiar?

But, this is not the way it is, here on planet freak show.

You see, this planet is everything no other planet wants to be. We’ve got it all. This planet is the Big Danny. We’re the Crown Jewel of the biggest entertainment the universe and the multiverses have ever seen. Where else are the stakes so high? Hmmm? I wonder. Is this planet the only place where absolute mind-numbing stupidity is allowed? Because, if there are other planets out there somewhere that’s like this, I do not want to ever visit them. I’ve had enough. It makes reincarnation look like a bad idea. If everything is supposed to be awesome on the other side of the veil, why is it that, from what I’ve read and heard, there are so many entities/souls trying to get back into the physical realm via a human body?

Karma. It’s about clearing karma.




So the order following order followers keep following orders because they can’t access their past live’s memories so they just keep going around and around and around. They don’t yet realize how stupid they are for adding to the destruction of the human race…because they have no idea who or what they are.

And some of us are doing it, too.

Aladdin—brilliant, yes, but immensely dangerous. It has no consciousness…yet.

This is what I call a planet killer. Who needs bombs or bullets or WMD? You just need order followers to lay the foundation for AI. And, being here on planet Psycho, the rest will take care of itself.

Greed. Power. Control. Domination. Elimination.

Move on to the next unwary planet.

It’s all good.






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